Portland Police Telling Demonstrators To Go Home

(Portland, OR-AP) – Portland police are declaring demonstrations in downtown Portland a civil disturbance and urging people to go home.

At least 13 people were taken into custody Saturday as tensions were at a fever pitch while hundreds flocked to far-right and far-left demonstrations. Five people were treated for injuries during the demonstrations.

Police estimate there were 12-hundred people demonstrating today. The conflict started when a white nationalist group calling itself the Proud Boys demonstrated. Liberal groups showed up to counter-protest.


Tlaib’s Grandmother Reacts To Trump

(AP) – Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s  grandmother has strong words for President Trump after he reportedly urged Israeli officials to ban Tlaib and Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar from visiting Israel and Palestine.

In an interview released by Reuters today, Muftia Tlaib said “May God ruin him.”

Trump tweeted that Tlaib’s grandmother was the only winner because now she doesn’t have to see her granddaughter.

Israel later reversed its stance, but Tlaib rejected that offer, saying the country is treating her like a criminal and trying to silence her for her criticisms of the Israeli government.

NASCAR Driver Earnhardt Jr., Wife OK After Plane Crash

(Elizabethton, TN-AP) — NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his family are okay after surviving an East Tennessee plane crash.

Elizabethton Fire Chief Barry Carrier says everyone on board was very lucky to have escaped virtually unharmed when their plane rolled off the end of the runway today.

He said the plane burst into flames immediately after it came off the runway. Carrier says things could’ve been much worse.

Tennessee Convict Faces Judge After His Escape

(Nashville, TN-AP) — The Tennessee convict who escaped prison last week is scheduled to be back in court next month. Curtis Watson stood before a judge today, and was arraigned on charges of first degree murder, aggravated sexual battery and especially aggravated burglary.

He is accused of murdering Department of Corrections Administrator Debra Johnson before fleeing the West Tennessee State Penitentiary last week. A preliminary hearing has been set for September 25th.

Dayton Police Shot Two Of The Nine People Killed In Mass Shooting

(Dayton, OH-AP) — Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl is apologizing to the families who were hit by police gunfire during the mass shooting earlier this month.

Montgomery County Coroner Kent Harshbarger says two of the people killed in the shooting were also shot by police.

He says one of the gunshot wounds would have been deadly but the victim had already received a fatal wound from the suspect. The other victim had a superficial wound from a police gun. Harshbarger says the suspect had 52 wounds but isn’t sure exactly how many times he was shot

Dayton Shooter’s Friend In Court

(Dayton, OH-AP) – A friend of the Dayton shooter will find out tomorrow if he can be released from jail. Ethan Kollie was in court today but a judge continued the hearing over concerns about his mental health.

The 24-year-old is facing weapons charges that are not related to the attack that left nine people dead.

But he has admitted to buying the body armor and equipment for the gun used. He also let suspect Connor Betts hide the parts in his apartment.

Russia Missile Test Deaths

(Moscow-AP) – Russia is confirming that five members of its state nuclear agency, Rosatom, died during an accident at a military site on Thursday.

The agency says three others were seriously burned while supporting testing of a isotope power source for a rocket engine. Administrators in a nearby city reported a short spike in radiation, which they say returned to normal after less than an hour.

Reuters reports some U.S.-based nuclear experts think Russia was testing a nuclear-powered cruise missile.

Warren Unveils Gun Control Proposal

(Des Moines, IA-AP) — Democratic presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren is unveiling her plan to stop gun violence. At a gun safety forum in Des Moines, Iowa today, the Massachusetts Senator unveiled a multi-point gun control plan that aims to reduce gun deaths by 80-percent over 50 years and calls for a 100-million-dollar investment into gun violence research.

The plan includes raising the minimum federal age to buy a firearm to 21, stricter background checks, and creating a federal licensing system.

Warren’s proposal calls for an investigation into the NRA and the ability to hold gun manufacturers and their executives liable for gun deaths. Warren is also proposing the authority to revoke gun licenses for convicted drug dealers, limiting how many guns a person can buy and raising taxes for gun manufacturers.

Photo: Justin Sullivan

Antonio Brown Is Not Playing About His Helmet

(Oakland, CA)  – If it ain’t broke….. The drama surrounding Antonio Brown and his helmet continues.   The wide receiver doesn’t want to part with his old helmet even after the NFL says it’s no longer certified for use in the league.
The Oakland Raiders’ baller has been in and out of the news most recently after suffering from some serious frostbite on is feet because he didn’t  have on the proper footwear during cryotherapy treatment.
Now, Brown is threatening to quit if he can’t use the same helmet he’s been using for the last 10 years.  To his defense, Antonio says the new helmets interfere with his vision.  Brown has filed a grievance with the league.
At last check: League sources told Pro Football Talk Brown’s preferred helmet is not one of the 11 banned helmets that were allowed to be used through last season. Brown’s helmet is not allowed to be worn because it is not certified by the National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment. The helmet is too old to receive that certification and the league prohibits the use of helmets without that certification.

Biden Hits Trump Hard Over Rhetoric, “Toxic Tongue”

(Burlington, IA-AP) — Former Vice President Joe Biden is going after President Trump’s rhetoric. Speaking in Iowa today, Biden said Trump has a “toxic tongue.” He argued that Trump’s words are divisive and have unleashed the deepest, darkest forces in the nation. Biden said the President encourages and emboldens white supremacists.

The Democratic presidential frontrunner accused Trump of embracing hate, racism and division. Biden noted that a president’s words greatly matter and said Trump has offered no moral leadership.

Biden condemned the deadly mass shootings in Texas and Ohio and called for a new national effort to root out domestic terrorism.

He again argued that the 2020 election is a “battle for the soul of America.” Biden warned that re-electing Trump will forever change the character of the nation. He said American voters must “choose truth over lies.”

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