Maryland High School Students Wear Blackface, Use Racial Slur In Social Media Post

(Bethesda, MD-AP) — Police in Maryland are investigating a photo of two high school students wearing blackface. The principal of Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda said the photo, which was captioned with the N-word, was shared online on a private account over the weekend. It was then re-shared publicly by other students.

The image was reported to police as a hate-bias incident. The school will also be taking disciplinary action.

Racist Chicago Students Post Video Of Them In Blackface Harassing African American Fast Food Employee

(Chicago, IL) — Outrage as video surfaces of four white male students wearing blackface and acting just flat-out ignorant at a fast food restaurant.

The students reportedly attend Homewood Flossmoor Community High School which ironically is about 70% black.

Although they claim they didn’t know the significance of ‘blackface’, the video proves otherwise.

NBC News reports, to protest the social media posts, roughly a thousand of students walked out Tuesday around 12 p.m. chanting “We want justice” and “No place for blackface,” according to the Chicago Sun Times.ct-1556651376-k6dskt36lc-snap-imageIn a letter sent Sunday to parents and students, Homewood-Flossmoor High School said school officials had met with those involved in the “culturally insensitive” incident.

“The social media postings that were seen and heard were not representative of the high expectations we have for all students that attend our school,” the school said in the letter. “This type of behavior is contrary to our expectations, is being addressed quickly and appropriately and will not be tolerated.”

New Poll Shows Biden Surging Among Democrat Voters As He Calls for Public Medicare, $15 Minimum Wage

(Hamden, CT) — New poll numbers show former Vice President Joe Biden surging to the lead among Democratic presidential hopefuls. Quinnipiac University released findings that have Biden with 38-percent of the vote among Democrat-leaning voters.

Rounding out the field is Massachussets Senator Elizabeth Warren at 12-percent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at 11-percent, and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg at ten-percent. Over half the respondents say Biden has the best chance to beat President Trump.

Part of the surge is due to Biden is calling for a 15-dollar federal minimum wage, a public option for Medicare and more taxes for the rich. Speaking at his first official campaign rally in Pittsburgh Monday, the former Vice President said the fleshed out specifics of his policy proposals would be available in a few weeks. But basically, he said that all Americans should have the option to buy into Medicare, not just those age 65 and older.

He’s also firing back at President Trump over labor unions. Biden tweeted yesterday that he is sick of Trump “badmouthing unions.” Biden officially unveiled his presidential bid last week. His comment followed a Trump tweet that the heads of labor unions “rip off their membership with ridiculously high dues, medical and other expenses while being paid a fortune.” He also insisted that rank-and-file union members “love Trump.”

Biden argued that organized labor built the middle class in the U.S.

Governor Cuomo Comments On NRA Investigation, Trump As Suspected Calls Foul

(Albany, NY) — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing back against President Trump’s criticism of an investigation of the NRA.

Cuomo said state Attorney General Letitia James is well within her jurisdiction since the gun rights group is chartered in New York. On Saturday, the attorney general’s office announced they had issued subpoenas and started their inquiry into the NRA’s finances.

President Trump says the NRA is under siege from Cuomo and James, adding they’re illegally using the state’s legal apparatus to target the group.

Tiffany Moss Will Be The Only Woman On Death Row In Georgia After Being Convicted For Killing Stepdaughter Emani Moss

(Atlanta, GA) – Georgia has only executed two women in its history and 36-year old Tiffany Moss will likely be the third.

A Gwinnett County jury of  six men and six women took about 2 1\2 hours to decide Moss’ sentence, death by lethal injection, for killing her 10-year old stepdaughter Emani in 2013.

Emani’s dad, Eman, who is already serving life in prison  for the crime, testified that the abuse against his daughter began shortly after he married Tiffany in 2009. As early as 2010, Tiffany was already in court pleading guilty to beating Emani.

Emani’s Grandmother Robin Ross told Eman to let the little girl come live with her but he said no.  Blaming it on pride, he refused to let Emani move and it would ultimately cost the 10-year old her life.

Leading up to her death, Emani was confined to her room and starved to death. Tiffany took great care of her two biological children, but deprived Emani of the basic necessities to live.  When she died she weight just 32 lbs.

emani moss in blue

The events came to a head on Oct. 24, 2013.  Eman came home from work to find Emani seizing in the bathtub. Eman didn’t call 911 or take Emani to the hospital. Tiffany said no. Eman put her in her bed and she never moved again, dying on October 28th or 29th.

“She was shaking,” he testified. “She was trying to say something, but she wasn’t saying much. (Her eyes) were going from left to right.”

What happened next is beyond disturbing.  Tiffany suggested they bury the little girl but Eman decided they would burn her body.  He purchased a trash can and together along with their two other children, Tristan – 3 and Emma -1, drove out to the woods and proceeded to burn Emani’s body.

Rigor mortis had set in so Eman had to crack his 10-year old daughter’s bones to make her fit in the trash can.  He threw in some charcoal briquettes, doused her with lighter fluid and set her on fire.

After realizing that her body wouldn’t completely burn to ash, he put the fire out, loaded the trash can with her body in it back onto the truck and went back home.

The next day, Eman went to work with Emani’s burnt body still in the back of his truck in a trash can.  He worked two jobs and at the end of the day he pulled the plug on the evil events that they both had now been a part of .  Tiffany said no when he wanted to call authorities, but he called anyone.

She fled with their two children and dropped them off at her mother’s house.  She ultimately turned herself in.

Halima Aden Makes History As First Woman To Wear A Burkini And A Hijab In Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

(Minneapolis, MN) – Minnesota is celebrating one of its own today after 21-year old Halima Aden, originally born in Kenyan, broke barriers by becoming the first woman to wear a burkini in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.
Known for it’s teeny weenie bikini wearing models, and on some occasions, naked models, Sports Illustrated sent a clear signal to the world with their latest edition.
Not sure if Aden is the first Muslim model to be featured in the Swimsuit edition but she is definitely the first to be featured wearing a burkini and a hijab.

This isn’t the first time Aden broke through a glass ceiling.  In 2016 she became the first fully covered Muslim woman to compete in the Miss Minnesota pageant.
She traveled back to Kenya for the shoot. She was born in a refugee camp there and it’s where she spent the first seven years of her  life.
Aden will be featured in the May 8th issue.

Bolton: Venezuela Situation Very Serious

(Washington, DC-AP) — National Security Adviser John Bolton calls the situation in Venezuela very serious and delicate. Speaking outside the White House today, Bolton said the South American country has been under an authoritarian military regime for too long.

He said any changes should be made by the people of Venezuela and not “external forces.” That was a veiled reference to Russia and Cuba, which continue to support embattled President Nicolas Maduro.

Gunshots are echoing across Caracas amid clashes between forces loyal to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and supporters of opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Groups of Guaido supporters can be seen near military checkpoints taking cover behind barricades and trees. Earlier, Venezuelan armored vehicles drove into crowds, running over some people. Guaido says Maduro’s re-election last year was illegitimate and called for the country’s military to rise up against their president.

The Trump administration backs Guaido. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders says the U.S. is monitoring the situation.

The U.S. strongly supports Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido. Guaido has called on the Venezuelan people and the military to oust Maduro. Bolton said Maduro should step aside and allow for a peaceful transfer of power.


Vampire Facials” Linked To Two HIV Diagnosis

(Albuquerque, NM-AP) — A recent beauty trend involving blood facials is leaving at least two people with a life altering disease. State health officials in New Mexico say two former clients of a spa that offered “vampire facials” have been diagnosed with HIV.

vampire-facial-socialBoth clients reportedly received the injection-related procedures at the VIP Spa in Albuquerque.

The treatment gained popularity six years ago when Kim Kardashian posted about it on Instagram.

Tests revealed the strain of the virus was the same in both clients, increasing the likelihood that the HIV infections may have resulted from the procedure at the VIP Spa.

The spa was shutdown in September after it failed a health inspection.

Trump Sues To Block Subpoenas Over Finances

(Washington, DC-AP) — President Trump is suing to keep his banking records from being given to Congress.

Trump, his family and his businesses filed a lawsuit to stop Deutsche  Bank and Capital One from complying with congressional subpoenas demanding banking records. The lawsuit says the subpoenas were issued to harass President Trump by rummaging through his personal finances.

The complaint suggested the subpoenas are purely political. Committees controlled by Democrats in the House are looking into the President’s financial history.

Japan’s Emperor Abdicates, 1st In 200 Years

(Tokyo-AP) – Japan’s Emperor Akihito has stepped down, becoming the first Japanese monarch to abdicate in more than 200 years. Akihito formally gave up the Chrysanthemum Throne in a ceremony and speech today at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

The 85-year-old Akihito received permission to abdicate after saying he wasn’t able to fulfill his role because of advancing age and declining health. Crown Prince Naruhito will ascend as emperor in a ceremony Wednesday.