Swimsuit Model So Starstruck With Kanye and Kim That She Doesn’t Mind No Pay Nor Permission For Photo Use

(SL) – It’s come to light that swimsuit model Sheniz Halil seemingly wasn’t paid for the use of her image on Kanye’s Album nor was she ever asked for permission to use her likeness.

The details came during a Twitter exchange Where she acknowledged that she had no idea her picture was being used. But shockingly, the London based model seemed to not care because of the awesomeness of it all.

Sheniz appeared to be even more excited by the issued like from Kim Kardashian after Halil posted the album art for Kanye’s new release T.L.O.P.. Just a little bit of advice Sheniz….get off the moon and get your coins! Do you think Kim K is going to allow someone to use her image for profit without asking or paying? C’Mon girl!




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