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Johnson & Johnson Is Ordered To Pay Over Four Billion Dollars In Case

(St. Louis, MO) – A jury is ordering Johnson & Johnson to pay over four-billion dollars in a Missouri asbestos cancer case. The jury awarded the money to 22 women who claimed they developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson’s baby powder, which they say contains asbestos.

Johnson & Johnson denies that their products cause cancer and also denies that they contain asbestos. The company, which is currently battling about nine-thousand talc cases, said they’re disappointed in the jury’s decision.


Stomach Parasite Blamed On McDonald’s Salad

(Chicago, IL) – An outbreak of a stomach bug is being linked to McDonald’s salads. Officials in Illinois have reported 90 cases of cyclospora since May and Iowa has recorded 15 since late June.

Illinois health officials say about a quarter of the people infected reported eating McDonald’s salads days before. The parasite can cause severe diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, weight loss and loss of appetite. McDonald’s says it’s cooperating with the CDC and FDA in investigating the source of the outbreak.

Trump Administration Halts Some Obamacare Payments

(Washington, DC) – The Trump administration is temporarily halting billions of dollars of payments to insurers required under the Affordable Care Act. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced yesterday it will stop collecting and paying out money under Obamacare’s “risk adjustment” program.

The CMS blamed a federal court ruling that found the system used to determine risk adjustment payments was flawed. Risk adjustment is the key method used to reimburse insurance companies required under Obamacare to accept all customers regardless of pre-existing health conditions.

Health insurance groups blasted the move, saying it will create uncertainty in the industry and increase premiums for many health plans.

Arizona Pharmacist Refuses Miscarriage Medicine Prescription

(Peoria, AZ) – Walgreens is conducting an investigation after an Arizona pharmacist refused to fill a woman’s prescription for miscarriage inducing medication. Nicole Arteaga says she was given the prescription when her doctor discovered that her baby stopped developing in the womb.

Arteaga says a pharmacist at a Walgreens in the Phoenix suburb of Peoria refused to fill her prescription on Friday because of his ethical beliefs. Walgreens issued a statement saying it had apologized to the patient, but it respects the sincerely held beliefs of its pharmacists.

Brigitte Nielsen Gives Birth To Child At 54

(Los Angeles, CA) – Actress Brigitte Nielsen is a mom again. Reports say she gave birth to her fifth child at the age of 54. Nielsen and her 39-year-old husband Mattia Dessi welcomed the birth of their first child together. She gave birth to a baby girl named Frida in Los Angeles on Friday.

The former Playboy model has four sons ranging in age from 23 to 34, from previous relationships. Nielsen has been married five times, including a brief marriage to Sylvester Stallone, and has been married to her Italian model husband since 2006.

Reports: Joe Jackson Hospitalized With Terminal Cancer

(SL) – Michael Jackson’s father is reportedly in the hospital with terminal cancer. TMZ says Joe Jackson has been suffering for some time, but the cancer is in its final stages.

The website adds that his wife, Katherine, is at his bedside, and his children and grandchildren are also visiting. It is unclear which hospital he is at.

The 89-year-old is known as the man behind the Jackson 5, which launched the King of Pop’s musical career.

Janet Jackson Reveals Battle With Depression

(SL) – Janet Jackson says she suffered an intense battle with depression. The pop superstar writes in the latest issue of “Essence” magazine that her depression was linked to a childhood inferiority complex and society’s racism and sexism.

The 52-year-old singer says her 30s were difficult years, despite professional success, fame, and wealth. Jackson says she was able to find her way through it.

The younger sister of Michael Jackson says she’s looking forward to performing next month at New York’s Panorama, which is staged by the promoters of the big Coachella festival in California.

Board Suspends Gwinnett Doctor’s License

(Gwinnett County, GA) – The state medical board is suspending a Gwinnett doctor’s license over complaints stemming back to at least two years ago.

Windell Davis-Boutte has made a habit of posting photos and videos on social media while she dances and sings in the middle of cosmetic operations.

Some of her patients are now reporting problems from surgeries. The board deemed yesterday that Davis-Boutte’s practice “poses a threat to public health.”

Brigitte Nielsen Is Pregnant

(SW) – Fifty-four-year-old actress Brigitte Nielsen is pregnant. Sylvester Stallone’s ex posted a picture of her baby bump on Instagram this week and it’s since gone viral. Nielsen has four boys already and they are all over the age of 23.brigitte-nielsenThe actress who played Ivan Drago’s wife in “Rocky IV” has been married to an Italian-born TV producer since 2006 and this is their first child together.