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Users Give Russians Ownership To Phone Images, Voice, Messages And Access To Contacts With FaceApp

(Washington, DC) – Country singer Carrie Underwood posted, “Everybody’s doing it,”  as she shared a photo of herself and Mike Fisher looking older with the FaceApp Aging function. But guess what?  That doesn’t mean you should do it.

You’ve probably seen your timeline flooded with images of people exploring what they might possibly look like as the FaceApp rushes through several birthdays so you can see what you’ll look like with grey hair and wrinkles.

But what’s alarming is that users have completely signed over the contents in their phones for the images and are being warned that this could be another infiltration by the Russians.


On Wednesday, the Democratic National security chief sent an alert saying FaceApp was developed by Russians, and that they have “significant concerns” about the app “having access to your photos.” That’s not the only thing they have access to.  Your voice, your name, messages and pretty much anything else you might have in your phone becomes theirs for life.

071719_faceapp_webIn 2016, the DNC and Democratic campaigns were attacked by Russian hackers….meaning…you just never know.


Articles Of Impeachment Filed Against Trump In U.S. House

(Washington, DC-AP) — Articles of impeachment against President Trump are being introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman Al Green filed the articles Tuesday despite objections by Democratic leaders.

Still, a number of Democrats have called for beginning impeachment proceedings. One reason is it will give more teeth as they battle the Trump administration in courts over the White House refusals to comply with subpoenas.

Under the Constitution the House starts impeachment proceedings. If a majority vote that the president has committed “treason, bribery, or other high crimes” they can start hearings. Then a majority would have to vote to impeach the president.

In that case, the U.S. Senate would hold a trial. It would take two-thirds vote of the Republican-controlled Senate to remove the President from office. Only two presidents have been impeached in U.S. history. Andrew Johnson was the first in 1868, followed by Bill Clinton in 1998 and ’99. Neither was removed from office. Proceedings against Richard Nixon were underway when he resigned before a vote to impeach.

House Approves Dem Resolution Condemning Trump

(Washington, DC) — The House has passed a resolution condemning President Trump’s attacks on four minority Democrats. The Democratic resolution calls Trump’s comments racist. Yesterday’s vote was mostly along party lines, though four Republicans did join Democrats in voting for the resolution.

A controversy grew after a weekend tweet from Trump saying the lawmakers should go back to their countries. The Democratic women are all American citizens, with only one having been born outside the U.S.

Four Republicans voted with Democrats to condemn President Trump. Congresswoman Susan Brooks of Indiana is retiring after this session. The other three who voted with Democrats in calling the tweet “racist” are Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Will Hurd of Texas and Fred Upton of Michigan. All three represent moderate districts and face competitive elections.

70 Current And Former CBP Employees Reportedly Under Investigation

(AP) – Seventy current and former U.S. Customs and Border Protection employees are reportedly being investigated after inappropriate posts in a secret Facebook group.

Customs officials said the employees allegedly made jokes about dead migrants and made sexist comments about Latina Congresswomen.

Sixty-two of the employees in the probe are current employees and eight are former. Officials say so far, investigations into two employees have wrapped up and their cases have been handed over to CBP for disciplinary action. But, it’s unclear what kind of action they’ll face.

All Democratic Candidates File Second Quarter FEC Reports

(Washington, DC-AP) — We’re getting a look at finances in the Democratic race for president as the candidates faced a deadline on Monday to file their second quarter fundraising totals.

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg raised the most at nearly 25 million. Former Vice President Joe Biden was next at 21-and-a-half, followed by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at 18 million.

The only other candidate in double figures in the millions was California Senator Kamala Harris with just under 12 million. None of the other Democratic candidates was able to top five million.

House Panel Authorizes More Subpoenas In Trump Probes

(Washington, DC-AP) — A House panel is authorizing a dozen subpoenas to people with links to President Trump. New York Democrat Jerry Nadler said the subpoenas cover the Trump administration’s actions on immigration and alleged obstruction of justice in the Russia investigation. Nadler chairs the judiciary panel. Georgia Republican Doug Collins called it a “subpoena binge” and “another trek down an empty road.” The subpoena list includes former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and senior White House adviser Jared Kushner.

Kushner is the President’s son-in-law. Others on the subpoena list include former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein  former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and former Trump campaign chief Corey Lewandowski.

Pelosi Rips Mass Deportation Raids

(Washington, DC-AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ripping mass deportation raids, which are expected to start on Sunday. Talking with reporters at the Capitol today, Pelosi called it “heartless.” She said the ICE raids will terrorize migrant children and tear families apart. At the direction of the White House, ICE agents are targeting around two-thousand immigrants in at least ten major cities. ICE said its focus is on arresting people with criminal histories. Pelosi repeated a call for comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform in Congress.

Pelosi said any legislation must include a “path to citizenship” and argued that more than 10-million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are not going to be deported.

Iran Says It Won’t Negotiate With U.S. Over Nuclear Deal

(Tehran-AP) – Iran is accusing the U.S. of “economic terrorism.” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was quoted by official state news today saying Iran won’t agree to hold talks with the U.S. Zarif reportedly said, “Negotiations are never possible under duress,” and that “pressure and economic terrorism against Iran must stop and then we can talk.”

Zarif is scheduled to meet with France’s top diplomat today, and said the main problem for European countries in the Iran nuclear deal is how to handle the Trump administration’s exit from the agreement.

Judge Denies Trump Administration Request To Change Census Lawyers

(New York, NY-AP) — A federal judge is blocking an attempt by the Department of Justice to change the legal team trying to put a citizenship question on the 2020 census.

Judge Jesse Furman said the department failed to provide a reason for changing all the attorneys.

The Supreme Court blocked putting the citizenship question on next year’s census after questioning the reason the government provided. President Trump, however, said he is not giving up and wants the DOJ to continue looking for a legal way to proceed.

Coons: White House Using Cruelty To Children As Tool Of Immig Policy

(Wilmington, DE-AP) — The White House is being accused of using “cruelty to children” as a tool of immigration policy. On CBS’ Face The Nation, Delaware Senator Chris Coons said the Trump administration has intentionally used children to affect policy changes.

He cites reports of overcrowding and unsanitary conditions at detention facilities as examples of cruelty to children. Coons says there’s ways in which the administration has demonstrably failed in its moral responsibility to provide minimally reasonable care for children in their custody.