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Odessa Police Update West Texas Shooting

(Odessa, TX-AP) – Authorities in Texas are refusing to publicly name the gunman who killed seven people during a shooting rampage on Saturday.

Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke offered an update on the investigation at an afternoon news conference today. Investigators are confident there was only one shooter involved although they have no motive for the crime.

Police said the shooter used an AR-style semiautomatic rifle to shoot people at random. The victim’s range in age from 15-years-old to 57-years-old. A 17-month-old child is among the 21 people wounded in the shooting rampage.cc819e59-04bb-4f2f-b876-7b4ccd82abe9-Seth_Ator_mug36-year old Seth Ator has been identified as the shooter.


Dick’s Sporting Goods Testing No Gun Sale

(Coraopolis, PA-AP) — Dick’s Sporting Goods is planning to announce whether it will stop selling guns. The retailer considered making the move early last year after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Instead, it dropped assault-style rifles, high-capacity magazines and raised the age limit to buy a gun to 21. Then this year, Dick’s stopped selling all hunting gear in 125 stores.

They’ve been studying the impact on overall sales since and the results are expected Thursday.

Dayton Police Shot Two Of The Nine People Killed In Mass Shooting

(Dayton, OH-AP) — Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl is apologizing to the families who were hit by police gunfire during the mass shooting earlier this month.

Montgomery County Coroner Kent Harshbarger says two of the people killed in the shooting were also shot by police.

He says one of the gunshot wounds would have been deadly but the victim had already received a fatal wound from the suspect. The other victim had a superficial wound from a police gun. Harshbarger says the suspect had 52 wounds but isn’t sure exactly how many times he was shot

Dayton Shooter’s Friend In Court

(Dayton, OH-AP) – A friend of the Dayton shooter will find out tomorrow if he can be released from jail. Ethan Kollie was in court today but a judge continued the hearing over concerns about his mental health.

The 24-year-old is facing weapons charges that are not related to the attack that left nine people dead.

But he has admitted to buying the body armor and equipment for the gun used. He also let suspect Connor Betts hide the parts in his apartment.

Warren Unveils Gun Control Proposal

(Des Moines, IA-AP) — Democratic presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren is unveiling her plan to stop gun violence. At a gun safety forum in Des Moines, Iowa today, the Massachusetts Senator unveiled a multi-point gun control plan that aims to reduce gun deaths by 80-percent over 50 years and calls for a 100-million-dollar investment into gun violence research.

The plan includes raising the minimum federal age to buy a firearm to 21, stricter background checks, and creating a federal licensing system.

Warren’s proposal calls for an investigation into the NRA and the ability to hold gun manufacturers and their executives liable for gun deaths. Warren is also proposing the authority to revoke gun licenses for convicted drug dealers, limiting how many guns a person can buy and raising taxes for gun manufacturers.

Photo: Justin Sullivan

Twenty Dead In El Paso Shooting, Suspect Faces Capitol Murder, Hate Crime

(El Paso, TX) -Texas Governor Greg Abbott says 20 people were killed in the El Paso shooting today. Over two dozen people are hospitalized when a lone gunman with an AK-47 opened fire at the Cielo Vista Mall Walmart.

El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen says it took six minutes from the active shooter call to police responding to the scene. He says the suspected gunman, a 21-year-old white male from the Dallas area, is in custody and is expected to be arraigned on capital murder charges.

Allen says the case may be prosecuted as a hate crime, due to a manifesto posted online, into which they are still investigating.

Deputies Responding To Parkland Shooting Fired

(Broward County, FL-AP) — Two Florida sheriff’s deputies who responded to the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school have been fired for neglect of duty.

An internal affairs investigation into police response to the February 2018 shooting shows that Broward County deputies Edward Eason and Joshua Stambaugh failed to meet Sheriff’s Offices standards.

Three others were accused of neglect of duty but were found not guilty. In the meantime the school’s former resource officer Scot Peterson faces criminal charges of felony child neglect, culpable negligence and perjury. He did not go into the school building after hearing gunshots.

The mass shooting claimed the lives of 17-people.

Sacramento Cop Fatally Shot Responding To Domestic Disturbance Call

(Sacramento, CA-AP) — A Sacramento, California police officer is dead after a man with a rifle opened fire while officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call.

The female officer was shot while other officers were helping a woman collect personal belongings so she could leave her home.

Police say the shooter was armed with a rifle and kept officers pinned down for more than 40 minutes while the wounded officer lay in a yard. An armored vehicle rescued her and she was taken to a hospital where she later died.

Former Parkland Security Officer Charged With Neglect For Not Entering School

(Parkland, FL-AP) — A former school safety officer is under arrest for failing to confront the gunman in the Parkland, Florida shooting. Florida authorities are charging Scot Peterson with multiple counts of child neglect, culpable negligence and perjury.

Peterson worked as a school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 people were fatally shot by gunman Nikolas Cruz in February of 2018.

A 15-month investigation revealed that Peterson retreated during the active shooting and directed other law enforcement to stay away from the building. Peterson was booked into Broward County Jail and his bail will be set at 102-thousand dollars.

Virginia Beach Shooter Cited ‘Personal Reasons’ in Resignation Letter Before Attack

(Virginia Beach, VA-AP) — The public is getting a chance to see the email the Virginia Beach shooting suspect sent hours before his attack.

On Friday, DeWayne Craddock sent an email announcing he was putting in his two weeks notice to leave his position as an engineer with the city of Virginia Beach. The 40-year-old cited “personal reasons” for his departure, but said “it has been a pleasure to serve the City.”

Hours later, Craddock shot up the Virginia Beach Municipal Center, killing 12 people. He died after a shootout with police.