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Woman Sues After Being Forced To Deliver Baby Alone In Jail

(Denver, CO) – Diana Sanchez was in the Denver County Women’s Correctional Facility when she went into Labor.  She alerted officials around 5 in the morning to no avail and again about an hour and a half later.

At one point she’s given a pad to lay on what is supposed to be a bed, but still no help. Around 10:44am, Sanchez is seen on surveillance video writhing in pain partially clothed preparing to deliver her baby.  She’s clearly in pain and still no help for her or the baby.  She’s left to her own devices in a dirty jail cell with nothing.

What happens next is even more disturbing. Check out the video!


Virginia Town Struggles To Come To Grips With Triple Slaying

(CHATHAM, Va. (AP) A close-knit community in southern Virginia is struggling to come to grips with the slayings of three family members and the arrest of a teenage relative as new details emerged Thursday about the killings.

Matthew Bernard, 18, of Keeling, is charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of his sister, Emily Bernard Bivens; his nephew, Cullen Bivens; and his mother, Joan Bernard.

Emily Bivens was married to Blake Bivens, a 24-year-old pitcher for Alabama’s Montgomery Biscuits, a Double-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays. Cullen Bivens was the couple’s 14-month-old son.

”You don’t wish this on any community, any family,” Pittsylvania County Sheriff Mike Taylor said.

”We’re a small community. It affects us all,” he said.

A ”celebration of life” service for the slain family members is planned for Saturday.

In Montgomery, the Biscuits painted ”BIV” on the ground behind home plate before a game against Pensacola while players and coaches grappled with the situation. Before that game, they were to hold a moment of silence, with another planned before the Rays’ home game Friday against the Cleveland Indians.

”Nobody’s thinking about baseball,” said Biscuits Manager Morgan Ensberg, who traveled back to Virginia with Bivens from a road trip Tuesday.

”It was awful,” Ensberg said of the plane ride. ”Blake is an incredibly strong man. He’s an incredibly strong man, and he went through just a rotation of tearing up, and then he would shake and then he would just stare.

”I didn’t let him out of my sight.”

Montgomery pitching coach R.C. Lichtenstein remembers pregame moments when Bivens would walk over to see his wife and hold Cullen.

Biscuits pitcher Ryan Thompson said Bivens’ family was on his mind ”all the time.”

”His family was everything to him,” said an emotional Thompson, who described Bivens as a close friend with a ”hilarious” sense of humor.

”He never lets the game get in the way of who he is as a human being. He’s such a great guy, and something like this couldn’t happen to a better human being,” Thompson said.

New details about the slayings were released Thursday in a criminal complaint filed against Matthew Bernard.

According to the complaint, Bernard’s rampage began Tuesday morning at a neighbor’s house when he came to her home, punched her in the arm and then ran away.

The neighbor then heard multiple gunshots at the house next door, police said. The neighbor drove to the house and found a woman’s body in the driveway. Inside, she found the bodies of another woman and a small child.

Officers found two victims with visible gunshot wounds to the head and rifle shell casings near all three bodies.

A .30-30 rifle was found in a wooded area behind the house and a sledgehammer with blood was found in the garage, the court documents said.

The criminal complaint did not offer any motive for the killings, and authorities have declined to comment.

After the bodies were discovered, an intense manhunt brought as many as 100 officers to Keeling, a tiny community near the North Carolina border.

Bernard emerged naked from the woods about four hours later, running past TV cameras to a church parking lot, where he was recorded trying to choke a church caretaker.

An officer unleashed pepper spray and struck Bernard with a baton before he was captured, officials said.

Bernard banged his head against the cage in a police vehicle after being taken into custody and was taken to a hospital for treatment, police said. He was released and was in jail Thursday, where he was being held without bail and kept on suicide watch, police said.

A vigil was held at The River Church in Danville, Virginia, Wednesday night. Senior pastor Jackie Poe led those in attendance in prayer for the Bivens and Bernard families.

Avery Stevens, pastor of Keeling Baptist Church, said he was in his office where he also works as an insurance agent when he saw the television coverage of Bernard’s capture near his church.

”This is a small, rural community, pretty quiet most of the time like most small, rural communities. But the fact of the matter is, it can happen anywhere, and right there at the doorstep,” he said.

”Pray for the family,” he said. ”Praying for the community. Praying for healing.”

13-Year-Old Gets 78 Stitches After Slashing In Brooklyn

(Brooklyn, NY-AP) — A 13-year-old boy is recovering after being slashed in the face by an 11-year-old boy in Brooklyn Wednesday morning.

Cops say the victim was apparently slashed following a dispute on MacDonough Street near Marcy Avenue around seven a.m.

The boy ran into a nearby school for help, before receiving 78 stitches at the hospital. Police say they took the 11-year-old into custody, however charges have not yet been filed.

Kansas Police Arrest Dozens in Major Drug Bust

(Manhattan, KS-AP) – Kansas Police have arrested more than 50 people in connection to the state’s largest drug bust. The U.S. Attorney’s Office confirmed the arrests are related to the presence of heroin and fentanyl, as well as a Kansas State student’s fatal drug overdose.

U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister noted that some of the arrests made in “Operation Chicago Connection” indicate these drugs are flowing into Kansas through the Chicago area drug trade.

McAllister called it the “largest takedown” his office had ever conducted. Police also found methamphetamine, marijuana, ecstasy and hydrocodone.

Florida Man Sentenced For Threatening To Behead Bernie Sanders

(Orlando, FL-AP) – A Florida man is heading behind bars for threatening Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Robert Pratersch of Kissimmee was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison Friday, after being found guilty of threatening a federal official and interstate transmission of a threat to injure.

Court documents show Pratersch left three threatening, profanity-laced voicemails at Sanders’ office in Vermont, including a threat to “behead” Sanders “ISIS-style.”

Prosecutors say the messages also included several anti-Semitic remarks directed at the Democratic presidential candidate.

‘Race Against Time’ To Find Missing Firefighters

(Jacksonville, FL-AP) — The Coast Guard is calling the search for two firefighters lost at sea a “race against time.”

Brian McCluney and Justin Walker left Friday on a fishing trip off the Florida coast and were expected back that night. McCluney’s wife spent 11 hours flying with searchers yesterday after her husbands tackle bag was found Monday.

Today, crews are moving north and calling for volunteers in Savannah, Georgia.

Attorney General Barr Provides Update on Epstein Case

(Dallas, TX-AP) — Attorney General William Barr says details of the Justice Department’s investigation into Jeffrey Epstein will be available soon.

Speaking today in Dallas, Barr says nothing so far in their findings “undercuts” the medical examiner’s ruling that Epstein died by suicide. Barr says Epstein’s death brought to light irregularities at the Bureau of Prisons and that’s why a new director was appointed.

The 66-year-old Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell earlier this month as he awaited trial on charges of sex trafficking of minors and sex trafficking conspiracy.

Portland Police Telling Demonstrators To Go Home

(Portland, OR-AP) – Portland police are declaring demonstrations in downtown Portland a civil disturbance and urging people to go home.

At least 13 people were taken into custody Saturday as tensions were at a fever pitch while hundreds flocked to far-right and far-left demonstrations. Five people were treated for injuries during the demonstrations.

Police estimate there were 12-hundred people demonstrating today. The conflict started when a white nationalist group calling itself the Proud Boys demonstrated. Liberal groups showed up to counter-protest.

NASCAR Driver Earnhardt Jr., Wife OK After Plane Crash

(Elizabethton, TN-AP) — NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his family are okay after surviving an East Tennessee plane crash.

Elizabethton Fire Chief Barry Carrier says everyone on board was very lucky to have escaped virtually unharmed when their plane rolled off the end of the runway today.

He said the plane burst into flames immediately after it came off the runway. Carrier says things could’ve been much worse.

Tennessee Convict Faces Judge After His Escape

(Nashville, TN-AP) — The Tennessee convict who escaped prison last week is scheduled to be back in court next month. Curtis Watson stood before a judge today, and was arraigned on charges of first degree murder, aggravated sexual battery and especially aggravated burglary.

He is accused of murdering Department of Corrections Administrator Debra Johnson before fleeing the West Tennessee State Penitentiary last week. A preliminary hearing has been set for September 25th.