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Former NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal Charged With Welfare Fraud

(Spokane, WA) — The woman who passed as black while serving as the president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP is being charged with welfare fraud. Rachel Dolezal is accused of illegally receiving over eight-thousand-dollars in food assistance and one-hundred-dollars in childcare assistance in 2017.Rachel-Dolezal-Reportedly-Accused-of-Welfare-FraudDolezal faces charges of first-degree theft by welfare fraud, second-degree perjury and false verification for public assistance. She had reportedly requested assistance for her and her teenage son in 2015. Dolezal reported an income of 300-dollars a month while receiving the public assistance. However, her bank statements show that she made almost 84-thousand dollars between August of 2015 and September of 2017.

She faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and could be ordered to repay over eight-thousand-dollars in restitution.


Thirty-Year-Old Evicted By Parents Gets Job Offer From Italian Restaurant

(Syracuse, NY) — The 30-year-old New York man who was evicted from his parents’ house is getting a job offer from an Italian restaurant. Michael Rotondo’s parents offered to help him move out in February by offering one-thousand-100 dollars and giving him a two-week notice.ChristinaMarkRotondo_1527071603519_5571641_ver1.0_640_360Rotondo took his parents to court saying he needed six months. Villa Italian Kitchen is offering Rotondo a job and a starting bonus of one-thousand-101-dollars, that’s one dollar more than Rotondo’s parents offer. The COO of the restaurant brand says the company “feels for millennials” and understands that life isn’t easy.

The job offer is a nice gesture.  But it doesn’t look like Michael wants to work.

In an interview with Business Insider,  Rotondo said that he was concentrating on parenthood.

“I’ve been a father for the past few years,” he told the website. “That’s what I’ve been doing. I really haven’t been pursuing a career.”He added that he had been “working here and there, doing things, but mostly being a father.”

There’s only one problem with that. He lost visitation rights to meet with his child awhile ago.

Florida Airport Shooter Sentenced To Life In Prison

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) – The shooter who killed five people inside Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is being sentenced to life in prison. This morning in federal court in Miami, former U.S. Army Iraq war vet Esteban Santiago pled guilty to eleven charges stemming from the January 2017 shooting that left five people dead and six others injured in the airport’s baggage area.170106-fort-lauderdale-gunman-rhk_b7e5c093071c10fbab6dd8710642afaa.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000Under a plea agreement, prosecutors took the death penalty off the table and Santiago will be sentenced to five life terms, plus 120 years and gives up his right to appeal.

Four Teens Will Be Charged As Adults In Female Officer’s Death

(Baltimore County) – Four teenagers are being charged as adults for the murder of a Baltimore County police officer. Sixteen-year-old Dawnta Harris, who admitted to running down Officer Amy Caprio Monday while his three associates allegedly burglarized a home in Perry Hall, was charged with murder yesterday.officerThe other three suspects are also teenagers; Eugene Genius,17, Darrell Ward, 16, and Derrick Matthews, 15.

Prosecutors took some extra time and determined this morning that the other three teens will answer murder and burglary charges.

Officer Amy Caprio responded at around 2 p.m. to a call for a suspicious vehicle on Linwen Way. She was critically injured and was taken to MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, where she died around 2:50 p.m. An autopsy found Caprio died of traumatic injuries to the head and torso. Chief Terrence B. Sheridan said there was no evidence of a bullet wound.

Caprio was a three-year, 10-month veteran of the department. She was 29.

Family Goes to Court to Throw Adult Son Out Of House

(Syracuse, NY) – A Syracuse, New York couple is turning to the New York Supreme Court in their effort to boot their grown son out of the house. Christina and Mark Rotondo say their 30-year-old son Michael has lived there, rent free, for eight years and they’re done.

They have given their son five written notices telling him to move out. In one note they even offered to give him 11-hundred dollars and offered advice for moving along with a promise of help from his mother in finding a new place.

The family is due back in court in a few weeks, just before Michael’s 31st birthday.

Homicide Ruled In Mother Son Hotel Plunge

(New York, NY) – Police are ruling the death of a seven-year-old boy a homicide after the child died in a Manhattan hotel plunge with his mother. Vincent Nicolai was pronounced dead at the Gotham Hotel in midtown last Friday morning along with his 47-year-old mother Stephanie Nicolai.

The were reportedly found on a second floor balcony after a leap from the 25th floor of the boutique hotel on 46th Street. The woman was reportedly a former Playboy model involved in a heated custody battle with the boy’s father.

One Dead In Washington State Cougar Attack

(North Bend, WA) – Washington State officials say one person is dead following an attack by a mountain lion. Two mountain bikers were attacked this morning near North Bend, about 30 miles east of Seattle.266890-3x2-700x467Police say one biker was killed and the other was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Wildlife officials are searching for the cougar. The last fatal mountain lion attack in the U.S. happened in New Mexico in 2008.

Arrangements Announced For Girl, Teacher Who Died

(Paramus, NJ) – Funeral arrangements are in place for student Miranda Vargas, and teacher Jennifer Williamson who were killed in the school bus crash in Mount Olive Thursday. A funeral service for Vargas will be held at Marrocco Memorial Chapel in Clifton at 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Williamson’s funeral will be held Thursday at 10 a.m. at Our Lady of Visitation Roman Catholic Church in Paramus. Both were killed when the school bus they were in allegedly made an illegal U-turn on Interstate 80 and collided with a dump truck.

First Lava Injury Reported

(Pahoa, HI) – Hawaii officials are reporting the first lava-related injury from the Kilauea  volcano eruption. The man was standing on the third-floor balcony of his house Saturday when lava flew through the air and splattered on his leg.

A Hawaii County spokeswoman says it shattered the everything from the shin down. Authorities warn people to stay away from areas with active lava flows.

Report: Trump Jr Met With Arab Rep Offering Election Help

(New York, NY) – Russia may not have been the only country Donald Trump Jr. looked to for help to get his father elected. The “New York Times” reports the President’s son also held a meeting with an emissary for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia offering to help Donald Trump win.

According to the report, the meeting took place August 3rd, 2016 at Trump Tower and included other Trump campaign officials. The emissary, George Nader, reportedly told Trump Jr. the princes of the countries were ready to help Trump win the election.