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Body Of Missing Pregnant Teen Found In Chicago

(Chicago, IL-AP) — Chicago police say murdered woman’s child was cut from her womb. Marlen Ochoa-Lopez’s body was discovered early yesterday in a garbage can in the backyard of a home in the southwest side of Chicago.

The baby had been cut out of her body and is in grave condition at the hospital. Ochoa-Lopez was reported missing last month and family members believe she went to the home to swap baby clothes with a woman she met through a Facebook group.


No charges have been filed but police have been questioning four people from the home.


Pure Evil: Woman Pushes Elderly Man Off Of Bus, Kills Him

(Las Vegas, NV) – Video has been released of 25-year old Cadesha Michelle Bishop committing the murder of 74-year old Serge Fournier.

The brash woman reportedly was being quite rude and cursing at other passengers on a public transit bus in Las Vegas, Nevada when the elderly man told her to be nicer to people.

As he grabs his walker and attempts to exit the bus, Bishop violently pushes him with enough force that sends him flying over the steps, crashing head first into the concrete.

The CCTV security video is disturbing and shows Bishop turning around to go on about her day as Fournier lays motionless on the concrete. Witnesses say she grabbed her son and walked away.


The incident happened on March 21st. Fournier initially survived but after a month in the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries.

Bishop was arrested and charged with murder. She’s being held on a $100,000 bond and has a preliminary hearing on May 21st.

Bishop is no stranger to violence.  She was arrested twice in 2014 and 2015 for misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

Fournier leaves behind his disabled wife.

Lawyers Allege Evidence Destroyed By The Woods Restaurant

(West Palm Beach, FL-AP) — Lawyers for the family of Nicholas Immesberger are alleging that video evidence from The Woods restaurant in Jupiter, Florida, was destroyed following his fatal crash.

The family is suing the restaurant, owner Tiger Woods and his girlfriend Erica Herman, who manages the establishment, for the wrongful death of Immesberger in December. The 24-year-old had a blood-alcohol-level of more than three times the legal limit when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed, suffering fatal injuries.

Immesberger was a bartender at The Woods and would regularly drink during and after shifts, according to the lawsuit. The suit also alleges everyone there knew Immesberger had an alcohol problem and knew about his car crash just a month prior after being overserved again at The Woods.

Tiger Woods issued a statement Tuesday, saying they are all very sad that Immesberger passed away and they feel bad for his entire family

Plane Makes Emergency Landing In NYC After Suicidal Passenger Tries To Open Door

(New York, NY-AP) — There was panic on-board a Delta flight today when a woman started screaming that she wanted to die and tried to open a cabin-door mid-flight.

The pilot on the Raleigh to New York flight declared an emergency and requested to land immediately at LaGuardia Airport. Although the airline isn’t commenting yet, a passenger onboard tweeted the woman was subdued by her father and a flight attendant. The plane landed safely with no one hurt.

The woman was taken by ambulance to a hospital for observation.

UNC Charlotte Shooting Suspect Charged With Murder

(Charlotte, NC-AP) — The 22-year old man accused of killing two students at UNC Charlotte is being charged with murder. Four others were injured when gunfire erupted inside the Kennedy Hall Building late Tuesday afternoon.

The CMPD said early this morning that Trystan Terrell is in jail on two counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder among several other charges. The school’s chancellor called it the worst day in the history of the university.

While all campus activities have been canceled for today, there will be a vigil for students, alumni, faculty, staff and allies at 6 pm local time.

Governor Cuomo Comments On NRA Investigation, Trump As Suspected Calls Foul

(Albany, NY) — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing back against President Trump’s criticism of an investigation of the NRA.

Cuomo said state Attorney General Letitia James is well within her jurisdiction since the gun rights group is chartered in New York. On Saturday, the attorney general’s office announced they had issued subpoenas and started their inquiry into the NRA’s finances.

President Trump says the NRA is under siege from Cuomo and James, adding they’re illegally using the state’s legal apparatus to target the group.

Two 6th Graders Charged In Plot To Shoot Up School

(Crossville, TN-AP) — Two middle Tennessee sixth graders are being charged in a plot to shoot up a their elementary school.

Police in Crossville, located about two hours east of Nashville, confirm the students were arrested on Friday in an alleged plot to bring weapons to South Cumberland Elementary School and shoot students and faculty.

They were charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Four Confirmed Dead In I-70 Crash

(Jefferson County, CO) – At least four people are dead in a massive crash that happened yesterday afternoon on the I-70 just outside of Denver, Colorado.

Lakewood Police say 23-year-old Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos was driving a semi-truck carrying lumber on the eastbound side of the highway when he rammed into traffic backed up near Colorado Mills Parkway at a high speed. Almost 30 vehicles were destroyed including three big rigs in the crash and subsequent fire that sent black smoke billowing over the Denver area.

None of the victims have been identified.

Parents Of 5-Year Old Andrew Freund Jr. Charged With His Murder, Coroner Report Details Head Trauma

(Crystal Lake, IL) – His mother made a tearful plea for her little boy’s safe return.  The father issued a heartfelt request for Andrew Freund or AJ, as family members called him, to come home as well.   But through the tears and the pleas authorities weren’t exactly believing everything the parents said and it looks like their suspicions were correct.

Joanne Cunningham, 36, and 60-year old Andrew Freund Sr. told police that their 5-year old son mysteriously disappeared from their home after he went to bed. The father called 911 and said the last time he saw his son was around 9:30 the night before and was shocked to find him missing the next morning when he went into his room to see him.

But as law enforcement and the FBI carried out a 6-day search, clues of his whereabouts never extended beyond the house. They couldn’t pick up his scent past the property.

The family history, which included 17 visits from child protective services (DCFS) since 2013, also raised red flags. Additionally, the little boy reportedly spent the first year and a half of his life in foster care after he was born with opiates in his system.

The squalid conditions of the home also put authorities on alert. Notably, one officer reported dog feces and urine were scattered about.

AJ’s body was found wrapped in plastic and buried in a shallow grave in the Hennen  Conservation Area in Woodstock about 10 miles from his home. 5268714_042419-wls-cunningham-freund-imgCunningham is facing five counts of first-degree murder, four counts of aggravated battery, two counts of aggravated domestic battery and one count of failure to report a missing or child death.

Freund Sr. is facing five counts of first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated battery, one count of aggravated domestic battery, two counts of concealment of a homicidal death and one count of failure to report a missing child or child death.

Cunningham is currently 7 months pregnant.  Her 3-year old was removed from the home last week.

UPDATE: A Coroner Report states the five-year old died from head trauma due to multiple blunt force injuries.  Court documents also say his parents allegedly forced him to stay in a cold shower for hours at a time and may have struck him.

Zookeeper Attacked By Tiger Has Been Moved Out Of Intensive Care

(Topeka, KS-AP) — A Kansas zookeeper who was mauled by a tiger is out of intensive care. Brendan Wiley, the director of the Topeka Zoo, said Monday that the woman who was attacked was doing a little bit better than she was over the weekend.

She was attacked Saturday by a seven-year-old tiger in an outdoor habitat. The victim hasn’t been identified, but officials say she’s worked at the zoo since 2002. Zoo officials have decided not to euthanize the tiger.