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Tire Flies Off Truck Strikes Another Car Kills Driver

(SL) – A freak accident claimed the life of a woman this morning in Atlanta.  A truck traveling NB on the GA 400 at Pitts Rd lost its tire.  The tire flew across the highway median hitting a car traveling SB, striking the windshield and the roof.

Tyisha Fernandes (Twitter page)

Tyisha Fernandes of WSB spoke with the driver following the incident. He said he was on his way to work, not speeding and in no way impaired when the tired popped off his truck and flew across the highway.  He went on to say that it was a brand new tire and he didn’t expect it come off.

“I was on the way to my job,” Jorge Herrera told Channel 2. “I’m not drunk. I’m not driving fast. It was like a normal (day) trying to get to my job.”

The driver says he feels horrible and sent his apologies to the family of the victim. Police have identified the victim but haven’t released her name.


Human Trafficking: Atlanta Mom Buys Her Missing Teenager After Seeing Her Advertised On A Backpage Ad For Sex

(SL) – The sex trafficking problem rears its ugly head daily in Atlanta, GA. Kubiiki Pride is sharing her story through a documentary titled “I am Jane Doe” that was released on Netflix early this year.

Kubiiki’s daughter (called MA) sneaked out of the house one night to go to an end of the school year party and quickly found herself in trouble. The 13-year old left with a woman who she thought was going to take her home and ended up being kidnapped by the female trafficker.

Gone without a trace, after 270 days, Pride started looking online and said she was scrolling through when she came across online advertisement offering sex with her her daughter.

It was the escorts section of

According to the FBI, the average age that a girl is first recruited into prostitution or sex trafficking in the U.S. is 11-14 years-old.

The most recent numbers show sex trafficking in Georgia generated nearly $300 million a year.

4510EAF000000578-4952736-After_270_days_Pride_was_looking_on_Backpage_and_said_she_was_sc-a-35_1507225415602Pride says, “It was the third link from the top. It had stars and hearts, and it said young and new,’ she explained.

The Daily Mail reports, something about the stars and hearts caught her attention and she clicked it to find explicit photos of her daughter wearing only underwear and posing provocatively.

“I called and asked to purchase the services myself,” she said.  When her daughter was returned to her, she said she was addicted to drugs and had been horribly abused.

‘My daughter was stabbed and burned, her head shaved, and she was beaten,’ she said. She ran away two more times, both times being returned to her mother.


‘I said why are you running away?’ Pride said in the documentary while choking back tears. ‘And she said, “Well mom I have to go and get these pills.”‘

The woman who trafficked MA was caught and sentenced to five years in prison in 2010, but the advertisement featuring explicit photos of the teen remained online.

‘Once I told her about all the pain and suffering I went through and that I wanted revenge, she also did,’ MA said in the documentary.

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(ATLANTA – October 6th, 2017) – Dust off your bikes and bones—there’s a new race in Martintown; one that has a social good cause at its core.   The Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Merchants Association (MLKJDMA) announces today that it will hold its inaugural MLK Race for the Dream on Sunday, January 14, 2018.  The events will include a marathon, half-marathon, bike tour, a weekend Mixer as well as a health and fitness expo. 

The events will begin and end on MLK Jr. Drive and Whitehouse Drive, at Booker T. Washington High School, which was attended by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta, GA.   The Health & Fitness Expo will feature the latest athletic gear and equipment as well as health and fitness experts.  Registration will be open as of August 1, 2017.

“The races and bike tour are just one of many initiatives that we are launching in the community to benefit the MLK Dr. Corridor,” says Terry Collier, President of the MLKJDMA.  “Our mission is to improve and increase economic impact in the district.  Over time we have lost historic businesses.  We are working in conjunction with the Mayor’s office as well as city and state officials to launch initiatives that will preserve established businesses as well as attract new businesses to the district for the next generation.  We have a three-phased plan to upgrade the corridor and bringing a weekend of events to our community will highlight not only the advances that have been made, but also strategies for the future.”

Nationally, there is a movement to improve conditions along MLK corridors in US cities.  The MLKJDMA plans to pilot this program in Atlanta and then expand it nationally, with the next targeted city being St. Louis.  Several major metropolitan cities with MLK districts have expressed interest in bringing the competitions to their areas, not only for the economic impact, but also to educate their communities around health and fitness. 


Two Women Attending Dragon Con Injured After Someone Threw Chairs From Balcony In Atlanta’s Marriott Marquis

(SL) – How frightening. Two women have been treated and released after suffering injuries from chairs that were dropped from the 10th floor inside the Marriott Marquis.

21-year old Kelly McDaniel says she’s lucky to be alive and credits her costume helmet for saving her life. She was hit in the head and had to receive staples to hold the wound together.

Another woman, Jamie Temple-Thompson Amador was hit in the arm.

The Atlanta Police Department is currently investigating.

McDaniel has posted on her Facebook Sunday morning asking for anyone with information to come forwards. She said: ‘If anyone has any information about the inconsiderate jerks(s) that threw 3 chairs from the Marriott balcony and split my head open, please send it Cristóbal Esteban Poth (McDaniel’s boyfriend) or me.’

‘I was just discharged and we are headed home to recover from a horrifying experience. I have lost all faith in humanity, but I’m counting my blessings that I wasn’t hurt any worse. I could’ve died because of some drunk idiot.

Georgia Woman Accused Of Stabbing Husband And Four Children To Death While 5th Child Fights For Life

(SL) – A community near Loganville is in shock today after a mother is accused of stabbing four of her children and her husband to death.

1499371137386Gwinnett County Police say the call came in shortly before 5 a.m.  Authorities arrived to find a male in his mid-30s and five children stabbed.

Isabel Martinez, 33, is charged with six counts of aggravated assault and five counts each of murder and malice murder, the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office said. The 33-year-old is being held without bond at the Gwinnett County Jail for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, authorities said.

A fifth child was found with injuries. That girl’s condition was unknown. All of the children discovered appeared to be under age 10.
A relative, who asked not to be identified said the family had recently returned from a vacation and the mother had been depressed over the death of her father 20 days ago. Neighbors say she had been “acting bizarre’ and hallucinating.  The family had only lived in the neighborhood for three or four months.

Police Seeking Teenager Connected With Murder Of 17-Year Old Jesse Thomas

(SL) – Witnesses say it happened in a matter of seconds. All was good at a house party outside of McDonough until a fight broke out and shots were fired. One bullet struck 17-year old Jesse Thomas, a kid with a bright future celebrating his acceptance to college.

His father says, “From what I heard it died down and escalated back up really quick. No one knows what happened. Punches were thrown and the guy fired … He was just shot.”

Teen_killed_in_Henry_County_0_3306690_ver1.0_640_360Henry County Police say  about 1:40 a.m., officers responded to a house in the 1000 block of Maria Drive.

Officers found blood on the door, but no one was in the house.  Soon after, Thomas arrived at Piedmont Henry Hospital with a serious gunshot wound. Police say he later died.

person of interest_1494760973637_3307332_ver1.0_640_360

Now authorities want to talk to 19-year-old Dexter Covington saying he is a person of interest in the fatal shooting. Covington was seen in the area  driving a black Chevy Camaro with Georgia tag RCA2611.

Thomas was about a month away from graduating. His brother, Demetrius Sullivan, spoke to reporters. He was with Jesse when the shooting happened and drove him to the hospital.


He says Jesse was talking about being accepted to Indian River State College in Florida. The senior had dreams of playing basketball and making it to the NBA. To which his brother says Jesse proclaimed, we’ll all be good.

Anyone who sees Covington is urged to call Detective Rotella with the Henry County Police Department at 770-288-8269.

Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall Presents A Proclamation And Award To OWN TV’s Keith David

(SL) – Atlanta is turning into the Hollywood of the south partly in part because of people like Oprah Winfrey filming their projects in the city; and actors like Keith David taking up residency while working. Greenleaf has become one of the most popular shows on television and Keith David stars as Bishop Greenleaf in the church drama. 18194909_1527832843907103_2328061110637247847_n

Greenleaf is just one of over 150 credits David has under his name. So, it was no surprise when District 2 City Councilman Kwanza Hall wanted to honor the Emmy award winning actor with a proclamation and award from the Mayor’s Office for Film and TV.

He also declared April 30th Keith David Day. The presentation took place during that Arts and Icons Master Event for working and and aspiring actors. Led by Keith David and hosted by Sytonnia Moore, So You Wanna Be An Actor was a 4 hour workshop designed to give actors the foundation of basics and tips to hone their craft and work side by side with a legend.

After the workshop, David surprised the audience with a performance with his Jazz band! I know right…who knew? The man is synonymous with talent. And as expected, it was good…really good! He hopes to take up residency in Las Vegas and once the word gets out about just how good he is..I’m sure he’ll be booked in no time. In the meantime, you can catch him Wednesday nights on OWN playing James Greenleaf.  The mid-season finale airs this week!

Three Arrested In I-85 Fire That Led To Bridge Collapse

(SL) –  New information about the I-85 Bridge Collapse. Questions were looming following the fiery destruction that collapsed a chunk of I-85 near Piedmont Road, South of the GA-400. How did PCP pipes catch fire? Initial speculation involved a big rig fire, but that was later ruled out and terroristic thoughts formed.

USA-overpass-01-as-170331_16x9_992Mayor Kasim Reed was quick to dispel that theory. But, one thing was certain. The pipes didn’t just catch fire by themselves’; And once lit, nothing but problems for these particular pipes can burn for hours.

Now, 3 people believed to be homeless are being charged. Basil Elby who’s no stranger to crime with previous charges including drug possession and battery is being held along with Sophia Brunner and Barry Thomas. Brunner and Thomas are being charged with criminal trespassing.

Authorities think Elby, pictured above in a mug shot from 2014 started the blaze. How or why remains to be discovered. The suspects were allegedly at the scene at the time of the fire. What kind of accelerant hasn’t been disclosed or whether or not the 3 will receive bond.

No Loss Of Life As Section Of I-85 Collapses

(SL) – It was an astonishing sight for sure. I-85 near Piedmont Road in flames, smoke billowing and then about 700 feet of the bridge collapsed. Thank God authorities stopped traffic before it collapsed. No injuries, no deaths just bumper to bumper traffic. If you have to take the good with the bad, considering Thursday’s fiery incident.

The massive blaze started under the bridge around 6:15. The AJC  reports, the bridge on I-85 northbound just south of Ga. 400 near Piedmont Road collapsed about 7 p.m., Atlanta fire spokesman Sgt. Cortez Stafford confirmed. No injuries to motorists or first responders were reported.

Officials said they still don’t know how long it will take to fix the bridge, but they agree there is no underestimating the headache that awaits commuters.


“The cork is in the bottle” Department of Public Safety Director Mark McDonough said. “It couldn’t have happened at a worse time.”  Drivers coming southbound into Atlanta on I-85 will get no further than Cheshire Bridge Road or they can hit the ramp back to I-85 North, McDonough said.

If you’re driving north into the city on the connector, you’ll have no choice but to take I-75 North at the point where the two interstates split. Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner Russell R. McMurry said the catastrophic incident significantly affected I-85 and the broader transportation network.

58de88a3c361884d168b4603Mayor Kasim Reed said late Thursday he’d spoken with the FBI “and at this time there’s no evidence of terrorism.” He said city officials will be working to assess the bridge throughout the night.

“This is as serious a transportation crisis as we could have. The governor has been leading and we have been acting on it,” Reed said. “Our primary concern, first and most important, is that no one has lost their life. And as we stand here right now, we think that’s the situation.”

3-30-17 I-85 fire_1490916892249_6315967_ver1.0_640_360

Stafford said a cause of the fire can’t be determined at this time because inspectors can’t get under the bridge due to structural concerns. “The entire bridge is compromised,” Stafford said. “Right now, it’s still dangerous to go under there.”

Deal said Georgia Department of Transportation inspectors are on the scene and that the construction crew that built the bridge has been contacted to look at the schematics and determine how long it will take to repair.

He said the cause of the fire is not yet known but “the speculation I’ve heard is that there are some PVC products that caught fire.”

Man Dies After Car Goes Off Embankment In Woodstock

(SL) -Be careful out there. Traffic was pretty backed up on I-575 this morning. There were reports of an accident, but after authorities arrived on the scene it was worse than that. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department said that one person was killed in the crash.

Sheriff’s spokesman Howard J. Baker said the car went off an embankment at Ridgewalk Parkway in Woodstock. Some reports say the driver may have been going at a high rate of speed before the deadly crash.