DeSantis Brings ‘Monkey’ Reference Into Conversation About Andrew Gillum, Gillum Responds

(Tallahassee, FL) — Ron DeSantis is taking a page right out of Donald Trump’s book by stirring up racial tensions with inappropriate remarks. On Tuesday DeSantis, warned Florida voters not to “monkey this up” by electing Gillum. Apparently, he didn’t pay attention to the whole Roseanne Bar fiasco.

Gillum isn’t backing down though. Florida’s Democratic candidate for governor says the “monkey” comment by his Republican opponent is straight out of the Trump handbook.  When asked if he thought it was racist, Gillum said, in the handbook of President Trump, they no longer do whistle calls, they are now using bullhorns. DeSantis says it’s absurd to think he was taking a jab at anyone for racial reasons.

His words were widely condemned as racist.

Andrew Gillum is Florida’s first African-American candidate for governor from a major party.

Beyonce And Jay-Z Donating $1M In Scholarships

(AP) — Beyonce and Jay-Z will be giving away over one million dollars to help students in need pay for college. The hip-hop couple will be giving 100-thousand dollars to one high school senior from eleven different cities they’ll be stopping at on their On the Run II tour. Each student will be selected by the local Boys & Girls Club.

The cities they’ll be selected from include Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix and Miami. The donations are a collaboration of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s charities, the BeyGOOD initiative and The Shawn Carter Foundation.

Cardi B Apologizes For Comedy Skit About Coretta Scott King

(AP) – Rapper Cardi B is apologizing to Martin Luther King, Jr’s family for portraying his late wife, Coretta Scott King, in a comedy skit. TMZ shared a video of the skit, called The Real Housewives of the Civil Right Movement, which features Cardi B and other women arguing over the late civil rights leader.

It was made for an upcoming comedy sketch series called Off the Rip. King’s daughter, Bernice King, told TMZ she thought the video was “false” and “repulsive.” She later thanked Cardi B on Twitter for reaching out to say she was sorry.

Child Who Died After Leaving Immigration Detention Center Identified

(Diley, TX) – Representatives for the family of a young immigrant girl who died after staying at a detention center in Dilley, Texas says the girl was denied adequate medical attention after being detained by ICE.

Mariee Juarez died in May after she and her mom were released from the center. Attorneys at The Arnold and Porter law firm say she became ill while she was detained.  She and her mom Yazmin arrived from Guatemala seeking asylum when she got sick.

Victims Of Jacksonville Mass Shooting Plan To Sue

(Jacksonville, FL) – A new reports claims some of the victims of the Jacksonville Landing mass shooting are planning to sue.

On Sunday, 24-year old David Katz unloaded on a crowd of people in attendance for the Madden 19 tournament. Using a semi-automatic weapon, he killed two people and injured about a dozen others before turning the gun on himself.

It’s believed that he was targeting gamer(s), but no one really knows for sure.  Family members say he had a history of mental illness and had been getting treatment since he was 12.

Florida law firm Morgan and Morgan claim negligent security contributed to the shooting and plan to sue on behalf of some of the victims.

Andrew Gillum Wins Democratic Primary Nomination For Florida Governor

(Florida) – Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum has sent a shock wave through the world of politics after winning the Democratic primary for Florida Governor.  Armed with less money than his rivals, Gillum narrowly beat former Congresswoman Gwen Graham by a small margin of about 3%.

The upset makes Gillum the first black nominee for Governor in Florida’s history.

Gillum says he’s overwhelmed that he won but he’s looking to unite Floridians under the belief that every one of them deserves a shot at the American Dream.  Gillum had the support of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and ran to the left of the rest of the field.

He’s Bold, Man Rushes Stage At Beyonce And Jay Z Concert Atlanta

(Atlanta, GA) – Jay Z and Beyonce always display some elaborate visuals during their concerts.  But one sight fans weren’t expecting was a drunk man running on stage.  He was stopped by the backup dancers, but you have to ask….how’d he get up there anyway?

The OTR II tour features a pretty involved set that allows them to interact with their fans in pretty much every area, especially on the floor.  A long runway is featured as well as steps that appear to lead down to the crowd which seems to be the route the stage buster took to get to the billionaire couple.

Reports claim he actually touched Jay Z before he was apprehended by backup dancers and security guards. The 26-year old is now being charged with battery and disorderly conduct. Jay Z and Beyonce were unharmed.

City Attorney Says Cops Who Tasered Sterling Brown Did Nothing Wrong

(Milwaukee, WI) – Are we all watching the same video?  Supporters of Milwaukee Bucks baller Sterling Brown are shocked this morning after reports that the City Attorney is defending the officers who tasered him.

If you recall, back in January Sterling was cited for a parking violation.  But things went left when the cop called for backup and Brown who was standing with his hands in his pockets was wrestled to the ground by the group and tasered.
Two of the police officers were also caught on video saying that the city would be in an uproar because he’s an athlete. In total, 11 officers were disciplined for their actions. Police Chief Alfonso Morales apologized to Brown who filed suit in June alleging unwarranted force was used. It also says he was targeted because he was black.

Shooting At The Jacksonville Landing Leaves 4 Dead And 11 Injured

(Jacksonville, FL-AP) –There’s been a mass shooting at a video game tournament in northern Florida. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says four people are dead and at least eleven others have been hurt during the shooting. It was reported this afternoon during the Madden 19 Tournament at the Jacksonville Landing, an entertainment district.


A triage has been set up at the scene with several ambulances on standby. Many of the victims have been taken to area hospitals. Authorities say one suspected shooter is dead, but it’s unclear if there’s another. Everybody is being urged to stay away from the area as law enforcement continues their search.

On Twitter, Governor Rock Scott said he spoke with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to offer any assistance necessary. He said the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is responding to the scene and there continues to be a line of communication from police.