Who Said The Falcons Were Soft?

(Atlanta, GA) – There’s no denying that the Atlanta Falcons are a good football team. But depending on who you ask, they might tell you that they lack mental toughness.  So many games have slipped away in the final minutes, leads blown and what usually appears to be an overall cerebral collapse.

Halfway through the season Atlanta is proving that they’ve been to the altar and had a serious come to Jesus meeting with their offense and their defense. No softies around here. Between secret weapons, depth and perseverance, Atlanta is showing sports fans that they can got toe to toe with the best of them. Take it down to the wire if you want to and see what happens.

sam_0452 Sunday’s game against the Packers highlighted plenty of strengths for Atlanta in the 33-32 win including intestinal fortitude. The Falcons and Packers seemed to go back and forth up until the 4th qtr when with just under 4 minutes left Aaron Rogers delivered his 4th TD Pass of the game and put Green Bay up by 6. But did the Falcons crumble? No! The past 2 games Atlanta crumbled but not today.

With a banged up Julio Jones and an injured Jacob Tamme, Matt Ryan needed some other folks to make their presence known and they did just that. in his 32nd career game-winning drive, Ryan connected with Mohamed Sanu in the back of the end zone. Post Game Coach Quinn talked about the game winning TD.

The Falcons will play Tampa Bay Thursday night in a game where redemption will certainly be on their minds. The Falcons are a game and a half ahead of the Buccs so they need to go hard and with a new fire lit, it shouldn’t be hard.


Coach’s Corner: Hawks’ HCC Mike Budenholzer Is Pleased With What He Sees

(SL) – Coach Mke Budenholzer has always struck me as a no-look back kind of guy so when the Hawks made the choice to swap out Teague and Horford made a dash…Coach had a plan. And guess what..It’s going to work! Teague is gone..Schroder is up and where many think that Dennis needs to learn how to pass the ball..guess what, he will when he wants to and that’s okay.
Every professional basketball player has a little street-ball in him and there’s nothing wrong with that. Besides, if he misses, there’s Millsap, Howard, Baze, Thabo and Timmy J to back him up. It will blend and be exciting at the same time.
Don’t believe me…listen to Coach Bud

Kent Bazemore Defends 3rd Qtr Contact With John Wall, “I’m Not A Dirty Player.”

(SL) – Everyone knows that Kent Bazemore goes hard. If he’s not lighting you up on offense expect him to be creating some problems on defense and on a good night…lookout for both. But during the season opener against the Wizards a little bit too much contact resulted in a little bit of scuffle between him and Wizards’ star John Wall. The call ended up being flagrant, but the Baze says it wasn’t intentional.

Watch the post game interview here:


Tim Hardaway Jr. Helps Lead Hawks To 114-99 Win Over Wizards In Season Opener

(SL) – If I told you that Tim Hardaway Jr. started the preseason out 3-30 you probably wouldn’t believe me but as true talent and focus hold true, the youngin’ resurfaced as the new season approached and he hasn’t looked back. In the Atlanta Hawks’ season opener he was 8-13 from the field , 3-5 from the arc and ended up with 21 points behind Paul Millsap who led all scorers with 28.

The Hawks had an explosive season opener. If this is what we can expect from the Hawks this year we’re in for a real treat. D. Howard smashed the boards while Paul Millsap continued to prove why he’s one of the top 3 players in the league and Timmy J…has found his confidence and yours! Post game he talks about their win over the Wizards, bonding and getting back to his game!

Cast of The Walking Dead Talk Shocking Seventh Season Premiere

(Daily Mail) – He starred on The Walking Dead since the very first episode.

And as many were left bewildered by his character’s untimely death on the season 7 premiere, Steven Yeun seemed to be at peace with the tragedy.

The 32-year-old actor appeared alongside his castmates on Talking Dead on Sunday night just minutes after his signature character Glenn Rhee was brutally ended by new baddie Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).


As he is a fan of the graphic novel – and the character suffered the same fate in it – he thought killing Glenn off at that moment was perfect as he explained: ‘When you read that comic, you kind of don’t want that moment to go to anyone else.

It’s such an iconic moment and I think I even said “don’t give that to anybody else.”


‘It’s such a gnarly thing to say but sincerely living that out was very wild. But at the same time that moment happening and being realized on television in a different medium and to do it the way that we did it I think is brave and at the same time super affecting.

For me that was motivation to be like “Yeah that sounds great.”‘

He said there were difficulties knowing that his character was meeting his end as at first he was happy knowing something others didn’t  but it just got hard lying to people.

Steven said that his character’s death was orchestrated perfectly as he said: ‘I think Glenn died in a very Glenn way.

‘That’s what my wife Jo said, “he died in a such Glenn way”, which is perfect. Still not thinking about himself. I think it’s appropriate that he ends there and it’s also appropriate that he puts those words out as a final “look out for each other.”

As his character was in a relationship with Maggie Greene – played by Lauren Cohan – no doubt the actress had a strong bond with Steven.


The 34-year-old British beauty pointed to the moment where she knew they had a connection as they filmed an intimate scene in a pharmacy for season two.

She said: ‘My best first set memory was probably when we improvised. We had like a little improved before the scene, it was one of the crazy scenes but not the pharmacy scene but it was also at the pharmacy and we improved and I knew he was my buddy.

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Clayton County Authorities Believe Another Teenager Was Intended Target In Home Invasion That Left Two Other Children Dead

(SL) – Authorities in Clayton County are looking for the coldblooded killers who invaded a home in Jonesboro and killed two children.  A 15-year-old boy, Daveon Coates, and his 11-year-old sister, Tatiana Coates, were killed Saturday morning while their parents were out.

It’s believed that two families were living in the home and other children between the ages of 6 and 15 were home alone when the incident took place. The mom of the two children killed was trying to help out another family and allowed them to live with her. A teenager in that family reportedly was the 15-year old the killers were looking for.


One of the kids inside the home called 911 and when they arrived the found the bodies of Daveon and Tatiana. Clayton County Police Chief Mike Register believes the killers are gang members and that the intended target  was another 15-year believed to have gang ties who was not in the house at the time and another person may still be in danger.


Scottie And Larsa Pippen Split Getting Nasty As He Files To Get Kids And Cut Alimony

(SL) – Outside of messing up the church’s money…what did Larsa do? There have been rumors that link her to an indecent relationship with platinum rapper Future Hendrix (even though both of them deny any wrongdoing) but judging from Scottie’s latest move there just might be some truth to it.

future-larsa-753x502Reportedly, former NBA Star Scottie Pippen, 51,  is said to have filed for divorce and for full custody of his four children (Scottie Jr, Preston, Justin and Sophia) and demanded his prenuptial agreement with wife of 19 years Larsa be amended.

The Husband requests that this Court…allocates parental responsibility whereby the Husband is awarded ultimate responsibility over issues relating to education, health care, and general welfare of the minor children,’ Scottie’s attorney wrote in a filing to Broward County Circuit Court.

The documents also reveal the NBA star wants to relocate the children to Chicago from their Miami home.  ‘If the Petition…is not granted, then it is in the minor children’s best interests that the Husband be awarded the majority of time -sharing with the minor children during the pendency of this action and permanently thereafter,’ his attorney wrote.

It’s being reported that police were called to his Florida home twice this past month before the legal filing due to ‘domestic disturbance’.The Home is now back on the market after being taken off last year. Scottie has been trying to sell the $16 million dollar home that he originally purchased for a little over 1 million. but after 7 years on the market he removed it. It is now listed again.

Mr. Pippen, who is worth an estimated $50 million, pleaded with the court to not demand he pay alimony to his wife Larsa. Pippen made 120 million in his career but after some bad investments and mansion and plane purchases he is currently worth $50 million.

In addition, it is claimed he requested the right to ‘amend’ the couple’s prenup.  A rep for Larsa says she remains hopeful that she and Scottie will always do what is best for their four beautiful children and jointly raise them with love and respect.

It was added: ‘She would like to thank everyone for their understanding and kindly ask for privacy from the media during this difficult time of transition for her family.’

Scottie, who has played with the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets, filed divorce documents in Florida, according to court papers. Reportedly, Larsa was notified of the filing the night before.



Chargers Rally To Beat Falcons 33-30 In Crushing OT Loss

(SL) –  What happened in Sunday’s match-up between the Falcons and the Chargers defies offensive integrity. Atlanta came out guns blazing unified and cohesive. The chemistry was as tight as thread in a needle and before you knew it the Falcons had a 17 pt lead (27-10) and it looked like a game where one could cut out early and beat traffic. It was in the bag.
And then, as quickly as a blowout looked to be in sight the Chargers found momentum and capitalized on missed opportunities and penalties.  We’re not going to talk about  the back to back false starts.  The line was struggling ..leaving room for San Diego to rack up 20 points to Atlanta’s 3 and next thing you know..we’re heading into OT.
In OT, Denzel Perryman who had picked off a pass to Julio Jones  earlier in the game, popped up again and caught the Falcons slipping when they decided to go for it 4th and 1 on their own 45. Devanta Freeman took the hand-off but Perryman was right and the result was a loss of one.
Now don’t get it twisted. San Diego is not with the sh***. They’re a tough team to beat but Atlanta can’t squander away a 17 point lead and then lose ground in OT leaving San Diego in field goal range with little to no work to do. A field goal doesn’t take much effort and that’s what Matty Matt and the boys handed to Philip Rivers and his Diego squad.
On another note: Julio Jones is in a league of his own. Watching him catch balls is so effortless it looks like everything is in slow motion. His arms are too long, he’s too quick and he can jump way too high..no match for him really. Julio reeled in a 50 yarder and overall had a good game but the Falcons have got to play four strong qtrs.  The Falcons will play the Packers at home on Sunday. Kickoff is at 4:25p.

Coach Bud Takes Nasty Collision During Pelicans Game

(SL) – Hope Coach Bud Is Okay!  He was wearing a soft cast Tuesday as he recovered from surgery for a broken finger, which made for an especially scary moment during Atlanta’s preseason game against the Pelicans.

Pelicans’ Langston Galloway chased after a loose ball out of bounds, he collided directly with Budenholzer and knocked him over near press row. Coach visibly in pain left the game and didn’t return.

The Hawks went on to win the game 96-89 and were led by Timmy J who had 16 pts.