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Favre: Kids Shouldn’t Play Tackle Football Until 16

(New York, NY) – Legendary former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre is calling for kids to not play tackle football until they’re at least 16. On NBC’s “Megyn Kelly TODAY,” Favre said he probably suffered thousands of concussions throughout his life playing football, though he had only three or four that were officially diagnosed.

“As we’relearning about concussions there’s a term we use in football and maybe other sports, that I got `dinged.’ If that’s a concussion,then I’ve had hundreds, probably thousands, throughout my career,which is frightening.”

He was on the program along with fellow NFL great Kurt Warner, former pro baseball player David Ross and retired women’s soccer player Abby Wambach talking about a concussion-treatment drug being tested. All four are investors in the drug maker.



Saban: The show Will Go On Despite LeBron James Complaint

(Tuscaloosa, AL) – Alabama coach Nick Saban isn’t scrapping a program that drew a complaint from LeBron James.And James isn’t backing down, either.On Monday, a representative for James sent a letter on his behalf to Alabama, claiming the Crimson Tide’s ”Shop Talk” trailer uses”ideas, concepts and format” from a program on the digital media platform the Cavaliers’ superstar co-founded.Last year, James’ ”Uninterrupted” aired ”The Shop,” where the three-time NBA champion, Golden State forward Draymond Green and others talk in a barber shop.5ac24438f1316548008b470c-750-417Saban said he didn’t know about James’ show, and contends the concept isn’t new.”I think LeBron James is a great player,” Saban said. ‘‘There’s been at least 20 barbershop-type things I’ve seen. I didn’t even know he had one. I’m sorry anybody could be offended by something we were just trying to have fun with. I enjoyed it and we’re going to continue to do it.”Alabama released a trailer on Twitter for ”Shop Talk” showing Saban and NFL receiver Julio Jones in a barber shop setting.”Uninterrupted” sent a letter to Alabama, citing concerns over copyright infringement and intellectual property.

Following Tuesday’s win over Toronto in Cleveland, James was told about Saban’s stance.”That’s exactly what I would think he would say,” James said. ”I built ”Uninterrupted” for a reason and for us athletes to have a platform to be able to speak about whatever we want to talk about.I respect him as a coach, but I’ll be damned if I’ll allow someone to use our platform or try to do the same thing we’re doing and just think it’s OK.”The lawyers will figure it out.”

Ex-TCU QB Trevone Boykin Arrested For Aggravated Assault

(Mansfield, TX) – (AP) Former TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin was arrested Wednesday at his North Texas home and charged with aggravated assault after his girlfriend accused him of beating her severely at his home. Boykin was arrested at his Mansfield, Texas, home after Mansfield police reviewed footage of a March 21 incident captured by Boykin’s security video system, according to a police statement.He’s been booked into the Mansfield city jail and remains without bond, pending arraignment.
The Seattle Seahawks released Boykin from its practice squad Tuesday after WFAA-TV in Dallas posted an interview with Boykin’s girlfriend in which she alleged he broke her jaw. Boykin, 24, has denied the allegations, and his agent Drew Pittman told the station the allegations are false. Calls to Pittman by The Associated Press went unanswered Wednesday.
The assault allegation is the latest off-field issue for Boykin,who has spent his NFL career with Seattle.He was arrested in Dallas last year when a vehicle he was a passenger in hit several people on a sidewalk. He fled the scene on foot but was later arrested on misdemeanor charges of public intoxication and possession of marijuana.In 2015, Boykin was arrested for assaulting a police officer and public intoxication shortly before the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio during his senior season at TCU. Boykin, who was the team’s quarterback, was suspended for the bowl game.

Bills’ Zay Jones Arrested After naked, Bloody Argument May Have Been Trying To Attempt Suicide

LOS ANGELES –  Buffalo Bills receiver Zay Jones was arrested Monday night in Los Angeles after a naked, bloody argument with his brother, Vikings receiver Cayleb Jones.

The player, whose legal name is Isaiah Avery Jones, was arrested after officers were called to a disturbance in downtown Los Angeles, said Officer Luis Garcia, a police spokesman.

When the officers arrived, they found Jones ”breaking glass doors and windows” and arrested him on suspicion of felony vandalism, Garcia said.

The arrest was first reported by TMZ, which posted a video of the brothers arguing that showed a nude Zay Jones pushing his brother in what appeared to be the hallway of an apartment building. The site also obtained a photo of a broken window with what appeared to be blood on the floor nearby.

Listening to the audio on the video it appears that Zay may have been attempting suicide saying he wanted to fight for Jesus. Reportedly, after he broke the glass on the 30th floor he was trying to get through it. Thank God his brother was there.

Video Shows Former Houston Astros Prospect Danry Vasquez Violently Attacking Girlfriend

(SL) – Alarming video has been released showing baseball player Danry Vasquez beating up his girlfriend in a stairwell.

Vasquez, dressed in his uniform, is believed to have initiated the attack at Whataburger field in Corpus Christi, Texas. Vasquez was arrested on August 4, 2016, two days after the incident.

Nueces Country District Attorney Mark Gonzalez told KRIS-TV that Vasquez agreed to a plea deal requiring him to pay a fine and attend classes.

“It was an assault that occurred, we had all the evidence to prove it we just allowed this individual to hopefully get the training and education so he wouldn’t continue to assault people where he has relationships with. ‘Yes I’ve seen the video, that’s what happens in domestic violence cases,’ Gonzalez said. ‘Every time a man or woman hurts each other that’s what it looks like, and it’s ugly and what I’m trying to accomplish is to stop that from happening. I’m hoping Mr. Vasquez will be the poster boy for our program and never hurt somebody that he’s in a relationship with and only time will tell.”

The case was dismissed. The Astros released Vasquez shortly after the arrest.


His current team in Lancaster, released him after seeing the video. His girlfriend Fabiana Perez says they are no longer together after 6 years. She says she hopes Danry has changed for the sake of his new wife whom he got engaged to in Nov. of 2017 and married sometime later.


Odell Beckham Jr. Quiet On Alleged Video Of Him In Bed Next To Girl Lining Up Cocaine

(SL) – A video featuring an Odell Beckham lookalike has the internet buzzing. Whether or not it is in fact the Giants star or someone else or if the video is current is up for debate but if it is him, it’s not a good the short clip, Odell Beckham is seen laying in bed next to a pizza holding what appears to be a blunt or marijuana cigarette. Not too exciting right? The female next to him is what makes the video inappropriate and potentially costly for the baller. She’s holding a card and lining up a white substance that many think is cocaine. The wide receiver has been laying low in the off season while he reportedly attempts to negotiate a new deal.  Rumor has it that he’s hoping to up his pay to $20 million per year. He’s currently on a $8.5 million deal after New York picked up the fifth-year option on his rookie contract.

Beckham has been on a Nike-sponsored trip to Europe.  A Giants spokesperson says, “We’re aware of the video, but we don’t have any comment beyond that.”

Some say the NFL could step in with a suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. But…that’s assuming your assumptions are correct in that it’s him in the video and that it’s marijuana in the blunt like cigarette. To be continued…

Super Natural: One-Handed NFL Prospect Posts 20-Rep Bench Press

(Indianapolis, IN) – His twin brother already plays for the Seattle Seahawks and after an impressive workout during the NFL scouting combine Shaquem Griffin could be right behind him. NO brainer right? Not when you consider that Shaquem only has one hand.
Griffin was 4-years old when doctors amputated his left hand a day after his mother found him in the kitchen attempting to cut off his jelly-like fingers, which were in scorching pain whenever he touched anything, the result of amniotic band syndrome, a congenital birth defect. However, despite having just one hand, he kept up with his twin brother on and off the field.
From the playground to UCF to the NFL, Shaquem is proving why he deserves to be suited up and running on the field once again with his brother in the Pros. His 20-Rep Bench Press put him in the something like a  phenomenon category.
The bench press room at the NFL scouting combine is one of the most exciting places to be. At the end of the day it is a true test of strength gripping the crossbar and pumping 225 pounds of free weights. The crowd normally participates in the counts and as the repetitions roll everyone wonders just how many one will compete.
Shaquem a few years ago, really couldn’t bench press at all. He couldn’t even lift the 45-pound bar. But after being fitted with a prosthetic hand, he was all good. His mother recall crying when she saw him do his first pull-up.
His personal best is 11 reps but his mark for the combine was much less than that. “My goal was six,” Griffin says.
As the AP reports, Griffin clipped his prosthetic hand onto the bar, then leaned back. This wasn’t his brother spotting him – the one who he was sure used to surreptitiously help him – but this new spotter was hyping him up and the crowd joined in as did his fellow linebacker prospects.”Everybody in the stands was hyping me up. I got the guys I’m here with hyping me up. It felt amazing,” Griffin said. ”I was ready to go. I was ready to attack it.”
His chest heaved. And the counting began.One, two, three.”I said, this thing feels like 135. Let’s go!” Griffin recounted.”And I just started cranking them out.”
Four, five, six.That was easy.Seven, eight, nine.The crowd was hollering by now.Ten, 11 – this was his personal best.Twelve.A new high.Thirteen … 14 … 15 … 16.The crowd was roaring in disbelief. Seventeen.Can this really be happening? Eighteen!That’s one more than his twin brother, Shaquille, managed at last year’s combine before the Seattle Seahawks selected the speedy cornerback in the third round of the NFL draft.
Nineteen! One more … 20!
Impressive by any standard but with one hand, he’s almost super natural. ”I got chill bumps watching him do 20 reps,” said NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock. ”I literally choked up a little bit watching him do that and I can’t wait to watch him tomorrow.”
Tomorrow meaning today. Griffin will run the 40-yard dash, do some quickness drills and some on-field testing at Lucas Oil Stadium. He told reporters that he’s also going to try to join the defensive back drills Today after doing his work with the linebackers. Griffin played D-line, linebacker and safety at the the Senior Bowl.
As dozens of reporters and photographers surrounded him, ”I thought I was going to walk over here and it was going to be like three people.”
Get used to it Shaquem! Not only are you an inspiration but you are a force to be reckoned with. We’ll see you in the Pros!

Rice DE Blain Padgett Found Dead

(Houston, TX) – Rice defensive end Blain Padgett was found dead in his apartment on Friday, the school confirmed in a statement. He was 21.No cause of death has been released. Padgett missed a workout on Friday morning, prompting teammates and coaches to become worried and contact his family, according to ABC13.”Our team is devastated by this news,” Rice coach Mike Bloomgren said in a statement. “All of my thoughts right now are how best to help Blain’s family and his teammates in this very difficult period.”
A junior from Sour Lake, Texas, Padgett recorded a defensive line-best 41 tackles in 2016 and had 3.5 career sacks. The 6-foot-5, 250-pounder saw a shoulder injury limit him to just three games in 2017.”Our entire athletic department is in mourning over the loss of Blain Padgett,” athletic director Joe Karlgaard said in a statement. “Blain was a great friend and teammate and the sense of loss is overwhelming to his teammates, his friends, but most importantly to his family, who are in our thoughts and prayers. We will do everything in our power to provide assistance to our student-athletes in this incredibly difficult time.”

J.R. Smith Suspended After Throwing Bowl Of Soup at Assistant Coach

(Cleveland, OH) – Where are your manners J.R.? Smith is in hot water after losing his temper and putting assistant coach Damon Jones on the receiving end of it. The guard reportedly threw a bowl of soup at Jones and it costs him a game. A day after Cleveland identified Smith’s ban as being for conduct detrimental to the team, the cause of the one-game suspension was finally detailed.
The Cavs didn’t practice after Thursday’s loss to the 76ers but Smith was at the team facility getting in some extra shots, and he told a team spokesman he will address the media at Saturday’s shootaround before the Cavs play Denver.
Meanwhile, Smith’s teammate Kevin Love told reporters he’s optimistic of returning from his fractured left hand earlier than expected. The All-Star forward was given a two-month timetable for recovery after he sustained the injury on Jan. 30, but he’s now capable of catching a basketball using a padded glove as well as shoot from within 12 to 15 feet. Tip off against the Nuggets is at 7:30.

Warriors Hold Off Hawks, But It Wasn’t Easy

(Atlanta, GA) – Soooo…..Stephen Curry came out the gate throwing daggers and dropping bombs which resulted in a monstrous 25 pt first half for the guard (15 of those points came in the final seven minutes of the second qtr) allowing Golden State to build a sizeable lead (62-50) in the first two quarters.

But, in front of an almost sellout crowd, the Hawks had momentum and were prepared to attack and drive just as hard as the Warriors. Atlanta was so composed, Dennis Schröder even hit a shot two steps from half court. You had to be there :).

That was towards the end of the third and added to offensive drives that would ultimately put the Hawks within 2pts with just seconds left to play. Part of that comeback was due to a Curry-less Warriors team who had to play basically the whole second half without their leader.

Even though he said he wasn’t sure whose foot he stepped on, the tweak was so apparent that he was overruled in the decision to remain in the game and had to sit the rest of it out. IMG_8130-2_previewBut when you’re the defending champs, your roster runs so deep you can afford it. The Warriors got 28 from Kevin Durant, 16 from Nick Young, 15 from Klay Thompson and a game winning play by veteran Andre Iguodala.

However, it didn’t just happen like that. During a game that had all the makings of being a blowout, the Hawks didn’t surrender. You can’t deny the resiliency of this team and when they really start to click on both ends of the court, they’re capable of beating anybody really.

IMG_8257-2_previewWith that being said,  as the game entered its final stretch, the Hawks put some plays together that made the sun come out in the center of darkness. In the final two minutes Atlanta went on a 9-0 run led by none other than Dennis Schröder (27) and Kent Bazemore (29). Just like that the score was 111-109 with 19 seconds left.

Keeping the dream alive, the Hawks would foul Kevin Durant on their next possession resulting with the MVP leaving the line 1-1. 112-109. There’s still hope. But this is Golden State. In the Hawks’ final possession a series of passes left them vulnerable and just enough room for Iguodala to force the turnover to which he finished on the rim in championship dunk fashion and that was it. Final Score 114-109.