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Trailer For The Documentary ‘Strong Enemies: The Untold Case of Dr. Sebi’ Released

(SL) – Nick Cannon vowed to pick up the baton and continue the work that rapper Nipsey Hussle started and a year after his death, it looks to be complete.

Nipsey, real name Ermias Asghedom, was working on a documentary about natural healer Dr. Sebi when he was murdered and exactly one day from the one year anniversary of his death, it looks to be complete.

Conspiracy theories about who killed Nipsey started to spread shortly after his death. The police, the US government and pharmaceutical companies have all been accused of having something to do with the homicide.  But, 29-year old, Eric Holder is set to stand trial this month for the crime. He maintains his innocence but faces a maximum of life in prison if found guilty.

Alfredo Bowman, better known as DrSebi, was a self-proclaimed healer and herbalist. He was a self-educated who reportedly healed several people of AIDS, leukemia and  among other illnesses.  And his controversial health claims landed him inside New York’s Supreme Court after he was accused of illegally practicing medicine. Dr. Sebi, however won the case by producing over 70 cured patients with a wide variety of aliments that testified that his methods not only worked, but cured them completely.

After Stating His Plans To Move Back To Chicago, Kanye West Is Now Addressing Nick Cannon, Drake And Tyson Beckford

(Somewhere, USA) – Kanye West’s mental struggles continue as the rappers convoluted impulses are flaring up again and making headlines.  A few days ago he shouted to the rooftops that he was moving back to Chicago, something his wife Kim said she would take no parts of.  And then, he made a five minute video addressing people who he feels talk about who his wife has bedded and her plastic surgery.

Kanye West sent the stern warning to Nick Cannon, Drake and Tyson Beckford warning the trio not to speak on his wife. Nick Cannon never shies away from talking about his ex girlfriend but I’ve personally never heard Drake mention Kim Kardashian.

Kanye probably hasn’t either but he’s convinced that Drake’s song ‘In my feelings’ where he asks Kiki is she still loves him is about the mother of his three children.  Why he would think that, unless Drake and Kim had a fling, is beyond me.  Nick Cannon said he believes the rumors are true and that furthermore Kanye West cannot control what comes out of his mouth.   Kiki, allegedly is Kim’s nickname and West said if he dated a girl named Renita and Drake was married to Rihanna, he wouldn’t make a song about someone named “Riri.”

Yeah..stupid ..I know. Drake has yet to respond and Tyson Beckford is still sticking to his beliefs that doctor’s botched the right side of Kim’s body. Can’t hate a man for liking natural women. Just another day in the West household.



Expensive Breakup: MiMi Reportedly Receives $5 – $10 Million Payout From Ex-Billionaire Beau

(SL) – Wait. I didn’t know you could receive a settlement from an ex-fiance but according to reports that’s exactly what just happened between Mariah Carey and James Packer.

After a whirlwind romance, the two got engaged and had plans to marry. The engagement lasted from January 2016 to October 2016 before it abruptly ended.  It’s believed that Packer initiated the split. Carey was seeking $50 million, but walked away with far less.

Sources claim her overall settlement package is valued between $5 and $10 million. It’s also believed that she was allowed to keep the large diamond engagement ring he gave her.

The settlement supposedly went down a few months ago. Mariah based part of her settlement claim on the fact that she uprooted her life and moved to Los Angeles to be with the Casino businessman.


Is This The Real Reason Billionaire James Packer Broke Up With MiMi?

(SL) – Rumors were swirling that James Packer was suspicious about Mariah Carey’s background dancer and it seems he had good reason to be concerned.  The 46 year old singer is still trying to get a payout from Packer but was spotted on the beach in Hawaii smooching on 33 year old Brian Tanaka.

How sway? Mariah is less than 2 months removed from her engagement with Packer and has already moved on? A little quick if you ask me, but if it’s been going on…maybe we’re just late finding out. She’d commented that talking about her relationship with JP was difficult but she doesn’t appear to be struggling too much.

Mariah performed in Honolulu and then made her way over to Maui. She was also in Hawaii over Thanksgiving and spent the holiday with her ex-husband Nick Cannon and their five-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

Mariah and Packer enjoyed a flashy whirlwind romance which came to an abrupt end in October amidst rumors of her ‘excessive spending’. Meanwhile ex hubby Nick is having a baby with ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell.


{Video} Nick Cannon’s Like A Boss Set To Air On Oxygen

(SL) – Nick Cannon is the Executive Producer of the upcoming series ‘Like A Boss’ set to debut on the Oxygen network on March 29th at 9/8c. Like A Boss features moguls Nick Cannon, Big Tigger, Blair Myers, Abou “Bu” Thiam and their power player assistants Amber Grimes, Rian Parish, Devin Simpson and Drekia Glenn! See what it’s like to assist some of the biggest players in the game! The Q and A took place at Studio 7 in Atlanta.

Take a look at the video and my interviews with Big Tigger and Nick Cannon’s assistant Amber Grimes: 

Like A Boss Trailer


Mariah Carey Engaged To Billionaire Boyfriend But Still Married To Nick Cannon

(SL) – Mariah Carey just announced her engagement to Australian Casino Mogul James Packer, but there’s only one problem. The Grammy award winning singer hasn’t reached a divorce settlement with husband Nick Cannon. mariah-carey-james-packer.pngSources say MC believes Cannon is ‘dragging his feet’, but why? Reportedly, they have a prenup so what he can or can’t receive should be ironclad. It’s believed that when Nick and Mariah got marriage he was only worth half-a-million-dollars but he’s made millions since then with a net worth estimated to be around 20 million dollars.  Chump change to MiMi’s half a billion dollar fortune, so it is believed that Nick might be trying to work his way around a larger payout. Nick-Cannon-Mariah-Carey-Main.jpgAt one point, rumors were circulating that Nick had signed a deal to write a tell-all book about their marriage after MC declined to cut him a check for 30 million.  But, Nick told media outlets that he had no plans to write a book.  Which makes sense due to the fact that explicit rules and fines are laid out for such disclosures. If Nick breaks the confidentiality clause he will have to pay.

The really interesting fact is that Cannon is the one who filed for divorce a year ago. What’s the holdup Nick?