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George Lucas Named America’s Wealthiest Celebrity 2018

(AP) – Star Wars filmmaker George Lucas is the wealthiest celebrity in America this year. He tops Forbes’ 2018 list with a net worth of five-point-four billion dollars. Filmmaker Steven Spielberg comes in second with three-point-seven billion, followed by television producer and former talk show host Oprah Winfrey with two-point-eight billion.

Former NBA player Michael Jordan is fourth with one-point-seven billion, and reality TV star Kylie Jenner and rapper Jay-Z are tied for fifth with 900 million each. The rest of the list includes magician David Copperfield, rapper Diddy, professional golfer Tiger Woods and author James Patterson.

Convicted Killer Wants New Hearing In Murder Of James Jordan

(Lumberton, NC) – Daniel Green, convicted and sentenced to life for the murder of Michael Jordan’s dad James R. Jordan Sr. is looking for a new hearing that could turn his sentence around.
Green who charges that he didn’t actually help kill Jordan’s dad but helped dump his body is hoping to have the first-degree murder charge overturned as he will try once again to convince a court that he didn’t kill the NBA legend’s dad.
Green’s request has been rejected already with two state courts upholding the conviction but now it will be up to Defense Attorney Chris Mumma and prosecutors from the Attorney Generals’ office to debate whether or not an evidentiary hearing should be granted to Daniel Green.  If received, he could get a new trial.
Green was convicted with another man, Larry Demere, who testified that Green was the one who shot Jordan. Green, however, maintains that he wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger. “I’ve never killed anybody,” Green told WRAL News in an exclusive interview at Lumberton Correctional Institution. “I didn’t kill James Jordan. I’m innocent. I’m innocent of murder.”
Green has always maintained that he was sleep at his house in 1993 when his friend came to him and said that he had shot somebody and needed help with hiding the body. Green said, “I helped him put the body inside of the car.”  The, then, two teenagers dumped the body in the swamp. Defense attorney Mumma says the case was riddled with errors from the beginning. But, that  no one wanted to upset Michael Jordan. But the original prosecutor, Johnson Britt, (not associated with the attorney general’s office) says Green got a fair trial the first time around and doesn’t deserve a new one.
Now 43 years old, Green says he can’t apologize for a crime he didn’t commit. But that he is sorry for the role he played in the murder of James Jordan.  Superior Court Judge Winston Gilchrist will hear the new arguments.

Michael Jordan Donates $2 Million To North Carolina Hurricane Relief And Recovery Efforts

(Wilmington, NC) – “You gotta take care of home.”  That’s what Charlotte Hornets’ owner Michael Jordan said in response to why he was moved to helping out with Hurricane relief efforts in the North Carolina area.  Jordan grew up in the coastal city of Wilmington so outside of just being a caring human being it makes sense for him to want to help out people from the city he calls home.
Jordan told the observer, “Wilmington truly is my home. Kept thinking about all those places I grew up going to,” Jordan said. “And the deaths – it was so sad about the babies (that died, including one in Gaston County). You don’t want to see any of that anywhere, but when it’s home, that’s tough to swallow. People need to understand this will not be a week-long process. This is going to have a huge disruption on people’s lives – not for 10 days, but for years. I hope people understand the importance of this and direct their attention to making things better. It’s going to take a lot of performance all over the Carolinas.”
Hurricane Florence left over 30 people dead in the Carolinas.  Jordan is donating $2 million dollars.  Half of it will go to the American Red Cross with the other half going to the Foundation For The Carolinas’ Hurricane Florence Response Fund.

Michael Jordan And Melania Trump Defend LeBron James After Trump’s Twitter Attack

(SL) – Donald Trump’s latest target on Twitter is LeBron James. After the basketball superstar’s recent interview with CNN anchor Don Lemon,Trump tweeted late Friday night that James was interviewed ”by the dumbest man on television,” but that he ”made Lebron look smart,which isn’t easy to do.” The president also tweeted “I like Mike!” – suggesting that he sides with Michael Jordan in the argument over whether he or James is the greatest NBA player ever.

Among the athletes who have jumped to defend James is Jordan himself, telling The Associated Press ”I support LeBron James.He’s doing an amazing job for his community.” LeBron also received support from an unlikely defender…Trump’s wife Melania.  She praised LeBron for what he’s doing and even offered to visit his new ‘I Promise’ school.  Some of Trump’s supporters even lashed out at 45 saying this was a new low. Trump stayed away from the subject while he was campaigning in Ohio.