Fit For A Queen: LHHATL’s Karen King Releases Ideal Fashion Couture Line

(SL) – Karen King has long been praised for her fashion sense and the reality star is finally sharing her vision with the world through a collection that is sure to stun even the most credentialed stylist or fashion critic.

Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star Karen King hit the runway this past weekend with partner, fashion designer Linda Bezuidenhout to deliver an eye-popping collection that featured fabrics and prints from different parts of the world like Europe and the Far East.

Bezuidenhout picked each fabric according to the couture piece that she had in mind and it resulted in a gorgeous set of 60 pieces that would give any designer a run for their fashion in any given season.  It was gorgeous. The duo premiered 40 pieces on the runway and the other 20 were exclusively released through their popup shop.

Some of Bezuidenhout’s favorite pieces included the sheer with 3D ensembles. The evening also included a performance by Karen King’s son, rapper Sas and guests were served delicious cuisine prepared by  Chef Trey who specializes in Italian, French and Australian dishes.

Bonus Pic: Linda Bezuidenhout’s 12-year old daughter designs couture dresses for dolls. The pre-teen gets her gift from her mom as some of her work is shown below.DSC_5262

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Photographer: Christopher Calon – Copyright Sytonnia INC./Sytonnia LIVE

Here’s Why Mathew Knowles So Confidently Challenged Kelly Rowland To Put Her Girl Group Up Against BLUSHHH Music

(SL) – Mathew Knowles is the master when it comes to creating girl groups.  After all, he is the brain behind the international phenomenon that is Beyonce’. Now, Knowles is back with a new trio called BLUSHHH Music and at first glance you recognize the recipe and at first listen you recognize the sound…the sound of greatness and what could be the next female group to top the charts and possibly the world.

The comparisons will naturally come, but you’ll find out during my sit down with BLUSHHH that it’s not something that they’re worried about..they embrace the Destiny’s Child references and say Beyonce and the crew have been very supportive of what they’re trying to do. BLUSHHH Music is currently on their first  promo tour and we had the exclusive opportunity to follow them around for their first official performance.

From Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash Weekend, to Lennox Mall and getting no love from Sephora, we’re catching the humble beginnings of what could be the world’s next big girl group….So join us as we take you through the Rise of BLUSHHH Music!



Athletes Warned To Shower Straight After Leaving Water As RAW SEWAGE Pours Into Rio’s Guanabara Bay, Just Days After DEAD BODY And SEVERED ARM Were Found Floating In Water

(SL) – Bomb threats, traffic backed up for 74 miles and now raw sewage in the bay.  The problems just keep mounting for the upcoming Olympics in Rio as now some are dubbing the games the Poo-Olympics after athletes are being warned to shower straight after leaving the water as raw sewage runs into Guanabara Bay.

Pollution problems at the Rio Olympics has gotten so bad that officials moving, sailing or rowing boats are using gloves and medical workers are on standby to treat any infectious cuts, and athletes are showering after leaving the water.

Pictures of raw sewage pouring into the sea into Guanabara Bay in Rio have emerged as the countries competing try and put in place alternative plans to combat the constant environmental threat.

Guanabara Bay in Rio will host the triathlon, sailing and marathon swimming events at the Games.

36A688BB00000578-3711766-Swimmers_will_literally_be_swimming_in_human_crap_a_local_doctor-m-30_1469670222935But despite new measures taken by the teams, a 16-month testing program showed 1400 athletes ‘face potentially serious health risks’ – as do any Olympic tourists who choose to swim at Copacabana Beach.

The Daily Mail Reports, testing at several of the city’s world-famous beaches have shown high levels of bacteria relating to sewage pollution, and tourists have been warned to be careful.

The World Health Organisation did give the Olympic water venues in Guanabara Bay the green light after they had tested them for 60 days and said they were safe on the basis of bacterial testing, but not for viruses.

Last week competitors taking part in some of the aquatic events at the Games were warned not to open their mouths to avoid catching serious illnesses from the polluted water.

Health experts warned Olympic marathon swimmers, sailors and windsurfers competing in Rio’s Guanabara Bay – where a body was found floating in the lead up to the Games – to be ultra careful as the waters are much more contaminated than was previously thought.


Dutch Sailing team member Afrodite Zegers, says, “We just have to keep our mouths closed when the water sprays up.”  But one Brazilian doctor  warns that Olympic marathon swimmers will literally be swimming in human crap and risk getting sick from microorganisms.

Spanish women’s sailing team coach Nigel Cochrane described it as ‘disgusting’ and that they were ‘very concerned’ about it all despite reassurances from Olympic authorities.




President Obama and FLOTUS Host Prime Minister Lee Hsien of Singapore And His Wife Ho Ching For State Dinner

(SL) – 200 Guests including the First Lady’s brother Craig and his wife, Steve Jobs’ widow and her boyfriend former DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, Chrisette Michelle (who also performed) and her date, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and her date Jason Turner along with others were present at the white house for the 12th state dinner of President Obama’s administration.

A ‘Celebration of Summer Bounty’ marked the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations between the U.S. and the city-state, which Obama refers to as an anchor for the U.S. presence in Southeast Asia.


Sticking to her support of American designers, Michelle looked stunning in her custom made Brandon Maxwell gown. Maxwell, originally from Longview, Texas, became a household name because of his work with Lady Gaga, but has also dressed stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman.