2016 Trumpet Awards Red Carpet Interviews

(SL) – I caught up with a lot of celebs at Xernona Clayton’s Trumpet Awards…from Stacey Dash to Flint Michigan I asked them about a little bit of everything! Check out some of the footage!


Hawks vs Clippers: Post Game With Chris Paul


(SL) – The Clippers relied on defense Wednesday night against the Hawks and it proved to make all the difference especially in the final seconds of the game where Atlanta had two good looks to tie it up and couldn’t cash in. Good defense and stopping the drive down the stretch kept L.A. in front of Atlanta and on the plus side of the W column. Post game with Chris Paul on what was working and the differences between the last few games for the Clippers.

Clippers Edge Out Hawks 85-83: Post Game With Jamal Crawford

(SL) – The Los Angeles Clippers were victorious once again without Blake Griffin who got into an altercation with a staff member and broke his hand. Led by Jamal Crawford (21 pts), it came down to the final seconds and the Hawks had a chance to tie it all up but Paul Millsap missed the layup and the Clippers were victorious once again. Post Game with Jamal Crawford who led all scorers where he talked about the Clippers’ defense among other things and I asked him about those final 6 seconds that could’ve taken the game into overtime.

K. Michelle’s Private Viewing Party For 2nd Season Premiere

(SL) – K. Michelle held a private viewing party at the M Bar in Atlanta Monday night for the 2nd season premiere of ‘My Life’ and it was quite the party.  Afterwards, there was a Q and A hosted by Shamea Morton (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and K talked about her upcoming restaurant, clothing line and moving away from music in the near future. Good times for sure!

Mariah Carey Engaged To Billionaire Boyfriend But Still Married To Nick Cannon

(SL) – Mariah Carey just announced her engagement to Australian Casino Mogul James Packer, but there’s only one problem. The Grammy award winning singer hasn’t reached a divorce settlement with husband Nick Cannon. mariah-carey-james-packer.pngSources say MC believes Cannon is ‘dragging his feet’, but why? Reportedly, they have a prenup so what he can or can’t receive should be ironclad. It’s believed that when Nick and Mariah got marriage he was only worth half-a-million-dollars but he’s made millions since then with a net worth estimated to be around 20 million dollars.  Chump change to MiMi’s half a billion dollar fortune, so it is believed that Nick might be trying to work his way around a larger payout. Nick-Cannon-Mariah-Carey-Main.jpgAt one point, rumors were circulating that Nick had signed a deal to write a tell-all book about their marriage after MC declined to cut him a check for 30 million.  But, Nick told media outlets that he had no plans to write a book.  Which makes sense due to the fact that explicit rules and fines are laid out for such disclosures. If Nick breaks the confidentiality clause he will have to pay.

The really interesting fact is that Cannon is the one who filed for divorce a year ago. What’s the holdup Nick?

Xernona Clayton’s 24th Annual Trumpet Awards

(SL) – Despite the cold weather, Civil Rights Leader Xernona Clayton along with title sponsor American Family Insurance presented the 24 th Annual Trumpet Awards, celebrating and honoring history-making entertainment, humanitarian, political and philanthropic individuals. “The Best Man” and upcoming ‘Uncle Buck’ actress Nia Long and The Perfect Match Actor Terrence J hosted the black-tie ceremony, held at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Among the prestigious list of individual honorees at this year’s ceremony include GRAMMY Award winning and platinum-selling artist Ne-Yo, who will be presented with “The Visionary Award;” television and film producer Will Packer, who will be honored with the “Entertainment Award;” legendary comedian and actor George Wallace will receive the “Legend Award” and Alicia Boler-Davis, EVP and COO of General Motors will be honored with the “Corporate Executive of the Year Award.”

In a very special tribute, the African American Women in the United States Congress will be presented with the distinguished “Political Leadership Award” in recognition of their unparalleled leadership and steadfast work in representing their constituents and promoting diversity.

The 24th Annual TRUMPET AWARDS will air onBOUNCE TV and nationally in over 75 markets.

Try This Delicious Paella Dish From Forbes Bistro

(SL) -I love to try new foods and this Paella dish is certainly an experience you need to take. Quick, easy and the leftovers are even better considering all of the flavors have had time to sit! Hungry?



4 cups of firmly cooked Yellow     rice
1/2 pound of mussels
1/2 pound of scallops
3/4 pound of Shrimp
3 finely diced garlic cloves
6 chopped stalks of green onion
2 1/2 table spoons of sea salt
3 table spoons of black pepper
3/4 cup of sweet peas
1/2 cup of diced tomato
1 1/2 cup of sea food broth


12308563_10208203977803592_7847015324484067115_nAdd 1 1/2 cup of sea food broth to large pan, over medium heat
Add 3 cups of firmly cooked yellow rice to the pan let cook for 3 minutes while occasionally stirring
Add scallops and shrimp allow to cook while stirring for 3 minutes
Add garlic, sweet peas, tomato, black pepper, sea salt  stir well for 2 minutes
Add mussels stir and allow to cook for 2 minutes
Add  green onion stir well and serve

Leonardo Dicaprio Reportedly Trying To Use French Laws To Block Pic Of Him And RiRi Kissing

(SL) – Coupled up or just friends? That’s what everyone is trying to figure out after longtime associates Leonardo Dicaprio and Bad Girl Rihanna were caught kissing

Sources say the pic looks like they’re kissing because of a bad angle. Take a look for yourself.

69f0a72c-a50b-4874-861a-b09172d4863bLeonardo DiCaprio was in Paris to promote his new film The Revenant, while Rihanna was filming her new film Valerian.

The two apparently met up in a Paris nightclub and rumors started running that they had a passionate make out session in the middle of the club.

Someone managed to take a pic of the two but, Leo says it’s not what it seems.

The actor in an effort to keep the pictures private is allegedly using the French privacy law to prevent the images from being published. A photo agency has offered the pictures, taken at L’Arc nightclub, to a number of publications in Britain, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr DiCaprio’s lawyer has sent out a warning, saying he objected to the images being published and that he had a right to privacy under French law.

Take a peek while you can :).

Federal Government Closes and 6000 Flights Are Canceled As Winter Storm Jonas Arrives

(SL) – Winter Storm Jonas is getting bigger and stronger as snow starts to fall in Virginia.  Experts say the Blizzard could hit DC with 30 inches of snow, beating the record 28 inches set in 1922.  85 Million people are under blizzard or winter storm warnings with the Capitol in the bulls-eye region.  The Federal Government shutdown at noon and will remain closed on Monday.


  • Twelve to 18 inches of snow is also predicted for Philadelphia and eight to 12 inches was expected in New York 
  • Nearly 6,000 flights have already been cancelled for Friday and Saturday 
  • Five people have been killed, in car accidents caused by the icy roads in Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennesse


Be prepared and if you can build a kit: Include enough food, water and medical supplies for your needs in your emergency kit to last for at least 72 hours.


Third Time’s A Charm! Mariah Carey Flashes $7.5 Million Engagement Ring After Billionaire Boyfriend Pops The Question

(SL) – Scandalous! Mariah Carey is all kinds of smiles after her Australian Casino Billionaire boyfriend, James Packer asked her to marry him.  Mariah and James have been dating for less than a year and make quite the couple, if I might add.  Collectively, they reportedly have a combined network of 4.25 billion dollars. 47- year old James is worth a staggering 3.5 billion and 46-year old M.C. has her own coins with a 525 million dollar fortune.

Somewhere, I’m sure Nick Cannon is happy for Mariah, but he has to be sick inside at the same time.  Love Nick, but James Packer is an absolute upgrade.  Excluding his finances, Packer appears to be completely devoted to MC, very loving, a family man and has no need to exploit old relationships for good TV or radio interviews. Nick Cannon had a severe problem with keeping old flame Kim Kardashian’s name out of his mouth.

Jewelry experts believe the ring is a D (highest color grading and without flaws) and a stunning 35 carats. The ring is bigger than Beyonce’s and Kim Kardashian’s combined. It’s been a whirlwind romance for sure. The couple met in July 2014.  No word on when they started dating, but the two went public in June 2015 and here we are 7 months later and they’ve announced their engagement.  This will be one fabulous wedding for sure. Mariah and James spent 56 days traveling around the world on his yacht.

Mariah spent 56 traveling the world on with James on his Yacht. Italy, Ibiza, the South of France, Cannes, Australia, New York and Aspen were a few destinations on their travel itinerary.

In November 2015, Maria showed off a $500,000 diamond necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels – a gift from billionaire James and the Diva gushes every time she talks about him. It’s good to see Carey smile after a heartbreaking split from Nick Cannon.  She had some rough moments and even cried on stage during one performance. Both Mariah and James have been married twice.

Mariah performed at the opening of James’ newest Casino in Macau.

The marriage will be Mariah’s third shot at happiness, having previously spent seven years with Nick Cannon, with whom she has two children-4-year old twins Moroccan and Monroe, and five years with music executive Tommy Mottola.  James, meanwhile, is also anticipating a third marriage, thanks to his 2013 separation from Erica Packer after six years and three-year union with Jodhi Meares. He has three children, Indigo, seven; Jackson, five; and Emmanuelle, three, from his marriage to Erica.

Congrats, James and Mariah!