Kanye West Ends Rant Filled Week With Words For Beyonce, Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg

(SL) – Wellll….here we go again. Now, before we get to another set of fans left disappointed after the wannabe Pablo ended another show early in Sacramento, let’s get to what preceded his exit.

Kanye West was just 10 minutes into his show when he left the stage at the Golden 1 center. Yes. Two songs in and the rapper was ghost. But not before he ranted about Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg and his standard target Taylor Swift. AND we won’t even talk about how he showed up and hour and a half late.

The two songs (because you’re thinking maybe he was on his Michael Jackson or Prince ish and felt like he could rock his biggest hits and call it a day, come back say sike and have a 2 hour encore) No. He played the same song twice and during round two stopped to take aim at Beyonce over a rumor he heard about her refusing to perform at the MTV Awards unless she won video of the year over him and ‘Hotline Bling’. What is it with Kanye and video of the year??

3a929bd700000578-3953976-image-a-39_1479627994666It didn’t end there though. He then  said, “In my opinion – now don’t go dissing Beyonce, she’s great. Taylor Swift is great. We are all great people. But sometimes we be playing the politics too much and forget who we are – just to win, ‘F**k winning, f**k looking cool, f**k being cool.’

Saint Pablo was then heard pleading for  Jay-Z to call him to talk things out. ‘Jay Z, I know you got killas. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me—talk to me like I man,’ he said.

Saturday’s incident comes after the hip-hop star Kanye shocked a crowd in San Jose by revealing his support for US President-elect Donald Trump while suggesting he still plans to challenge him in 2020.

Is anyone seriously concerned yet or will he have to start clucking like a chicken before we’re convinced that he’s left the coop.







{Video} Wonder What Donald Trump Thinks About His N-Bomb Dropping Supporter In Memphis

(SL)  Brandon, who goes by the name of Skye Lev, of Memphis, Tennessee, recorded a video during a road rage confrontation of a man unleashing a litany of racial slurs on him. Lev claims the other driver flipped him off before turning into a parking lot. Lev, who is black, said he initially got angry, but decided his anger wouldn’t solve the problem and wanted to have a peaceful discussion with the man.

As he approached the car, Lev rolled down his window to talk to the other man, who was white. Lev said before he could utter a word, the other man began chanting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s name, saying ‘Black lives don’t matter’ and calling Lev a ‘n*****’.  Lev has posted the video several times to Facebook where it has received hundreds of thousands of views and comments, but the site has removed the video several times.

Many have praised Lev for remaining calm during the interaction and not becoming violent as he suffered through the racist tirade. I’m sure Trump is proud. He loves this kind of stuff.

Can The Orlando Magic Bring Another Big Win Tonight Against The Wizards?

(Orlando, FL). – Let’s hope tonight’s game against the Washington Wizards will be a success! The Orlando Magic is preparing to get their 3rd straight win against the Washington Wizards for tonight’s game .
The Last couple of years the Magic haven’t been too successful going against the Washington Wizards. Losing 12 straight meetings against the Wizards , puts a crucial look on the Orlando Magic tonight. The last win against the Washington Wizards was back in March 29 ,2013.
“It will be great, For us especially if we get three wins in a row a good minute for us something that we can really use and transition for us” , said Nikola Vucevic.
Tip-Off is at 7pm!
Pregame With Nikola Vucevic:

Woman Believed To Be Reggie Bush’s Sidepiece Reportedly Keeps Hush Money And Baby?

(SL) – Reggie Bush hasn’t been married to his Armenian wife Lilit for hat long and if the rumors are true not only has he already strayed but he’s expecting another child with his mistress, who could be 6 months pregnant.

Her name is Monique Exposito and reportedly Bush gave her a multi-million dollar payout to not only keep quiet about their affair but to have an abortion as well. Reggie Bush is married to Lilit Avagyan and has two children with his wife of 2 years but I don’t know how much real love is shared here.

Bush has allegedly been running around with Monique who is rumored to have had dealings with Alonzo Mourning as well..but what’s really scandalous is that she’s believed to be married herself to Frenchman Alexandra Bastin but the union is rumored to be one of US citizenship based so she wouldn’t get deported.

There is a twist though. Exposito is accused of having several lovers so it’s possible that Reggie isn’t the daddy, but , considering that he reportedly dipped his pen in her ink, he could be.


Royal Slit: Princess Kate Shows A Little Leg In Stunning Self Portrait Maxi Dress

(SL) –  Daring length for The Duchess of Cambridge as she attended the London premiere of ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’.  Kate wore a  crochet off-the-peg maxi dress by Self Portrait that was slit to the  thigh. The dress retails for about $400.00.3a09928600000578-3902566-image-a-15_1478201984723The private screening of short films made by those who have battled issues with drink and drugs on behalf of one of her charities, Action on Addiction was held at the Curzon Mayfair.

See Kate’s Arrival Below:



Meet Prince Harry’s Biracial Love Interest Meghan Markle

(SL) – Prince Harry has long admitted to being ready to settle down and find his life long love and it looks like he could’ve done just that with Meghan Markle, known for her role as Rachel Zane on the legal drama ‘Suits’.

So who is Meghan Markle? She’s a biracial (black mother, white father) 35-year old divorcee who grew up in Crenshaw…yes…near Compton in California. Many dollar signs away from the royal lifestyle that Prince Harry was born into but as the saying goes..opposites attract.

Meghan’s mom actually still lives in Crenshaw and works as a yoga instructor and social worker.  Her father is a lighting director believed to be living in Mexico and recently filed for bankruptcy. Her mother has filed for bankruptcy too (2002)…but at the same time so has 50 Cent and Donald Trump, so don’t read too much into that.

Meghan currently lives in Canada and rumor has it that Prince Harry spent the last week there meeting her friends and pets. Still embracing her humble beginnings, Meghan has launched her own fashion range where nothing costs more than $70 and says, ‘I was not a girl who grew up buying $100 candles. I was the girl who ran out of gas on her way to an audition.”

Markle is the ex-wife of  Hollywood producer Trevor Engleson whose parents declined to comment at their detached home. Markle’s mother declined to comment as well saying, “I really can’t say anything.” Could their be wedding bells in Meghan and Harry’s future? Only time will tell!