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California Parents Accused Of Torture Plead Not Guilty

(Riverside, CA) – Bail is set at 12 million dollars for each of the California parents accused of chaining their 13 kids to furniture in deplorable conditions. David and Louise Turpin both pleaded not guilty in a court hearing in Riverside east of Los Angeles.

They face a mountain of charges, including torture and abuse. After the hearing, one of the public defenders assigned to the case emphasized their clients are innocent until proven guilty. The attorney said it’s a serious and challenging case, and added that he can’t comment on their mental state.

180117-turpin-adult-children-annotated-mn-0850_20746c50cc7684dc0b9cd712de4116ae.nbcnews-ux-1024-900Reportedly, the children were found living in filth including their own feces and urine and were only allowed to bath twice a year. Some of them were chained and had been for months.

Other claims include:

  • The children were accustomed to frequent beatings, including strangulation
  • They were only allowed one shower a year
  • The children would stay awake all night until going to sleep at four or five in the morning and slept during the day
  • They were not allowed to play with any toys but many were found inside the house in their original packaging
  • If the children washed their hands above the wrist they were subjected to punishments, allegedly accused of “playing with water”
  • The Turpin parents allowed their children to eat only one meal a day but the parents would sometimes buy food, like pumpkin pies, and place it where the children could see it but not eat it
  • They have never seen a dentist and haven’t visited a doctor in over four years
  • The children lack basic knowledge of life, and did not know who a police officer was

kidsThe two-year-old was of normal weight but the other children were severely malnourished, authorities said.

The 12-year-old weighed as much as a seven-year-old and the 29-year-old weighed only 82 lbs (37kg).  The father has been charged with one count of a lewd act against a child under the age of 14. If convicted they face 94-years to life in prison.


House Of Horrors: Parents Arrest For Chaining Up Kids

(Perris, CA) – A California couple is being held on nine-million dollars bail for reportedly keeping their children chained up in deplorable conditions. Around 6 o’clock Sunday morning a 17-year old girl managed to grab a phone, escape from the house in Perris, located about an hour east of Los Angeles, and call 911.4221396001_5712161767001_5712156835001-vsInvestigators arrived shortly after and say they found 13 children raging in ages from two to 29, malnourished and living in filthy conditions. Officials say some of the kids were shackled to their beds in dark, foul smelling rooms.


Police arrested their parents David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, and charged them with torture and child endangerment. Child Protective Services (CPS) and Adult Protective Services (APS) arrived to assist in the investigation. The victims were provided with food and beverages after they claimed to be starving.

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Man Charged With Manslaughter In Swatting Call Death

(Wichita, KS) –  A California man is being charged with manslaughter in connection with a fake phone call that led to a deadly police shooting in Barris is accused of making a call to a Wichita police dispatcher claiming he shot his father and was holding hostages in a local home.171229-andrew-finch-victim-ac-835p_60cc1a03e8a937cbcac6a300500e2114.nbcnews-fp-1024-512When police responded to the false call, a man named Andy Finch opened the door and was shot and killed by police. Bariss was in Los Angeles when he allegedly made the call over a dispute over an online video game. It’s believed to be the first known case of a death in a “swatting” incident.

20-Year-Old Florida Man Claims 4450 Million Mega Millions Jackpot

(Tallahassee, FL) – A 20-year-old Florida man is claiming a 450-million-dollar Mega Millions jackpot. Lottery officials say Shane Missler bought the sole winning ticket last week at a 7-Eleven in Port Richey, where he lives. In a brief statement yesterday, Missler said he “wasn’t really surprised” because he had “a feeling” that he might win.

Missler plans to use the windfall to take care of his family, plan for the future and have some fun. It’s the fourth largest Mega Millions jackpot on record.

Lottery officials said Missler opted for the lump sum payment of nearly 282-million-dollars which will be paid to a trust set up in his name.

Wesley Mathews Indicted On Capital Murder

(Dallas, TX) – The adopted father of a North Texas girl who was found dead in a culvert is now under indictment in connection with her death. Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson told reporters Friday that Wesley Mathews is accused of killing three-year-old Sherin Mathews last October because she wouldn’t drink her milk.

Mathews originally told police that the 3-year old that was adopted from an Indian orphanage disappeared after he sent her to stand by a tree across an alley. The girl’s mother is under indictment on child abandonment charges.Sherin_Wesley_N1_760x400Mathews initially said his daughter disappeared after he sent her outside as punishment for not drinking milk around 3 a.m. on Oct. 7. But after her body was found, he told police she choked to death and that he removed her body from the family’s home in Richardson, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) north of Dallas.

Authorities haven’t said what they believe happened to the girl, and court documents only allege that Mathews caused his daughter’s death using a deadly weapon “by a manner and means unknown to the grand jury.”

First Date Goes Wrong Resulting With Woman Possibly Facing Life In Prison

(Houston, TX) – Prominent Attorney Anthony Buzbee says a court reporter ruined a pair of pricey Andy Warhol paintings in his $9 million dollar mansion on a first date that went left.479728F600000578-5214079-image-a-60_1514343480346Buzbee is a pretty big hitter touting the Governor of Texas and Donald Trump as friends, but when he decided to get together with a court reporter Lindy Lou Layman, he probably should’ve taken her to the down local chop chop.

Buzbee claims Layman became drunk on their date and refused to leave his Houston home. She hid inside the home, he said, adding that repeated attempts to get her in an Uber were not successful.a-woman-allegedly-got-drunk-on-a-first-date-and-d-2-25634-1514502885-6_dblbigLayman, 29, is accused of tearing down several paintings and pouring red wine on artwork. That artwork includes two Warhol paintings valued at $500,000 each. She’s also accused of throwing two $20,000 sculptures across the room and shattering them.

Layman’s attorney Justin Keiter says, “We certainly disagree with Mr. Buzbee’s rendition of the facts when he spoke to the media and we disagree with what was said in probable cause court.” Lindy Lou Layman, accused of destroying Tony Buzbee’s Andy Warhol art, challenges chargesWhen pressed about what took place on Dec. 23, Keiter told the Chronicle: “I’ll save that for the courtroom.”

Lindy Lou Layman appeared in a Houston courtroom Tuesday after being charged with felony criminal mischief for the Dec. 23 incident in the home of attorney Tony Buzbee.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the level of the charge is determined by the price tag for the items destroyed. Layman is accused of a first-degree felony and could face life in prison if convicted.

Buzbee has represented high-profile figures, including former Texas Gov. Rick Perry in an abuse-of-power case.

Oprah Caught In Mudslide That’s Killed 16, Has 24 Missing And 300 Trapped

(Montecito, CA) –  Oprah’s home is one of many that was surrounded by the deadly mudslides in Southern California. The Queen of talk posted a video on Instagram last night, which shows her walking through the backyard of her Montecito residence in Santa Barbara County.

Knee deep in mud, she says, “Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern,” Winfrey wrote on her Instagram page today. “My property is fine. Some mud, and minor damage that pales in comparison to what my neighbors are going thru.”

In the brief video, Winfrey  further surveys the muddy aftermath near her Montecito home. “Oh god,” she says. “So, there used to be a fence right here. “That’s my neighbor’s house, devastated. And debris is everywhere.”

As the rain moves out of Southern California, the heavy equipment is moving in after deadly mudslides. Bulldozers, tractors and military grade trucks are all being used today to clear the roads to make way for more rescue crews heading to the upscale coastal community of Montecito in Santa Barbara County.

Officials say the tons of trash, trees, rocks and mud that slid off the hillsides and knocked homes off their foundation yesterday has led to the deaths of at least 16 people. Officials believe that number is expected to climb, with dozens of people missing and hundreds still trapped in their homes.

Twenty-five-people were injured and 50 had to be rescued by helicopters when the muddy runoff swept through neighborhoods, knocked homes off foundations and overran the 101-Freeway in some areas. The mudslides were triggered by yesterday’s heavy rainstorm in hillsides left barren by the massive Thomas Fire.


They Asked For 50 And 600 Showed Up! Beautiful Group Of Men Stand In For Absentee Fathers

(Dallas, TX) – At Billy Earl Dade Middle School in Dallas Texas 90 percent of the students are from low-income families. Unfortunately, the demographic is a prime fit for single parent households. So when the school announced their Breakfast with Dads Event and 150 kids (ages 11-13) signed up, they knew that some of the kids would be without their fathers.

47E967A100000578-5247543-About_150_male_students_ages_11_to_13_signed_up_for_the_Breakfas-a-158_1515449246329But Kristina Dove, the senior partner relations manager  of youth development nonprofit Big Thought sprung into action hitting twitter to ask for 50 volunteers to make sure they had enough fathers present for the kids. 47E85F2B00000578-5247543-This_heartwarming_act_of_kindness_occurred_last_month_at_Billy_E-a-157_1515449246266On the day of the event, 600 men showed up. “When a young person sees someone other than their teacher take interest in them, it inspires them. That’s what we want to see happen,” the Rev Donald Parish Jr., pastor of True Lee Missionary Baptist Church and the event organizer, told the Dallas Morning News.47E82F5B00000578-5247543-Rodriguez_is_seen_showing_one_of_the_young_boys_how_to_tie_a_nec-a-161_1515449246500Jason Rodriguez, the assistant chief of police for the Dallas Independent School District Police Department, shared his emotion via twitter.

“Words cannot describe the impact mentoring youth can have on both you and your mentee. Powerful to see a community of fellow men and fathers come together to wrap their arms around or young men. Thank you for having me out.”
The students were overcome with emotion and to break the ice Jamil ‘The Tie Man’ Tucker led the auditorium in a hands-on lesson of tying a necktie; a true rite of passage for young men. The task? A half-windsor knot.

Reportedly, more than 30 percent of the kids in Dallas are living a poverty. Events like this enrich their minds and can be instrumental in changing the course. What the support does for these kids is insurmountable.

Woman Wakes To Man Sexually Assaulting Her On Plane While Wife Sat Next To Him

(Detroit, MI) — A 22-year-old woman says she woke up to a 34-year-old man sexually assaulting her midair, while his wife sat next to him.

Court documents obtained by the “Washington Post” say Prabhu Ramamoorthy was taken into custody when the plane landed at Wayne County Airport on Wednesday. He was charged with aggravated sexual abuse.

Prabhu-Ramamoorthy-molested-woman-on-Spirit-Airliens-flightThe Spirit Airlines flight was about 40-minutes away from landing in Detroit from Las Vegas, when she woke up to her unbuttoned shirt and his hand still in her unzipped pants.

Two flight attendants told investigators that the victim was crying and that her shirt was untied and pants were unbuttoned when she reported the incident, 40 minutes before the plane’s landing, Jawad said.

She was offered a different seat and Ramamoorthy was arrested after the plane landed, the court documents stated.

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Marijuana Sellers Are Unfazed By Federal Prosecution Threats

(Denver, CO) –– Marijuana entrepreneurs and investors are unfazed by threats of federal prosecution. Instead, more marijuana sellers are starting to believe the industry is too big to shut down.

The sellers are placing their faith in state lawmakers to ensure that the lucrative industry stays afloat. On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded a series of Obama-era legal memos that give state-licensed marijuana businesses a pass from federal prosecutors.

Colorado legalized marijuana in 2014 and has about 35-thousand people working in the legal marijuana industry, generating over 226-million-dollars in state-level taxes last year. New Frontier Data estimates that California can make 300-to-500-million-dollars in marijuana taxes this year, after launching sales on January 1st.