Pharrell Williams And Robin Thicke Guilty Of Plagiarism

(SL) – Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke are guilty of plagiarism. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals voted this week to uphold the verdict in the artists’ copyright infringement case involving the estate of singer Marvin Gaye.

They were found guilty in 2015 of plagiarizing his 1977 song, “Got to Give It Up” to create their track, “Blurred Lines.” The court ruled that there was not a total absence of evidence of similarities between the two songs. A judge also chose to uphold that the Gaye family will receive half off all future royalties from “Blurred Lines.”


Family Of School Shooting Victim Will Take Her Off Life Support

(Prince George’s County, MD) –– The 16-year-old girl who was shot at Great Mills High School in Maryland this week is being taken off life support. Jaelynn Willey’s mother Melissa was holding her young son and surrounded by family as she made the announcement yesterday at Prince George’s Hospital Center.jaelynn-willeyWilley was shot in her school Tuesday morning by 17-year-old Austin Rollins, who died after exchanging gunfire with a school resource officer. She was one of nine children and was on her school’s swim team. Fourteen-year-old Desmond Barnes was also shot and has been released from the hospital.

Morning Sickness, Grooming Issue And More Of The Most Ridiculous Tardiness Excuses

(SW) – A new CareerBuilder survey is revealing some interesting excuses employees use for being late. Workers have used excuses like, “I was here but I fell asleep in the parking lot,” “my fake eyelashes were stuck together,” and even, “an astrologer warned of a car accident on a major highway so I took the longer, slower back roads.”

One man who was late for work complained of morning sickness. While another said it was too cold to work and one went to a past employment office that he hadn’t been working at in 5 years.

Moneyish reports, time is not on your side. More than 2 in 5 (43%) employers told CareerBuilder in a new survey released Thursday that they have fired someone for being late. And they’re losing patience, as just 41% of bosses considered tardiness a fireable offense last year.

The bad news is, a quarter of 800 surveyed workers still confessed to being late at least once a month, CareerBuilder reports, and 12% (more than 1 in 10) say it’s a weekly problem. The most common (believable) excuses for not being punctual were traffic (51%), oversleeping (31%), bad weather (28%), feeling too tired to get out of bed (23%) and forgetting something (13%).

Most employees (65%) said they worked late on the day that they were tardy to make up for it and stay on their boss’ good sides. But 63% grumbled that clocking in from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is an “antiquated practice,” and 88% think start and end times should be flexible. Then no one would ever really be “late” again.

When the lateness stats were broken down by age, Millennials were slightly more likely to say they’d been held up; 38% of those ages 18 to 34 are late at least once a month (compared to 36% of those ages 35 to 44, and 14% of those 45 and older.) Regionally, workers in the west were more laid-back about punctuality, with 30% of them reporting they were late at least once a month, compared to only 26% in the northeast, 25% in the south and 23% in the midwest.

Your best course of action is to wake up each morning and leave early enough to give yourself a comfortable cushion to arrive at work on time. But if you get off to a slow start, or some kind of extenuating circumstance does come up, here is the smartest way to let your boss know that you are running late to work.

Walmart Puts Robots To Work

(Bentonville, AR) – Robots might soon be restocking the shelves at Walmart. The retailer is testing free-roaming robots at 50 of its stores, including locations in California, Arkansas and Pennsylvania.

The six-foot robots roam the aisles of Walmart at top speeds of three miles per hour, scanning shelves and checking price tags. They use radar and cameras to see what needs to be restocked, and can scan the aisle in a fraction of the time it would take a human.

A Walmart spokeswoman says employees don’t have to worry about robots taking their jobs. She said nothing will replace customer service and human interaction at Walmart.

Facebook Sued Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

(Menlo Park, CA) – Facebook is getting hit with lawsuits because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. There are reports that Facebook has been hit with four suits in federal courts this week since the story broke that the personal data of 50-million Facebook users was exploited by a political data company.

A lawsuit filed yesterday by a shareholder in Northern California alleges that Facebook’s senior management “breached their fiduciary duties” by failing to prevent the scandal, and by failing to inform users when they first learned about Cambridge Analytica in 2015.

The lawsuit notes that Facebook has lost 50-billion-dollars in market capitalization since the story broke.

France Hostage Situation An Apparent Terror Attack

(Trebes, France) –At least one person is dead after a man pledging allegiance to ISIS took hostages in a supermarket in the south of France today. Local media reports that the suspect has now let the hostages go and is alone with police in the supermarket. It’s also being reported that a second victim is dead and 12 others were injured.

The hostage-taker is said to have fired at a group of police officers prior to entering the supermarket. The prime minister of France says the situation appears to be an act of terrorism.

Trump Threatens Veto Of Spending Bill

(Washington, DC) – President Trump is threatening to veto the omnibus spending bill. In a tweet this morning, Trump said he is considering the veto because “DACA recipients have been totally abandoned by the Democrats,” and because the “BORDER WALL, which is desperately needed for our National Defense, is not fully funded.”

Trump’s tweet comes just after the Senate passed the one-point-trillion dollar spending bill late last night. The measure funds the government through September and averts what would have been the third government shutdown of the year.

The bill includes an 80-billion-dollar increase in defense spending.

Madame Tussauds To Unveil Wax Figure Of Meghan Markle Ahead of Wedding

(London) – Madame Tussauds in London is planning to unveil a wax figure of Meghan Markle ahead of her wedding to Britain’s Prince Harry. The iconic London tourist attraction made the announcement Wednesday in front of Buckingham Palace.

The finished figure is due to be unveiled in early May before the wedding, which will take place on May 19th at Windsor Castle. Madame Tussauds New York will also launch a Meghan Markle figure this summer.

Shatner Calls Out Facebook For Death Ad

(Los Angeles, CA) – Actor William Shatner is calling out Facebook over an ad that said he was dead. Shatner found out about his alleged death yesterday by a fan on Twitter who tagged the actor saying “I thought you might want to know you’re dead.” The post included a picture from a sponsored advertisement on Facebook’s messenger app that said the Sci-Fi actor was found dead.


Shatner called out the social media site on Twitter saying “Hey @facebook isn’t this your messenger app?,” adding “Thought you were doing something about this?” The company took notice shortly after and contacted Shatner saying they removed the ad.

The Shatner hoax comes as Facebook is under fire for a data breach and continued reports of fake news. Today is Shatner’s 87th birthday.

Atlanta Hit With Cyber Attack Demanding Ransom For File Access

(Atlanta, GA) – Officials in Atlanta say the city’s computer systems are under a cyber attack where a ransom is being demanded for access to files. The attack is reportedly holding up internal systems using ransomware and has caused outages on several computer systems. Thursday, a ransom note was discovered demanding payment in the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

The letter details that all files have been encrypted and require a key to regain access. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Microsoft and Cisco Security are working to resolve the matter. It’s still unclear if any personal information has been compromised as part of the attack.

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