Tension Between Reds And Pirates Come To A Head With 5 Minute Brawl

(Cincinnati, OH) – There’s been tension between the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates since April and it all came to a head Tuesday night in Ohio as the Reds and Pirates met for Game two of 3-game series.
It really seems like a case of who can poke their chests out the furthest, as reportedly the brawl seems to stem from the Pirates having an issue with Derek Dietrich pausing to admire his own homerun against the Pirates back in April.
Pirates pitcher Keone Kela threw an inside pitch at Dietrich during Tuesday’s game and all hell built up to break loose from there. Kela reportedly taunted Dietrich after striking him out and from there things got worse.

Reds’ pitcher Amir Garrett was on the mound having a heating conversation with the Reds’ manager when he charged towards the Pirates’ dugout and started swinging.
“I don’t condone what I did. It’s not in the game for something like that to happen,” Garrett said after the game, according to MLB.com. “Sometimes, you let emotions get the best of you. I don’t condone that. I don’t like for kids to see that in the baseball environment. Baseball is fun.”
Eight players from both teams were ejected in total throughout the game, including Reds manager David Bell. Yasiel Puig — had been traded to the Cleveland Indians just minutes before he was ejected from the game as a result of the fight.

Scooter Rider Killed In Accident With Bus

(Atlanta, GA) – Atlanta Police are investigating a deadly accident involving a bus and a scooter. A CobbLinc bus reportedly hit the scooter on West Peachtree Street at 15th Street around 10:30 last night.

The man riding the scooter was trapped underneath the bus and died before firefighters could pull him out. Officers are trying to figure out who was at fault.

While there were passengers on the bus, police say they don’t have any witnesses.

Family members told FOX 5 that the victim was married with two small children and he was on his way home from the Atlanta United game when the accident happened.



Mother, Three Children Found Stabbed To Death

(Columbus, GA) — A Georgia mother and three children are dead in a quadruple homicide.

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reported that they were found stabbed to death inside a unit at the Elizabeth Canty apartment complex on Cussetta Road in Columbus.

The children were reportedly all three-years-old and under. Columbus Police say they were tipped off and found the victims last night.

The victims have been identified as Jerrica Spellman (29),  King Jackson (3), Kingsley Jackson (2) and Kristen Jackson (1) month old.

27-year old Travane Brandon Jackson has been arrested and charged with four counts of murder (family violence).

The bodies have been transported to Atlanta, GA for an autopsy.

Judge Denies Bail For Accused Sex Trafficker Epstein

(New York, NY) –– A federal judge is denying bail for financier Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges.

Epstein was in custody after a bail hearing in New York on Monday when two women said he sexually attacked them as teens.

A federal indictment released earlier this month charges Epstein with sexually exploiting and abusing dozens of underage girls at his homes in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Florida.


Biden: Trump Trying to Divide Country Raising Issue of Racism

(Los Angeles, CA-AP) — Former VP Joe Biden is condemning President Trump for not stopping supporters from chanting “Send Her Back!”

Speaking today in Los Angeles, the presidential candidate said Trump is playing a game by targeting the four minority congresswomen. Biden added that Trump is “dividing the country and raising the issue of racism.”

Trump disavowed the chants that were directed at Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar during his rally in North Carolina last night. Trump said the chants started up quickly and noted that he moved on with his speech as soon as possible.

Users Give Russians Ownership To Phone Images, Voice, Messages And Access To Contacts With FaceApp

(Washington, DC) – Country singer Carrie Underwood posted, “Everybody’s doing it,”  as she shared a photo of herself and Mike Fisher looking older with the FaceApp Aging function. But guess what?  That doesn’t mean you should do it.

You’ve probably seen your timeline flooded with images of people exploring what they might possibly look like as the FaceApp rushes through several birthdays so you can see what you’ll look like with grey hair and wrinkles.

But what’s alarming is that users have completely signed over the contents in their phones for the images and are being warned that this could be another infiltration by the Russians.


On Wednesday, the Democratic National security chief sent an alert saying FaceApp was developed by Russians, and that they have “significant concerns” about the app “having access to your photos.” That’s not the only thing they have access to.  Your voice, your name, messages and pretty much anything else you might have in your phone becomes theirs for life.

071719_faceapp_webIn 2016, the DNC and Democratic campaigns were attacked by Russian hackers….meaning…you just never know.

Articles Of Impeachment Filed Against Trump In U.S. House

(Washington, DC-AP) — Articles of impeachment against President Trump are being introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman Al Green filed the articles Tuesday despite objections by Democratic leaders.

Still, a number of Democrats have called for beginning impeachment proceedings. One reason is it will give more teeth as they battle the Trump administration in courts over the White House refusals to comply with subpoenas.

Under the Constitution the House starts impeachment proceedings. If a majority vote that the president has committed “treason, bribery, or other high crimes” they can start hearings. Then a majority would have to vote to impeach the president.

In that case, the U.S. Senate would hold a trial. It would take two-thirds vote of the Republican-controlled Senate to remove the President from office. Only two presidents have been impeached in U.S. history. Andrew Johnson was the first in 1868, followed by Bill Clinton in 1998 and ’99. Neither was removed from office. Proceedings against Richard Nixon were underway when he resigned before a vote to impeach.

House Approves Dem Resolution Condemning Trump

(Washington, DC) — The House has passed a resolution condemning President Trump’s attacks on four minority Democrats. The Democratic resolution calls Trump’s comments racist. Yesterday’s vote was mostly along party lines, though four Republicans did join Democrats in voting for the resolution.

A controversy grew after a weekend tweet from Trump saying the lawmakers should go back to their countries. The Democratic women are all American citizens, with only one having been born outside the U.S.

Four Republicans voted with Democrats to condemn President Trump. Congresswoman Susan Brooks of Indiana is retiring after this session. The other three who voted with Democrats in calling the tweet “racist” are Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Will Hurd of Texas and Fred Upton of Michigan. All three represent moderate districts and face competitive elections.

R. Kelly Held Without Bond

(Chicago, IL-AP) — R-and-B singer R Kelly is staying behind bars. A federal judge ordered he be held without bond on sex crime charges.

This means Kelly will be taken from Chicago to New York to face a separate count of allegedly sexually abusing girls across the country. Kelly was arrested Thursday evening and faces a total of 18 charges in Chicago and New York.

Kelly’s attorney argue there’s no evidence he’s a risk to children, but prosecutors say the 52-year-old is an “extreme danger.”

Indiana Police Officer Who Fatally Shot Black Man Is Resigning

(South Bend, IN-AP) -A white Indiana police officer who fatally shot a black man is resigning. Yesterday, officials said Sergeant Ryan O’Neil has resigned after having to deal with job-related stress, a lawsuit and the negative media attention.

On June 16th, O’Neill fatally shot 53-year-old Eric Logan after he allegedly approached the officer with a knife. The death sparked a huge controversy because O’Neill’s body camera wasn’t on so the shooting wasn’t recorded.

Many locals became angry with Democratic presidential nominee and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, because he launched the body camera initiative.

Buttigieg also already faced heat for demoting the city’s first black police chief.