New Tax Bill Caters To Wealthy 1%, Will Add 1.5 Trillion Dollars To National Debt

(SL) – The new tax bill will hurt the majority of Americans instead of helping them and we’re not even going to get into the 1.5 trillion dollars that it will add to the nation’s debt.

Republicans would like for you to believe that the middle class will experience some relief but that’s just not the case. READ THE FULL 505 PAGES HERE…

The Washington Post Breaks Down What is changing

A new tax cut for the rich: The final plan lowers the top tax rate for top earners. Under current law, the highest rate is 39.6 percent for married couples earning over $470,700. The GOP bill would drop that to 37 percent and raise the threshold at which that top rate kicks in, to $500,000 for individuals and $600,000 for married couples. This amounts to a significant tax break for the very wealthy, a departure from repeated claims by Trump and his top officials that the bill would not benefit the rich. The new tax break for millionaires goes beyond what was in the original House and Senate bills, with Republicans seeking to ensure wealthy earners in states such as New York, Connecticut and California don’t end up paying substantially higher taxes as a result of the bill.

A massive tax cut for corporations: Starting on Jan. 1, 2018, big businesses’ tax rate would fall from 35 percent to just 21 percent, the largest one-time rate cut in U.S. history for the nation’s largest companies. The House and Senate bills originally had the big-business tax rate falling to 20 percent, but Republicans were not able to make the math work to keep the rate that low and start it right away in the new year, so they compromised by moving the rate to 21 percent. It still amounts to roughly a $1 trillion tax cut for businesses over the next decade. Republicans argue this will make the economy surge in the coming years, but most independent economists and Wall Street banks predict only a modest and short-lived boost to growth.

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Insiders Say If Robert Mueller Is Fired, Trump Has To Go

(SL) – Some say it would be a constitutional crisis if Donald Trump decided to fire Robert Mueller. Above and beyond Watergate, the white house has been doing everything in its’ power to get around Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion.

After certain emails on a government server were obtained, many attempted to say the process was illegal.  However, a spokesman for special counsel Robert Mueller  is denying White House accusations that sensitive materials were acquired unlawfully.


Trump lawyer Kory Langhofer said the General Services Administration “unlawfully produced” privileged communications, which Mueller then used as part of his Russia probe. Mueller spokesman Peter Carr tells CNN today, “When we have obtained emails in the course of our ongoing criminal investigation, we have secured either the account owner’s consent or appropriate criminal process.”

If Trump is innocent, why does it matter if Mueller has access to the email. The continued efforts by Trump’s team to undermine the investigation points to possible guilt and attempts to hide something. One thing is for sure, there’s only one reason Trump would want Mueller gone and that is to simply keep his secrets safe.

Atlanta Airport Loses Power; Travelers Trapped In Planes, Terminals

(SL) – Travelers trying to get home are jammed inside a very dark Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport today. The airport lost power trapping travelers aboard planes, concourses and terminals at the world’s busiest airport. The FAA said it put a ground stop in place. That means air traffic is slowed or halted. Some flights to Atlanta are being diverted. Georgia Power says the outage happened at one of its substations. The utility says repair crews are working to restore power. Flight disruptions were expected and passengers should check the status of their flights. WXIA-TV reports the power outage stretched across the entire airport and affected the train connecting terminals.

Hartsfield-Jackson serves 150 domestic destinations and 75 international airports in 50 countries. An average of 275-thousand passengers pass through the Atlanta airport each day.

Senator McCain Returning To Arizona, Will Miss Senate Vote On Tax Reform

(SL) – Arizona Senator John McCain is heading back to Arizona after spending several days in a Maryland hospital and will miss a vote on the upcoming GOP tax plan. CBS News reports McCain left Washington today to spend the holidays with his family. It is unclear when McCain might return to Washington. Despite McCain’s trip to Arizona, the GOP believes it has enough Senate votes to pass the measure. Senators Bob Corker and Marco Rubio both announced they’ll vote yes for the tax bill, possibly as soon as Tuesday.

Earlier today, McCain’s son-in-law says the senator is “doing well” as he deals with brain cancer. Ben Domenech tweeted that McCain “remains one of the toughest men on the face of the earth.”

Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife Arrested In Connection With His Murder

(SL) – The ex-wife of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright was arrested in California in connection with his 2010 murder. Sherra Wright-Robinson was charged with conspiracy, first-degree murder and criminal attempt first degree murder, the Memphis Police Department said.
Wright’s body was found in southeast Memphis on July 28, 2010 – 10 days after he was reported missing. The seven-year investigation has been one of Memphis police’s most high-profile unsolved cases.
Wright was a Memphis native who played for the Grizzlies and four other NBA teams for 13 seasons before retiring in 2009. His wife was one of the last people who saw him and she claimed that he had left their home with a lot of money and drugs.
LW suspect_1512530606869_10165799_ver1.0_640_360
A man named Billy Turner has also been arrested and charged for the murder of Lorenzen Wright .

The Memphis Police Department and Shelby County District Attorney’s office held a press conference last week to announce that Turner, 46, had been indicted and charged with the 1st-degree murder of Wright. Turner is believed to be a Deacon at a church and just had a newborn baby.

In the past, he was arrested for aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping.

Turner is currently in custody on a $1 million bond.

Every #MeToo Story Needs To Be Individualized

(SL) – I think for the bulk of the population the sexual harassment allegations have been pretty exhausting. Mostly, in part, because not all of them are with merit. If you examine some of these stories carefully, you’ll find that some of these women simply sold themselves short in an effort to get ahead or for personal satisfaction, over exaggerated a man’s attempt to make a pass at her or simply just lied.salma-hayek-on-harvey-weinsteinI have no doubt that Harvey Weinstein has had some questionable behavior but when Salma Hayek voiced her disgust and accused him of forcing her into a lesbian love scene for ‘Frida’ it really made me think about just how many women possibly played themselves with this man to get what they want. Reading Salma’s story, I never once read ‘he held me down and forced me to engage in this behavior on screen’.

I read accusations that claimed the only way she could get the movie made was if she ‘added’ the lesbian scene which at any given time she could’ve said ‘ no thanks’. BUT she was so eager to complete the project that she added the scene. Fast forward, and now years later, she wants to say ‘He forced me to do it’. NO, he didn’t. You agreed to add the scene to get your movie made. russell-simmonsI’ve also been paying attention to the accusations made against Russell Simmons. Keri Claussen Khaligi said she ‘acquiesced’ and performed oral sex on him. That is not rape.

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Louisville Sex Scandal Not Over

(SL) – The Louisville sex scandal is back in the news after school officials met with the NCAA’s Infractions Appeals Committee with the intention to appeal sanctions that include vacating the 2013 national championship.
Louisville called the penalties “grossly excessive” after the NCAA placed the school on four years’ probation and ordered the vacation of up to 123 victories, including the 2013 title, back in June.
Those penalties followed aninvestigation into an escort’s allegations that former staffer Andre McGee hired her and other dancers for sex parties with players and recruits.
The university also announced it has filed a counter claim to Rick Pitino’s lawsuit, and is seeking monetary damages from vacated games and bonuses.

Horrifying Video: Texans Put Tom Savage Back In Game After Nasty Hit That Left Him Shaking

(SL) – The Texans are coming under fire for how they handled Tom Savage’s concussion during a loss to the 49ers on Sunday. Cameras showed Savage on the ground and his hands shaking after a hit by San Francisco’s Elvis Dumervil.

He went back into the game during the next series and then was pulled for good with what was called a concussion. Savage originally passed a concussion test, but failed a second one that forced him to leave.

Savage was hurt with about nine minutes remaining in the second quarter of Houston’s 26-16 loss when he was driven to the ground with a hit by Elvis Dumervil.

Replays showed Savage looking dazed after his head hit the ground, with both of his arms shaking and lifted upward.Coach Bill O’Brien was asked if it was worrisome that Savage was allowed to return to the game when he had a concussion. To which he said, “I don’t direct that. I don’t direct that at all. They just come to me and that’s kind of where that’s at. I don’t have anything to do with that. All I do is coach.”
Several of Savage’s teammates said they didn’t notice anything different about him on the drive after he was injured, and T.J. Yates, who took over for him, said the same thing.’When he got back to the sideline he seemed fine and coherent.” Final Score, San Francisco won 26-16.


Celebs And People From Many Corners Of The World Show Support For Bullied Student Keaton Jones

(SL) – Sometimes one has to wonder how some parents raise their kids. It all starts at home and some of these kids just flat-out don’t have any couth or home training.

As evidenced in the recent bullying of Tennessee middle schooler Keaton Jones whose mother shared a video, that has now gone viral, of him describing the treatment he was receiving from certain kids at school.

Keaton’s mother posted the tearful tale and as the youngster recounts how his classmates have tormented him, it breaks your heart. In the clip he explains through tears that bullies make fun of him because of his nose, call him ugly and have even poured milk on him. The video has been viewed over 20 million times and touched just about everybody including some celebs.


Everyone from LeBron James to Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, Chris Evans, Demi Lovato and Millie Bobby Brown are offering the boy some encouragement with posts on social media. Evans invited Keaton to next year’s premiere of the new “Avengers” movie while Snoop told him to direct message him because they’re now friends for life.

Device Explodes At Port Authority Bus Terminal In New York

(SL) – One person is in custody after a device exploded at New York City’s Port Authority. Authorities believe the man was carrying an explosive that went off. Police say he had wires attached to his body and that his bomb either went off prematurely or malfunctioned shortly before 7:30 local time this morning inside an entrance to a subway platform. NBC says the suspect sustained a minor injury and it does not appear that anyone else had been hurt.

The subways are being evacuated and there’s a heavy police presence at the scene. The A, C and E lines are impacted at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue. Trains are bypassing the Times Square-42nd Street station.

port-authority-mecea-featureThe New York Daily News reports, The alleged blast also shuttered the 1, 2 and 3 subway lines and locked down the area around the bus depot, which is between West 40th and West 42nd Sts. and Eighth and Ninth Avenues.

p-a-2-gallery“I was exiting the Port Authority and the National Guard was running towards something shouting “Go, Go, Go,”” commuter Keith Woodfin tweeted Monday morning.

Designer Chelsea LaSalle tweeted that she was “stuck in a running stampede at port authority bus terminal due to bomb scare. cops EVERYWHERE.”

This story is developing.

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