Sidney And Justin Simpson Building Real Estate Empire

(SL) -O.J. Simpson’s children have jumped into the real-estate business; and the families of murder victims Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman want to know how:

The NY Post Reports, Sydney Simpson, 31, and her brother Justin, 28, have built a mini-real estate empire in St. Petersburg, Fla., scooping up 13 properties since 2015, according to documents reviewed by The Post.

The homes and apartments are in low-income areas and total about $500,000. All but two appear to have been bought with cash.

In the past two years, Sydney’s Simpsy Properties LLC picked up properties including an apartment at 1247 22nd Ave. South for $35,000, two units at 379 47th Ave. South for $47,500 each, one at 335 47th Ave. North for $61,000 and another at 334 48th Ave. North for $47,500.

Justin’s LLC scored holdings including a duplex at 173 38th Ave. Southeast for $95,600 and a modest building at 1701 13th Ave. South with four units for $215,000. The 13th Avenue property was bought in 2014 by Sydney’s boyfriend, Robert Blackmon, for $38,800, before it was flipped to Justin in 2016 for cash.

One thought on “Sidney And Justin Simpson Building Real Estate Empire”

  1. Fred & Kim Goldman versus
    Malcom LaVergne & OJ Simpson
    Plus “MORE”………

    On my Twitter account here:

    On August 14th, 2017 at 8:28pm,
    OJ Simpson’s parole attorney
    Malcolm LaVergne
    (aka @SinCityAttorney)
    responded to me on Twitter with this tweet:

    My opinion, is that this tweet of Mr. LaVergne’s ignited a short “Flame War” between Malcolm LaVergne and
    Kim Goldman
    (aka @KimEGoldman)
    Follow it here:

    And it all stems from a NY Post article saying that 2 of OJ Simpson’s children, Justin & Sydney Simpson, bought some property with cash. I tweeted about it here:

    In the short “Flame War” between Malcolm LaVergne and Kim Goldman,
    Mr. LaVergne had some VERY harsh words describing Fred & Kim Goldman.
    Words like

    Well, whatever a person thinks of
    Malcolm LaVergne, negative or positive, he got the job done for OJ Simpson in helping Simpson getting parole.

    In The NY Post article, from my understanding, is that Goldman attorney David Cook is investigating the matter of some Real Estate purchased by
    Justin & Sydney Simpson.

    So what if any or one of these acts:

    “fraudulent conveyance”
    “mail and wiretap,
    “intent to defraud

    can be legally proven.
    Are Justin Simpson, Sydney Simpson,
    OJ Simpson, and maybe other people,
    Criminally Liable?

    But on the other hand, what if
    Justin & Sydney Simpson have done nothing illegal, could there be litigation of possible:

    against Fred & Kim Goldman?

    Malcom LaVergne tweeted to me here:

    that there is already litigation going on with The NY Post.

    And let NO ONE who is in someway connected to
    The OJ Simpson Case & Saga
    forget about my Ex-in-Law:

    ROCKY BATEMAN>>>>>>The “WIld Card”
    in The OJ Simpson Case & Saga

    Rocky Bateman was OJ Simpson’s regular Limousine driver from approximately
    August of 1993 to June of 1994.
    Will Rocky Bateman be in some way connected to this situation + “MORE”?

    Stay Tuned…….

    Mario George Nitrini 111
    The OJ Simpson Case

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