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Police Identify Gunman Responsible for Strasbourg Shooting

(Strasbourg-AP) — French authorities have identified the gunman responsible for the deadly Christmas market shooting as Islamic extremist named “Cherif C.” Three people were killed and dozens were injured after he opened fire in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

Several reports say he yelled “God is Great” in Arabic while he was shooting. The manhunt is still underway for Cherif, a 29-year-old with a criminal record in several European countries. Authorities say Cherif became an Islamic extremist while serving time in prison and has been on the terrorist watch list since 2015.

Five People Shot At A Celebration Of Life In Syracuse

(Syracuse, NY-AP) –– Five people including an eight-year-old girl are being treated for gunshot wounds after a celebration of life became violent tonight in Syracuse, New York. About two dozen people were gathered at a home to remember someone who had recently died of cancer.

Photos By: Dennis Nett

A witness claims that men wearing hoodies opened fire on the celebration from across the street, injuring five people. Police did not confirm that. All the victims are in stable condition and expected to survive. A few blocks away after the shooting took place a 14-year-old girl was shot.

Police said they do not know at this point if the shootings are related. The investigation continues and no one has been taken into custody.


Report: Shooting Suspect Has Obscured Fingerprints

(Annapolis, MD) – NBC News is citing officials who are saying the suspect in today’s shooting at an Annapolis newsroom has obscured his fingerprints.

Five people were killed in the attack at the “Capital Gazette.” According to reports, the suspect isn’t being cooperative. So far, police haven’t revealed the shooter’s identity or the motive in the shooting.

A reporter for the “Capital Gazette” is revealing details about the tragic shooting. Reporter Phil Davis tweeted that a single gunman is responsible for the shooting. He said, quote, a “gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire on multiple employees.” He recounted that there’s nothing more terrifying than hiding under a desk, hearing multiple people get shot, and then hearing the gunman reload.