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About To Pop! Queen Bey Sticks To Her Roots For ‘Carter Push Party’

(SL) – Wooooh! Beyonce’s dad says she’s got about two more weeks to go before she delivers her twins. But, by the looks of these pics, don’t be surprised if it happens before then.

Queen Bey was seen at her African themed baby shower and mannnnn oh mannnnnn…It’s about that time. Joined by her mother, Kelly, Michelle, Vanessa Bryant, LaLa and others, Beyonce looked relaxed with a bikini top and a sarong on.

The 35-year-old accessorized with gold earrings, a silk headscarf and a henna tattoo on her belly.

The bash was held at a private residence in Beverly Hills and gold balloon letters could be seen spelling out ‘Carter Push Party’ and ‘Twinning.’

True to Carter style, it was a  family affair with Blue Ivy and lots of her friends running around the grounds of the estate. Solange’s son Juelz was also seen chatting it up with a friend. The decor was African themed and very colorful with lounge seating areas, floor pillows and rugs on the floor.

Rumor has it that Beyonce is having a boy and a girl. But….we’ll have to wait and see if that’s true.

In other news, Forbes reports that Beyonce and Jay z have finally reached billionaire status. Her net worth is valued at 350 million while Jay is creeping up on Puffy’s heels (10 million behind) for richest rapper with 810 million.


Travis Scott Arrested For ‘Inciting’ Riot At Show In Arkansas

(SL) – Well, this isn’t the first time this has happened. But considering that there have been a number of video released showing die-hard Travis Scott fans jumping from balconies; I think authorities are trying to give him a hint. “Tone it down.”

The Rogers Police Department reports that the “Antidote” rapper, 25, was arrested soon after he left the stage at the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion.

Police say during the concert Scott (real name: Jacques Webster) “encouraged people to rush the stage and bypass the security protocols to ensure concertgoer safety.” Several people were injured as the crowd rushed to the stage, including a security guard and a member of the police department. The  injured people were treated at the scene by members of the Rogers Fire Department and Mercy Medical.

Scott is being charged with inciting a riot, endangering the welfare of a minor and disorderly conduct and was transported to the Benton County Sheriff’s office. He was booked at the Benton County Detention Center at 11:14 p.m. He was released at 11:26 p.m.

This isn’t the first time (or even the second time) that Scott’s caused some mayhem during shows. Earlier in the month, he was filmed encouraging fans to jump from a balcony at a concert in New York City.

Video shows Scott encouraging a fan to jump from the third floor. The fan broke his leg and Travis was videotaped giving the guy a $100,000 dollar ring as he lay on the ground unable to stand.

No word yet on if the fan plans on suing Scott. Which is unlikely, seeing that no one pushed him. But you never know. In addition, he was arrested after allegedly calling on fans to jump the barricades at Lollapalooza 2015. And there was also an incident in Chicago that led to his arrest as well.

Earth to Travis…Keep the energy but don’t encourage fans to jump or bum-rush the stage. Kids.



Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop..After Stealing The Show At The Met Gala, Diddy Crops Kendall And Kylie Jenner Out Of Photo

(SL) – The Jenner sisters made sure to make their rounds at the Met Gala taking publicity op photos where allowed and posting without caution; even breaking a Met Gala ‘NO SELFIE’ rule.

But it didn’t look like they were the only ones, so no big deal. However, one photo is garnering a lot of attention because after Kylie posted the pic featuring her rumored beau Travis Scott and a host of other black entertainers including Sean puff daddy, diddy Combs, the Hip Hop Mogul re-posted it but cropped them out of it.


It’s understood why. If your posting about black excellence, they certainly don’t fit the criteria…but gosh…it was a bit savage.


I do question why these young ladies felt the need throw their middle fingers up? Was that the cool thing to do? I can’t handle women in $5,000 dresses displaying $2 behavior. So unnecessary and really not that cool. A little bit of class is always needed, especially at the Met Gala. As for the revised pic, Diddy wanted to show some team love and well the only way to do that was to crop them out, right?!

Diddy for the win..

Greenleaf Cast Members Support Keith David’s Acting Workshop

(SL) – The Arts and Icons Master Class opened the doors of the city hall atrium to working and aspiring actors to get some side by side instruction with Emmy award winning actor Keith David. David plays Bishop James Greenleaf on the OWN network hit Greenleaf and his castmates made sure to support his effort. Lamman Rucker, Merle Dandridge and Deborah Joy Winans all showed up and participated in the 4 hour workshop. Ashley Love-Mills from Tyler Perry’s Too Close To Home also participated.  I was there hosting and had a chance to interview some of them and flick it up a bit. Check out the images below.

Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall Presents A Proclamation And Award To OWN TV’s Keith David

(SL) – Atlanta is turning into the Hollywood of the south partly in part because of people like Oprah Winfrey filming their projects in the city; and actors like Keith David taking up residency while working. Greenleaf has become one of the most popular shows on television and Keith David stars as Bishop Greenleaf in the church drama. 18194909_1527832843907103_2328061110637247847_n

Greenleaf is just one of over 150 credits David has under his name. So, it was no surprise when District 2 City Councilman Kwanza Hall wanted to honor the Emmy award winning actor with a proclamation and award from the Mayor’s Office for Film and TV.

He also declared April 30th Keith David Day. The presentation took place during that Arts and Icons Master Event for working and and aspiring actors. Led by Keith David and hosted by Sytonnia Moore, So You Wanna Be An Actor was a 4 hour workshop designed to give actors the foundation of basics and tips to hone their craft and work side by side with a legend.

After the workshop, David surprised the audience with a performance with his Jazz band! I know right…who knew? The man is synonymous with talent. And as expected, it was good…really good! He hopes to take up residency in Las Vegas and once the word gets out about just how good he is..I’m sure he’ll be booked in no time. In the meantime, you can catch him Wednesday nights on OWN playing James Greenleaf.  The mid-season finale airs this week!

David and Tamela Back With Season Three Of Popular Comedy Mann & Wife

(SL) – David Mann, Tamela Mann and company bring a new assortment of hysterical family situations and laughs in the third season of their hit Bounce comedy series Mann & Wife.  Bounce will double the fun by kicking off season three with two new original episodes back-to-back 9:00-10:00 pm (ET) on Tuesday, March 28. All-new Mann & Wife episodes will continue to premiere Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm (ET) through the spring on Bounce.

Real-life husband and wife team David and Tamela Mann star and serve as executive producers of Mann & Wife. The half-hour situation comedy follows their characters – newlyweds and second-chance sweethearts Daniel and Toni Mann – as they laugh and love their way through the ups and downs of life as a blended family, each with two children from previous marriages.

Sytonnia with David and Tamela Mann, Terri J. Vaughn and Carl Payne at the Private Press Screening of Mann & Wife 

In addition to the show’s popular stars, Tony Rock is back as Daniel’s partner on the police force with Steven Wash (Daniel, Jr.), Amir O’Neil (Darren), Lauryn Kennedy Hardy (Terri) and Jadah Marie (Tosha) playing the Mann children. Terri J. Vaughn joins the cast as Daniel’s new Lieutenant and also directs an episode this season.

This season sees hilarious takes on visiting family, mistaken identity, school pressure, phony health scares, an embarrassing email leak and even a 1970’s cop show spoof. Guest stars include George Wallace, Roger+Bobb+Tyler+Perry+Family+Preys+New+York+dvnOokN2kuCl.jpgAntonio Fargas, Carl Payne, Victoria Rowell, Rod “Rod Man” Thompson, DC Youngfly, Blue Kimble, Vanessa Fraction and Brely Evans.

Mann & Wife co-creator Roger Bobb (House of Payne The Rickey Smiley Show) serves as executive producer and director of the series.

Mann & Wife has been a smash success, setting network records for viewership in both seasons. Bounce is the only emerging broadcast network producing original scripted series, which in addition to Mann & Wife includes the current mega-hit drama Saints & Sinners and the popular comedies In The Cut and Family Time.

Bounce (@BounceTV) airs on the broadcast signals of local television stations and corresponding cable carriage and features a programming mix of original and off-network series, theatrical motion pictures, specials, live sports and more.  Bounce has grown to be available in more than 94 million homes across the United States and 93% of all African-American (AA) television homes, including all the top AA television markets. Among the founders of Bounce are iconic American figures Ambassador Andrew Young and Martin Luther King, III.


Cute Kid Alert! Harper Beckham Spotted Hanging Out With Her Mom

(SL)-It was just a typical girls’ day out, green juice and all, for Victoria Beckham and her adorable daughter Harper. Boy, these kids grow up fast. The pair was seen strolling through the streets of West London and Harper is a cutie pie.

Victoria’s only daughter is just 5 years old and is often on the scene for with her mom, dad and brothers Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 14, and Cruz, 12, who are equally as cute. Can’t help but to be right..with genes like that.

Carrying a bag of bubble drinks, she held hands with little Harper who skipped alongside her mum excitedly clutching a green smoothie.

harper.jpgVictoria, was recently on the Today show where she talked about her husband, retired soccer star David Beckham with whom she’s been with since 1997.  Here’s what the former Spice Girl turned Fashion Designer had to say about her hubby.

“He’s my soulmate. He’s the most incredible husband. We complement each other.’He inspires me every day, with the children, the way he treats me; it just works. We are lucky to have each other.”


Seems like there have only been two bumps in the road for the two. David allegedly had an affair with Rebecca Loos years ago and another woman Malaysian-born Sarah Marbeck came forward with the same claims. But, Victoria stood by her man.

Through it all Posh and Becks have raised a beautiful family. Still time for one or two more to be added!


Brat Still Owes $6.4 Million To Cheerleader, That’s One Expensive Brawl

(SL) – We’ll say that’s one lesson learned. I love me some Brat. But back in the day the talented beauty unleashed her anger and ended up serving time for it. Most of you probably remember when Da Brat was at the height of her rap career, she got into an altercation with former Atlanta Falcons’ cheerleader Shayla Stevens in a nightclub.

During the fight, Da Brat, real name Shawntae Harris, hit Stevens in the head with a rum bottle.  The ex-cheerleader who reportedly was working as a server on the night in question, claimed it casued permanent facial scarring, mental pain and neurological damage.

The altercation happened in October of 2007 at producer Jermaine Dupri’s Studio 72 nightclub. The platinum artist, plead guilty to aggravated assault and was sentenced to three years in prison, 200 hours of community service, and 7 years under probation. And ordered to pay millions to the victim. Da Brat was released in 2011 and Shayla Stevens claims she still hasn’t been paid.

Stevens is now hitting Da Brat with multiple garnishment complaints, the first step in collecting what she’s owed after the incident. She’s hoping to get money from Da Brat’s royalties through Sony music and from her job as a co-host on Radio One’s Ricky Smiley Morning Show.

Following the success of ‘Moonlight’, Black Cinema Gets Another Score with Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’

(SL) –  Brandon Harris of the New Yorker reports, Peele spent many years trying to get financing for the movie, after conceiving of the picture during the 2008 Democratic Presidential primaries, a campaign that seemingly put racial progress and feminism at odds.

“It was almost like this who’s-suffered-long-enough kind of thing.” Peele quipped, in conversation with the film reporter Logan Hill, following the film’s Brooklyn première, when asked to explain finding inspiration in the contest between Clinton and Obama. “It was a very weird time, but it made me think, Yeah, we have different civil rights, which ones are more deserving?”


The intervening years, ones in which the ascension of a mixed-race President emboldened hopes, quickly dashed, that color would no longer be such a crucible in American life, have confirmed one of many underlying tensions within Peele’s film.

America may have, as recently as 2008, claimed to be through with race as a country, but by 2016, race was clearly not through with us. “We were past race, guys, what happened?” Peele said jokingly to the audience, his humor deadly serious. “Race caught up.”

The film critiques the insidious racism that lurks just beneath a veneer of white liberal do-gooderism by telling the story of a young black photographer named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), who anxiously visits the suburban family home of his Caucasian girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams).

Her parents, a doctor (Bradley Whitford) who confides he “would have voted for Obama a third time if [he] could” and a hypnotist (Catherine Keener), are friendly to a fault, but something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

It isn’t long after Rose’s brother, an M.M.A. enthusiast (Caleb Landry Jones), returns home during Chris’s visit that “Get Out,” which opens with a black man (Lakeith Stanfield) being choked unconscious and stuffed into a car on a suburban street by a masked assailant, makes plain its terrifying premise: the Armitage family serially kidnaps and brainwashes African-Americans into servility, ostensibly for their own good.

“The real thing at hand here is slavery,” Peele remarked as he first began to take questions from the audience. “Not to bring down the room, guys. It’s some dark shit.” And indeed, sex slavery, and the fear of it, are a very present spectre in the movie.

President Winfrey? Here’s What Oprah Had To Say About Breaking The Glass Ceiling

(SL)- Madame President would certainly be loved by all. But would she really take a run at it in 2020? During her interview with Bloomberg host David Rubenstein, the media mogul was asked about putting her name on the ballot in 3 years and her answer won’t surprise you.

The television icon clarified later in the interview that she wasn’t actually considering a presidential run, telling Rubenstein: ‘That won’t be happening.’

But it doesn’t mean that people wouldn’t like to see it happen. With Internet publisher Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report issuing the push on Wednesday, tweeting that he is hoping to see Winfrey run against Trump in 2020.

‘Trump vs Oprah would be the most epic race in American history,’ Drudge wrote, ‘MAKE THIS HAPPEN…’