Spokesperson Dana Loesch Continues To Deflect As NRA Says It Will Not Raise Purchasing Age

(Washington, DC) – It appears that the NRA is completely comfortable with kids being able to purchase guns even after another 17 students were murdered behind the use of an AR-15. It also believes if parents and teachers voluntarily choose to be armed, it’s something schools will have to come up with and determine for themselves

Not only will Donald Trump not start the movement to remove the Assault military rifle as a buying option, the NRA refuses to even raise the legal age of purchase. Nikolas Cruz at just 19 years old had an arsenal of guns including an AR-15. Why he was able to purchase the weapon is still a question of focus as protests and concerns continue to spark the conversation and a direction of change.

What’s even more bizarre is NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch wishes that the same amount of attention was given to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and their abdication of duty as trying to blame five-million innocent, law-abiding gun owners across the country.

Doesn’t appear that anyone is blaming the five million law abiding gun owners in the US.  Americans have a problem with Military weapons being sold to regular civilians and most importantly to teenagers.

Legal age to buy alcohol 21. Legal age to purchase a gun 18. We can stop there.

Did Snapchat Really Lose One Billion In Stock Value After Kylie Jenner Tweet?

(Los Angeles, CA) –  Kylie Jenner may be the reason Snapchat lost over one billion dollars in stock value. The fall in Snap Inc. shares occurred after the reality TV star tweeted out this week that she doesn’t use the app as much as she did in the past.



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The confession comes on the heels of backlash Snapchat has received over its latest update, with some people arguing that it has made the app harder to use. Jenner is reportedly the most-watched person on the platform. But Vox got to the core of the decline and apparently Snapchat has been struggling for awhile now.

Snapchat was floundering before the update

Snapchat has had an uneven fiscal year — mainly because of Instagram. Instagram has directly targeted Snapchat’s predominantly teen user base by mirroring several of its features, most notably by creating Instagram Stories, a feature of Instagram that is extremely similar to Snapchat Stories and now boasts more users than Snapchat’s entire user base.

Snapchat went public in March 2017 despite warning investors that it might never turn a profit. Then it saw a decline in new users — a trend broadly attributable to the belief held by many that people were using Instagram Stories instead.

By August 2017, predictions loomed that Facebook, which owns Instagram, would ultimately put Snapchat out of business. Then Snapchat suffered three quarters in a row where profits were lower than expected, followed by year-end predictions of ongoing financial gloom.

Snapchat’s final quarter earnings last year were actually better than expected for the first time ever, and the company’s stock was up 25 percent. But that’s partly because investors were reacting with optimism to the redesign — which users turned out to despise.

So all these factors, exacerbated by the groundswell of user outrage throughout the start of 2018, were probably what investors were thinking about when they read Jenner’s tweet. Those who sold their shares probably weren’t reacting specifically to Jenner talking about her Snapchat habits, or worried that she might singlehandedly devalue the app. Instead, they probably saw the tweet as the cap-off to a trend of overall decline.


Officers Guarding Former Deputy’s Home After Inaction During Mass Shooting

(Palm Beach County, FL) – Police officers are guarding the home of the Florida deputy who took a position near the scene of the massacre at a Parkland high school last week but never went in. fl-1519380853-h9wqtbbam2-snap-image Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School resource officer Scott Peterson resigned yesterday after surveillance video surfaced showing the deputy waiting outside the school instead of taking action to confront the shooter.

Members of the press tried to engage Peterson at his home yesterday but were turned away by several Palm Beach County police officers. The shooter opened fire with an AR-15 rifle killing 17 people and wounding several others. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel says Peterson was outside the building for roughly four minutes while the shooting in total lasted around six minutes. Israel said the officer never fired his weapon.

The “New York Times” reported that in February of 2016, the sheriff’s office received information that the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was planning to “shoot up the school.” That information was then forwarded to Peterson who was working at the school at that time.

Oprah Responds To Trump “60 Minutes” Tweet

(SL) – Oprah Winfrey is responding to President Trump’s tweet ripping her for her segment on CBS’s”60 Minutes” last Sunday. Trump called Winfrey very insecure, said the questions she asked Michigan voters were biased and slanted, and that her facts were incorrect.

Winfrey asked questions of 14 people from Grand Rapids, seven who voted for Trump and seven who voted against him. On yesterday’s “Ellen” show she said, after seeing Trump’s tweet, she reviewed the tapes to make sure there were no biases.

She stressed that she’d made a point of having editors include a pro-Trump Republican’s response to her question about whether voters care how America looks to the rest of the world.

Jones Apologizes For Interviews

(Los Angeles, CA) – Quincy Jones is apologizing for the numerous bombshells he dropped in recent interviews. The famed record producer said that after the interviews his six daughters took him aside for a family intervention to talk to him about the impact of his comments.

Jones made a lot of claims in an interview with “Vulture,” including that he dated Ivanka Trump over a decade ago and that Michael Jackson stole a lot of the music he performed. He also said he knows who killed Kennedy, and that he can’t get billionaire Elon Musk to stop trying to get him to go to Burning Man, among other things.

The 84-year-old now calls the interview “word vomit,” and says he’s sorry to anyone he offended

White House Again Calls For Arming Teachers

(Washington, DC) – Trump says teachers with military experience should carry guns to school. In a White House briefing, Spokesman Raj Shah said armed teachers could serve as a deterrent to school shooters.


He added that the NRA and some Congressional leaders support the idea. Hosting a White House meeting on gun violence and school safety today, Trump said school shooters are cowards and won’t attack a school if 20-percent of trained teachers are carrying a gun. The President added that gun-free school zones are targets.

He went on to say arming specially trained teachers would be much less expensive and much better optics than filling a school with security guards.

Money Over Lives: The NRA Mum About Raising Age Limit On Rifle Purchases

(Washington, DC) – The NRA opposes raising the minimum age for buying rifles, including AR-15 style assault weapons, despite what the Trump says. A statement from the gun rights group said it wouldn’t deprive 18-20 year olds of their constitutional right to own firearms.

Trump suggested that the NRA would support calls to raise the minimum age for purchasing long guns, from 18-21. In a White House meeting, Trump said the NRA is “ready to do things.”

Scotland Yard Investigating Suspicious Package Sent To Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

(London) – CNN reports, British police are investigating a package reportedly addressed to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as a “racist hate crime.”

The Metropolitan Police said that officers tested a substance in a package received at St James’s Palace, which the London Evening Standard said was a white powder. Other UK media reports said the package also contained a racist letter.
The investigation is being overseen by the London counter-terrorism command, a Metropolitan Police statement said. Investigators are treating the incident as a “racist hate crime,” the statement added.
Police would not say who the envelope was addressed to but said tests showed the substance to be non-suspicious. They added than an an allegation of malicious communications is being investigated.
St James’s Palace is the official London residence of several members of the British royal family including Prince Charles and his sister Princess Anne. The Evening Standard said the package was sent there for sorting before delivery.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who announced their engagement in November and are due to marry in Windsor this spring, live at Nottingham Cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace. Markle is from a mixed-race background.
There have been no arrests yet but inquiries continue, according to police. Kensington Palace had no comment.

Missouri Governor Arrested, Booked On Invasion Of Privacy Charge

(Jefferson City, MO) – Missouri Governor Eric Greitens  is facing a charge of felony invasion of privacy. A grand jury returned an indictment charging Greitens with taking a picture of someone in a state of full or partial nudity without their knowledge.

It also accused him of transmitting the image so that it could be accessed on a computer. There have been allegations that Greitens took a picture of his tied up and blindfolded mistress without her permission and used it to blackmail her against revealing the affair.

Greitens was taken into custody and booked.

Nude Cellphone Photos Found On Mayor’s Former Bodyguard’s Phone

(Nashville, TN) — The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says it’s found nude photos of a woman on a phone belonging to the former bodyguard for Nashville Mayor Megan Barry. This is evidence that investigators believe shows that Barry engaged in an affair with her former bodyguard, Sergeant Rob Forrest, while he was on duty.

The TBI has taken possession of the mayor’s phone, but the mayor and her lawyer are refusing to share the passcode to unlock it. An affidavit cites the nude images believed to be Barry were taken during the time that Forrest reported receiving overtime on out-of-town trips.

Investigators have uncovered 260 deleted chats between Forrest’s phone and Barry’s phone number as well as 35 deleted call logs. The TBI says it has probable cause to seek evidence they believe could prove a crime was committed.

Barry’s 22-year old son Max died of an overdose in July of 2017.