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Maryland High School Students Wear Blackface, Use Racial Slur In Social Media Post

(Bethesda, MD-AP) — Police in Maryland are investigating a photo of two high school students wearing blackface. The principal of Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda said the photo, which was captioned with the N-word, was shared online on a private account over the weekend. It was then re-shared publicly by other students.

The image was reported to police as a hate-bias incident. The school will also be taking disciplinary action.


Racist Chicago Students Post Video Of Them In Blackface Harassing African American Fast Food Employee

(Chicago, IL) — Outrage as video surfaces of four white male students wearing blackface and acting just flat-out ignorant at a fast food restaurant.

The students reportedly attend Homewood Flossmoor Community High School which ironically is about 70% black.

Although they claim they didn’t know the significance of ‘blackface’, the video proves otherwise.

NBC News reports, to protest the social media posts, roughly a thousand of students walked out Tuesday around 12 p.m. chanting “We want justice” and “No place for blackface,” according to the Chicago Sun Times.ct-1556651376-k6dskt36lc-snap-imageIn a letter sent Sunday to parents and students, Homewood-Flossmoor High School said school officials had met with those involved in the “culturally insensitive” incident.

“The social media postings that were seen and heard were not representative of the high expectations we have for all students that attend our school,” the school said in the letter. “This type of behavior is contrary to our expectations, is being addressed quickly and appropriately and will not be tolerated.”

Coward Inmate Convicted Of Racist Murder of James Byrd Jr. Executed

(Huntsville, TX-AP) — Texas is executing the man who committed one of the country’s most brutal hate crimes. John King was the second person put to death for the killing of James Byrd Jr. in 1998.

Prosecutors say King was the ringleader of a group that chained Byrd to the back of a pickup truck and dragged him for miles after Byrd reportedly asked for a ride home. The force ripped off Byrd’s arm and decapitated him.

Even more disturbing, reports say that James Byrd was alive for the majority of his torture prior to being dismembered.

The murder of the 49-year-old African American shocked the nation and sparked protests.

The Supreme Court denied a last-minute request for a stay of execution for the 44-year-old avowed racist. King was pronounced dead by lethal injection at the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville shortly after 7 p.m.

FBI Probes Fires At LA Black Churches

(Opelousas, LA-AP) — The FBI is investigating a string of suspicious fires at black churches in Louisiana. Reportedly, three churches have burned in ten days in St. Landry parish near Baton Rouge.

The most recent fire was Thursday. State Fire Marshall H. Butch Browning they believe the fire is suspicious, and that a crime has occurred. Browning says it’s too early to categorize the fires as hate crimes.


The fire marshal is asking for those responsible to come forward. Browning said, don’t make us hunt you down, because we will. Gutierrez says they are also investigating a fourth fire three hours away, but it might not be related to the other three.

Jussie Smollett Says He’s Angry At The Attackers, And The Attacks

(Chicago, IL-AP) — Empire actor Jussie Smollett is answering questions about being the victim of a hate crime attack for the first time on camera. In an interview with Good Morning America airing today, Smollett said he’s angry at the attackers, but also the attacks. He said he was surprised that people doubted he was telling the truth.

The openly gay African American actor said that he believes the two men in a photo released by Chicago police are the men who attacked him. The interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts is Smollett’s first since the attack.

Chicago police are interviewing two persons of interest in connection to the attack on  Chicago P-D says it made contact with two possible suspects, but have not taken them into custody.

Their identities are not yet being revealed. He claims two men yelled racist and homophobic slurs, attacked him, put a rope around his neck and poured a liquid on him that smelled like bleach. Authorities have not been able to find any surveillance video of the attack, but say the investigation is ongoing.

Chicago Police Release Images Of Persons Of Interest In Jussie Smollett Attack

(Chicago, IL-AP) — Police in Chicago are releasing images of two people possibly connected to the attack on Empire star Jussie Smollett. The pictures come from a surveillance camera near the scene of the attack. Finally, it looks like the investigation is intensifying.

The released images show two shadowy figures, but it’s tough to make out any defining features about them. Police are calling them persons of interest who they want to question. Smollett claims his attackers yelled homophobic and racist slurs at him as they beat him early Tuesday morning.

Jury Selection Starts Today For Trial Of James Fields

(Charlottesville, VA-AP) — Jury selection is underway for the trial of the man accused of driving his car into a crowd at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year.

Twenty-one-year-old self-described neo-Nazi James Fields Junior is charged with first-degree murder and other charges for the car attack, which killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injured almost three dozen others. He faces up to life in prison.

Nooses, Hate Signs Found At Mississippi State Capitol

(Jackson, MS-AP) — An investigation is underway after two nooses, along with several hate signs, were found hanging at the Mississippi State Capitol this morning.

Police took the nooses and signs down, and are refusing to show surveillance videos while they are actively investigating. Police are reviewing the tapes to determine who is responsible for setting up the racist display.

Jeffersontown Police Chief: Kroger Shooting An Act Of Racism

(Jeffersontown, KY-AP) – A Kentucky police chief says last week’s deadly shooting at a Kroger grocery story was an act of racism. Jeffersontown’s Police Chief Sam Rogers spoke at a predominately black church on Sunday, calling the shooting that left two dead “racism in action.”kroger-suspect-featureSuspected shooter Gregory Bush is accused of killing two black men at the Kroger store near Louisville last Wednesday. Shortly before the shooting, Bush reportedly tried to break into the same church where Rogers spoke.

The police chief said the motivations of Bush do not reflect those of the community.

Drunk North Carolina Woman Fired After Harassing Two Black Women at Their Apartment Complex

(Charlotte, NC) – Another racist video of a white woman harassing two black women has gone viral.  This time the incident occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Susan Westwood appeared to be drunk and belligerent when she approached two sisters who were waiting for Triple A to come and jump their car.  In the video, Westwood is obviously drunk and aggressive, asking the women do they live there? How much do they pay for rent? How much money they make? etc…She goes on to say, “I’m white and I’m hot.” She also slurred her way through a salary announcement of her own, claiming she makes 125k a year.  Well, not anymore.  Westwood has been fired and will likely face some kind of harassment charge after the two sisters called 911 and reported her.

Westwood has been summonsed to appear in court. In another portion of the video it sounds like Westwood says that she has a gun that she can go get because she is licensed to carry.

In the rant, ‘South Park Susan’ as she has been dubbed repeatedly says, “Girl, Girl, I’m white. I’m white. I got ‘chu’. I’m white. She also questions the woman filming if she is here to see her man or her baby’s daddy after calling a series of B-words. She also said, that Monday morning should would still be making 125k a year. You sure, Susan?

Yet another disturbing display of racism.