Top Headlines: Marino Withdraws Name AS Drug Czar, Weinstein Challenges Firing Thousands Return Home After Cali Wildfires And Nuclear War Could Come Soon And More

(SL) – North Korea says nuclear war could break out at any moment during large-scale naval drills underway between the U.S. and South Korea.

The North’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations said Monday that the entire U.S. mainland is within range of North Korean nuclear weapons.

He also said that North Korea won’t use nuclear weapons as long as no one joins the U.S. in taking military action against his country.gettyimages-610637396President Trump’s nominee for the nation’s drug czar is withdrawing his name from consideration. Trump tweeted this morning that GOP Representative Tom Marino of Pennsylvania had informed him of the decision.

The move comes after a number of news organizations detailed his involvement in helping pass legislation that weakened the Drug Enforcement Administration’s authority to stop drug distributors.

Several lawmakers had also issued calls for Trump to find a different nominee. On Twitter, he called Marino “a fine man and a great Congressman!”
636437852433738445-AP17290011464424(Philadelphia, PA) – Senator John McCain has nothing good to say about people who want to abandon America’s leadership in the world. The Arizona Republican spoke after accepting the National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal yesterday.

McCain said it’s unpatriotic to abandon America’s obligation to international leadership for what he called a half-baked, spurious nationalism.

Former Vice President Joe Biden presented his longtime Senate colleague with the award for his lifetime of sacrifice and service to the country.


(Santa Rosa, CA) — Thousands of people in Northern California are returning to their neighborhoods today after wildfires that killed at least 41 people tore through the region. Officials say they expect more deaths as recovery teams dig through the ashes of gutted homes. More than 80 people are missing. Firefighters are putting containment lines around the two biggest fires in wine country’s Napa and Sonoma counties. Strong winds have died down and fire officials say crews could fully contain the fires by Friday. California’s deadliest wildfires have burned more than 213-thousand acres and have destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.


694940094001_5591713589001_5591715842001-vs(New York, NY) – NFL players and owners will talk seriously about national anthem protests when they meet today in New York. Players, union reps and owners will discuss the polarizing topic before the regularly-scheduled fall league meeting.

The NFL and the Players’ Association issued a joint statement last week saying there has been no policy change requiring players to stand for the anthem.

That followed a memo to teams from Commissioner Roger Goodell saying the league would like players to stand. The athletes say the protests are about taking a stance against police brutality and racial inequality, not the military, flag, or anthem.

skynews-harvey-weinstein-accusers_4125551He’s been fired from his own company but disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein says he’s going to keep making movies — one way or another.

He’s challenging his dismissal from The Weinstein Company after he was accused of sexual offenses ranging from harassment to rape.

He’s going to attend a board of directors meeting by phone this morning in New York City to argue that his firing was illegal.

1016-tapatio-trapatio-1(Vernon, CA) – The company that makes Tapatio hot sauce is suing the makers of Trapatio pot sauce. Trapatio is a hot sauce infused with marijuana.

The company that makes it uses a logo similar to Tapatio’s Mexican cowboy who wears a yellow coat, red tie, and large sombrero.

Tapatio is seeking all the profits that Trapatio has already made.


Aaron Hernandez’ Lawyers File Another Lawsuit Against NFL

(SL) – Lawyers for late New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez are filing another lawsuit against the NFL.
They filed suit in a Massachusetts state court yesterday against the league and against the company that makes their helmets, alleging they didn’t appropriately handle Hernandez’ brain injuries.
Unlike the Hernandez family’s lawsuits in federal court, this one doesn’t name the Patriots organization.

Hernandez was still serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013, but his suicide made Hernandez a legally innocent man as he died during an appeal process.


In September, the former New England Patriot player’s lawyer Jose Baez announced brain scans by the Boston University Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center found Hernandez had advanced stage 3 CTE, otherwise known as the degenerative brain disease common in retired football players and linked to suicide and depression.

The lawyers’ case against the state alleges the NFL hid knowledge on the true dangers of football, naming Illinois-based helmet maker Riddell.

The company, founded in 1929, told the Associated Press it plans to vigorously defend its products and reputation in wake of the new lawsuit, as well as any other concussion-related lawsuits.

Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich Goes In On ‘Unfit, Soulless Coward’ Donald Trump After Falsely Claiming His Predecessors Didn’t Contact Families Of Fallen Troops

(SL) – San Antonio Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich further let his feelings about number 45 be known Monday after Trump held an impromptu press conference  with Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell claiming that many past presidents have not made phone calls to the families of military members killed in action.


Trump was responding to a question about why he had not spoken publicly about the killing of four Green Berets in an ambush in Niger two weeks ago. Trump said he had written personal letters to their families and planned to call them in the coming week. Then he lied on his predecessors falsely asserting former President Barack Obama, and other presidents did not contact the families of American troops killed in duty saying..

“If you look at President Obama and other presidents, most of them didn’t make calls. A lot of them didn’t make calls. I like to call when it’s appropriate.”

In typical Trump fashion, the lies to somehow make himself look bigger made him sound incredibly ignorant and Popovich, who is an Air Force veteran exploded. He called journalist Dave Zirin of The Nation to vent.

“This man in the Oval Office is a soulless coward who thinks that he can only become large by belittling others. This has of course been a common practice of his, but to do it in this manner—and to lie about how previous Presidents responded to the deaths of soldiers—is as low as it gets. We have a pathological liar in the White House: unfit intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically to hold this office and the whole world knows it, especially those around him every day. The people who work with this President should be ashamed because they know it better than anyone just how unfit he is, and yet they choose to do nothing about it. This is their shame most of all.”


As you can imagine, Trump is under heavy criticism following the comments drawing a swift rebuke from several of Mr. Obama’s former aides and families of fallen soldiers.

Larry Flynt Puts Up $10 Million For Information Leading To Unfit Donald Trump’s Impeachment

(SL) – Hustler tycoon Larry Flynt took out a full page ad in the Washington Post Sunday offering $10 million dollars to anyone who has information leading to the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump.

The Daily mail reports, The porn mogul laid out six ‘charges’ against Trump, including colluding with the Russians, inciting violence using ‘racial-dog whistling’ in the aftermath of Charlottesville, having conflicts-of-interest with his business empire, ‘telling hundreds of bold-faced lies,’ ‘gross nepotism’ in the hiring of his family members and ‘sabotaging’ the Paris climate accord.


‘But most worrisome is that, long before climate-change apocalypse strikes, Trump might trigger a nuclear world war,’ Flynt wrote, noting how Trump’s foreign policy decisions are marked by ‘thin-skinned emotion and erratic ill-advised tweets.’

Flynt then referenced an anecdote MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough told viewers in August 2016 – that Trump had asked advisers three times why the U.S. couldn’t use nuclear weapons.

‘Given his impulsive blustering and megalomania (actually equating himself with Lincoln), this is truly horrifying,’ Flynt said.


Flynt, a liberal Democrat who had supported Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton, called on both Democrats and Republicans to come together and choose country over party, pointing out how it had been done before during the Watergate era.

President Richard Nixon ultimately resigned.

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8-Year-Old Girl Dies After Falling From Cruise Ship Deck

(SL) – An eight-year-old girl is dead after falling from a deck of a cruise ship in Florida. Officials say the girl fell from the interior deck of the Carnival Glory cruise ship onto a lower deck in Miami Saturday morning.

The ship was docked at the Dante B. Fascell Port of Miami when the accident happened. Miami-Dade police say the girl was taken to the hospital in critical condition, where she later died from her injuries.

It’s still unclear what caused the fall, but detectives are investigating.

Carnival Cruise Lines said the the ship’s command immediately contacted police after she fell and transported her to the ship’s medical center.

“Our most heartfelt care and concern is with the family at this very difficult time.” Carnival Cruise Lines spokesperson Jennifer de la Cruz said in a statement Saturday.

Death Toll Past 275 In Somalia Bombings

(SL) – The death toll is rising from two bombings in Somalia. Over 275 people have died in the capital of Mogadishu since Saturday’s attacks.  At least 300 other people were hurt in the bombings. The first attack was a truck bombing outside a hotel in a busy downtown district.

The NHPR reports, Officials described the deadly bombing as the worst-ever attack in the nation’s history and caution the number of deaths and injuries would continue to rise.

NPR’s Eyder Peralta reports rescue workers are trying to get dogs onto the scene to sniff out bodies still trapped under mountains of flattened buildings.

Somali soldiers patrol on the scene of the explosion of a truck bomb in the center of Mogadishu, on Oct. 15, 2017. A truck bomb exploded outside a hotel at a busy junction in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Oct. 14, 2017, causing widespread devastation MOHAMED ABDIWAHAB / AFP/GETTY IMAGES

The massive explosion was set off Saturday on a busy street close to the foreign ministry in Mogadishu and detonated outside of the Safari Hotel. Several building were destroyed in the blast, reducing them to burning piles of rubble and twisted metal.

A second improvised explosive device erupted in the Medina district two hours later, Peralta said.

The truck bomb was detonated in the busiest intersection in Mogadishu.

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Weekend Box Office Winners

(SL) – “Happy Death Day” is crushing the weekend box office competition. The new horror film about a college student who’s murdered on her birthday is this week’s top movie in the U.S. and Canada.

“Happy Death Day” earned 26-and-a-half-million-dollars in its debut weekend in North America. Last week’s Number One movie, “Blade Runner 2049,” came in second place with 15-million-bucks.

The sequel to the 1982 Ridley Scott sci-fi movie grossed nearly 61-million-dollars since its release ten days ago. Rounding out this week’s Top Five are “The Foreigner” starring Jackie Chan, “It” and “The Mountain Between Us.”

Nancy Pelosi Says Trump Went Rogue On Healthcare While Democrat Says Decision To End Insurance Subsidies Is “Healthcare Arson”

(SL) –House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is accusing President Trump of going “rogue” on various decisions, including ending Obamacare subsidies.

Pelosi tells ABC’s “This Week” her fight and her mission is to take care of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Pelosi says President Trump went “rogue on women’s health in particular.” Earlier this month, the Trump administration rolled back an Obama-era mandate that required employers to provide coverage of birth control in health insurance plans.


Meanwhile, “Healthcare Arson.” Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy’s reaction to President Trump’s decision to end cost sharing reduction payments to insurance firms. The Democrat from Connecticut said on “Fox News Sunday” the President is setting the entire healthcare system on fire.

Murphy says Trump is “upset that the United States Congress won’t pass a repeal bill that is supported by 17 percent of the American public.” Murphy accused Trump of killing Obamacare without actually passing a bill to repeal the law.

Murphy says without the subsidies, many people won’t be able to afford insurance.

40 Reported Dead In Northern California Wildfires

(SL) – Fire officials are confident some of the ravaging wildfires in California’s Wine Country will be contained by week’s end. CAL FIRE says Mother Nature is giving a helping hand to firefighters battling 15 large wildfires across California.


They said containment of fires in Sonoma County is expected by Friday. In a statement, CAL FIRE says red flag warnings in Northern California’s Wine Country were lifted this morning as winds died down.

Authorities continue to look for bodies in the ashes and debris. The death toll is at least 40 people and is expected to grow. More than half the deaths — 22 — have occurred in Sonoma County. A Sonoma County Sheriff’s spokesman said today at least 172 people are still unaccounted for.

McGowan Says Hollywood Blacklisted Her Because Of Rape

(SL) – Actress Rose McGowan is claiming she was “blacklisted” from Hollywood because she is a victim of rape. The actress accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein last week of rape, adding her name to the slew of women who’ve come forward to accuse the entertainment mogul of sexual assault.

McGowan says she was threatened with being expelled from Hollywood after reporting she was allegedly raped.


The “Independent” reports McGowan said she has between 150 and 200 people she would be able to subpoena to back up her testimony. McGowan added she actually has a signed document from the time of the attack.

The list of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers is getting longer. British actress Lysette Anthony told “The Sunday Times” the movie mogul raped her in her own home in the late 1980s.

She said she reported the incident to police on Wednesday. An ex-Miramax employee using the pseudonym “Sarah Smith” told “The Mail” on Sunday she was raped by Weinstein in the basement of his London Office.

She said she’s so traumatized that she’s kept quiet for 25 years. Today, British police said they’re investigating three new assault incidents involving the same woman from 2010, 2011 and 2015 involving a man who was accused in a separate incident on Wednesday. Police did not name Weinstein specifically.

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