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Avengers: Endgame Shatters Box Office Record With $1.2-Billion Worldwide

(Worldwide-AP) — Avengers: Endgame is destroying box office records. The latest installment in the Marvel superhero franchise is setting opening weekend records for domestic and international ticket sales.

Avengers: Endgame took in an estimated 350-million dollars at U.S. and Canadian theaters since Friday. It’s grossed an estimated 859-million dollars outside North America.

That’s more than one-point-two billion dollars in ticket sales worldwide. It’s the fastest any movie has generated a billion dollars in ticket sales. The previous record-holder was last year’s Avengers: Infinity War, which ran up a billion dollars in tickets in eleven days.


Beyonce Releases Surprise Album

(AP) — Beyonce is releasing a surprise album today to coincide with her new Netflix documentary Homecoming.

The unannounced 38-track live album is from her 2018 performance at Coachella.

The documentary also covers the same event, which fans came to call Beychella.

Black Panther” Wins Big At SAG Awards

(AP) – Black Panther is taking home the top prize at the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards. The superhero film scored best performance by a cast in a motion picture last night, the show’s top honor. It also picked up best stunt ensemble performance in a motion picture. The awards for best male and female actor in a leading role went to Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody, and Glenn Close for The Wife.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel swept the TV categories, taking home best comedy series ensemble, and best male and female actor in a comedy series for Tony Shalhoub and Rachel Brosnahan.

Other winners were Mahershala Ali and Emily Blunt for best male and female actor in a supporting role, Sandra Oh and Jason Bateman for best male and female actor in a TV drama series, and the cast of This Is Us for best drama series ensemble. Alan Alda also picked up this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The show was hosted by actress Megan Mullally.

Jordan Peele Shares Trailer For New Horror Movie

(AP) — Jordan Peele is releasing another horror movie, after the success of his box office hit, Get Out. He shared a trailer yesterday for a new one called Us, which is about a family who comes face to face with a group of evil beings who look exactly like them.

The film stars Lupita Nyong’o, Elisabeth Moss and Winston Duke. It hits theaters in March. Get Out was nominated for multiple Oscars this year, and picked up one for best original screenplay.

Donald Glover Shares Trailer For He And Rihanna’s Movie, “Guava Island”

(AP) – Rihanna and Donald Glover are working on a surprise new movie. Glover shared a teaser from the film, titled Guava Island, on social media.

In it, Glover talks about being in paradise, but not having the means to actually live there. He and Rihanna’s characters are believed to be love interests. The movie does not have a release date yet.

Downton Abbey Movie Coming To The Big Screen

(London) – A Downton Abbey movie is in the works. The British creators of the hit television series say film production begins this summer. The historical drama about a wealthy English family and their servants set in the early 20th century drew millions of viewers in on both sides of the pond.

According to the Guardian, creator Julian Fellowes will write the script and Universal Studios will distribute the highly-anticipated film. Downton Abbey earned three Golden Globes and 15 Emmys during its six season run on ITV in the UK and PBS in America.

Victoria Gotti Sr. Opens Up About New Gotti Movie

(New York, NY) -Victoria Gotti is opening up about the latest movie about her late mob boss husband John Gotti.

Gotti told “Morano in the Morning” in New York City that she cried throughout the film “Gotti” and says it’s something she’ll never get over. The film that launched nationwide in theaters this month stars John Travolta as the Gambino crime family boss, while his wife Kelly Preston plays the role of Victoria Gotti.

She says it was strange watching Preston depict her on screen, but notes she and John did a wonderful job. The flick depicts the multiple tragedies, trials and ultimate death of John Gotti in 2002 while serving out a life sentence for murder and racketeering in a Missouri federal prison.

Wakanda Forever! ‘Black Panther’ Still Rules North America’s Cinemas

(Los Angeles, CA) – “Black Panther” continues to be the top film in the United States and Canada. The Disney-Marvel superhero picture is selling over 41-million-dollars’ worth of tickets this weekend. “Black Panther” has earned 562-million-bucks in North America since its release four weeks ago.

Its worldwide sales figure is just over one-billion-dollars. Coming in second is “A Wrinkle in Time,” which made 33-million dollars in its debut weekend. Rounding out the Top Five are the new horror movie “Strangers: Prey at Night,” “Red Sparrow” and “Game Night.”

‘Black Panther’ Passes The Billion Dollar Mark, Still No. 1 In North America

(Los Angeles, CA) — “Black Panther” continues to be the top film in the United States and Canada. The Disney-Marvel superhero picture is on track to sell nearly 66-million-dollars’ worth of tickets this weekend. The movie has earned just over a half-billion dollars in North America since its release three weeks ago. Its worldwide sales figure is an estimated 898-million bucks. Coming in second is the new 20th Century Fox spy thriller “Red Sparrow,” which made 17-million dollars in its debut weekend. Rounding out the Top Five are “Death Wish,” “Game Night” and “Peter Rabbit.”

Black Panther Ranks 4th In Top Pre-Sales Of All Time, While Twitter Trolls Try To Stop Movie’s Success By Spreading False Assault Claims Online

(SL) – Comic book blockbuster “Black Panther” is ranking number four in Fandango’s top pre-sales of all time. The film is out today and pre-sales for the Marvel flick have already surpassed other films including Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Hunger Games and Beauty and the Beast.

Brody-Passionate-Politics-Black-PantherThat’s a big win considering the top three pre-sold movies of all time include the three latest Star Wars films. Black Panther’s pre-sale trend has led to sold out shows across the nation. The movie’s expected to bring in up to 165-million for its opening weekend.636499246365485042-Black-Panther reports, By the time the four-day President’s Day holiday stretch ends, Black Panther will have surpassed many of Marvel’s mightiest on the all-time domestic B.O. openers chart. Not to mention Disney continues to crowd the list, now taking up eight of the top 10 slots. Black Panther is now looking at the sixth-best opening of all-time on a three-day-basis with an estimated $185.8M per industry projections Saturday AM and a mind-blowing $213M over four days. Note that between Friday night and this morning (roughly a seven-hour time frame), estimates changed. Currently, Saturday should see around $61M which puts us at these figures. Anything significantly greater, and Black Panther breaks even more records.

This despite some internet trolls using the film as an opportunity to spread racially-motivated hate with fake claims of assault on Twitter.

According to Comic Book Marvel, false claims of assault on white moviegoers by African-American audiences at showings of Black Panther have been popping up on Twitter. The fake reports started popping up on Thursday, when the movie began preview screenings ahead of Friday’s official opening. The posts include gruesome-looking images — most of them featuring white women — appearing bloody or bruised and claim that black moviegoers attacked the “victims” while claiming they didn’t belong or didn’t deserve to see the film because of race.


However, the claims are all false with the photos used as “proof” are actually taken from other sources on the internet. Among the stolen photos being used by the trolls are images of a woman who was attacked in a Swedish bar last month (an attack completely unrelated to Black Panther,) a model in makeup from a 2013 Serbian domestic violence PSA, and even a photo of Colbie Holderness, the ex-wife of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter showing a black eye she sustained in an incident of alleged domestic abuse. You can see an example of the tweets below.