Graham Warns Turkey Against Moving Into Northern Syria, While Other Republicans Condemn Trump’s Decision To Withdraw As Well

(Washington, DC-AP) – Senator Lindsey Graham is warning Turkey about moving troops into northern Syria. The South Carolina Republican said Turkey would face “sanctions from hell” by Congress.

He noted that sanctions would be wide, deep and devastating. There are growing concerns about Turkey plotting movements into northern Syria since President Trump announced plans to remove U.S. troops from the war-torn region. Graham chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee.

And Both of Alaska’s senators are joining with other Republicans in Congress to condemn Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Northern Syria. S

enator Lisa Murkowski called the move “abrupt and unsettling,” saying that it betrays U.S. alliances with Kurdish forces and give ISIS an opportunity to grow again. Senator Dan Sullivan said the President’s decision will lead to a power vacuum that could be filled by “Russian and Iranian proxies.”


Arrest In Guyger Trial Witness Murder

(Dallas, TX) — Three suspects are being identified in connection with the killing of a man who testified against a former Dallas cop. Police say Jacquerious and Michael Mitchell and Thaddeous Green were involved in last Friday’s death of Joshua Brown.

Deputy Chief Avery Moore says Jacquerious Mitchell is in custody in the hospital while the other suspects are believed to be in Louisiana. He says, Jacquerious claims that is was  drug deal gone bad and that when he arrived Brown told him to get back in the car and shot him in the chest. He alleges that two more shots were heard after that implying that Brown was hit.

Joshua-Brown Officials say a big stash of marijuana was found inside Joshua Brown’s apartment after he was shot to death last Friday.

Joshua Brown was a witness during Amber Guyger’s murder trial last month. Guyger was given ten years in prison for killing Botham Jean  inside his apartment last year.

Brown was scheduled to testify in a civil suit against the Dallas Police Department this week.

Police say Brown’s death had noting to do with the Guyger trial and criticized community activists for passing along rumors suggesting otherwise.

“Joker” Is No Joke At The Box Office

(Los Angeles, CA-AP) — The Warner Brothers movie “Joker” finished in first place in the U.S. and Canada — earning 93-and-a-half-million-dollars in its debut weekend. “Abominable” came in second with 12-million-bucks.

The big screen adaptation of “Downton Abbey” is third — selling eight-million-dollars worth of tickets in its third weekend of release.

Rounding out the Top Five are the Jennifer Lopez crime drama “Hustlers” followed by “It — Chapter Two.”

Botham Jean’s Neighbor, A Key Witness, Shot To Death

(Dallas, TX-AP) – A key witness in the Amber Guyger murder trial is dead after being shot Friday night. The Dallas Morning News reports Joshua Brown was a neighbor of Botham Jean and Guyger.

He lived across the hall from Jean and testified about the night he was killed by Guyger. Police were flagged down at a different apartment complex than where Brown lived around 10:30 Friday night.

He had multiple gunshot wounds. Witnesses said they saw a silver four-door sedan speeding out of the parking lot. There is no description of the suspect.

Former Dallas police officer Guyger was convicted last week for murdering Jean and sentenced to ten years in jail. She claimed she thought he was an intruder inside her apartment when she shot and killed him. She was actually in his apartment.

Woman Somehow Subverts Security, Boards Flight In Orlando

(Orlando, FL-AP) – A woman without a ticket somehow made it past security and got on a Delta flight in Florida. Another passenger on the flight out of Orlando expressed her dismay to a flight attendant yesterday after she found a woman in her seat who wouldn’t get up.

Several flight attendants and the pilot couldn’t get her to move, so police were called. When authorities removed her, the officers and TSA agents discovered she didn’t have a ticket to begin with.

The woman’s actions and the security breach are both under investigation.

2nd Whistleblower Comes Forward In Trump Ukraine Scandal

(Washington, DC-AP) — A second whistleblower is coming forward in the Ukraine scandal. Attorneys representing the first whistleblower whose complaint about President Trump’s dealings with the Ukraine confirmed to NBC News today they represent “multiple” clients.

Attorney Andrew Bakaj said his firm is working with the whistleblowers in connection with the August 12th disclosure to the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

The original complaint triggered an impeachment inquiry by House Democrats into claims the President pressured Ukraine’s president to investigate his Democratic political rival Joe Biden and his son.

Trump calls the impeachment inquiry a hoax.

Riders On New Disney Attraction Stuck For More Than An Hour

(Orlando, FL-AP) – Riders on the new gondola ride at Disney World were stuck for more than an hour last night because of an apparent power failure.

No injuries were reported. Disney opened the new attraction in Florida that connects Epcot Center, Disney Hollywood Studios and Disney World together late week.

Gondolas travel about 60 feet off the ground at a speed of about 11 miles per hour.

2nd Whistleblower Comes Forward In Trump Ukraine Scandal

(Washington, DC-AP) – A Washington attorney says his law firm is representing a second whistleblower with first-hand knowledge of President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

The lawyer said today the second whistleblower has spoken with the intelligence community’s inspector general.

A complaint filed by the first whistleblower is the basis for an impeachment inquiry into claims Trump pressured Ukraine’s president to investigate his Democratic rival former Vice President Joe Biden.

Two Theater Chains Ban Masks And Face Paint At Joker Screenings

(AP) – Two movie theater chains are banning masks and face paint at screenings of the new movie “Joker.” The origin story of the Batman villain opens nationwide October 4th. Landmark Theatres owns 52 theaters across the country, and has released a “Joker” policy on their ticket purchase websites that states, “We want all our guests to enjoy the Joker,” but “no masks, painted faces or costumes will be permitted into our theatres.”

The nation’s largest chain, AMC, has released a statement saying guests are welcome to come dressed in a costume, but they do not permit masks, face paint or any object that conceals the face.

Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, is getting critical acclaim, but is also raising concerns that it may inspire violence like the Colorado theater shooting in 2012.

Trump Signs Short-Term Spending Bill

(Washington, DC-AP) – President Trump has signed a budget bill to avoid a government shutdown. The White House says Trump signed the short-term spending bill Friday, which will extend government funding through November 21st.

The Senate approved the measure Thursday after it had passed the House earlier this month. The government was set to run out of money at the end of this month.

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