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White House Again Calls For Arming Teachers

(Washington, DC) – Trump says teachers with military experience should carry guns to school. In a White House briefing, Spokesman Raj Shah said armed teachers could serve as a deterrent to school shooters.


He added that the NRA and some Congressional leaders support the idea. Hosting a White House meeting on gun violence and school safety today, Trump said school shooters are cowards and won’t attack a school if 20-percent of trained teachers are carrying a gun. The President added that gun-free school zones are targets.

He went on to say arming specially trained teachers would be much less expensive and much better optics than filling a school with security guards.

White House Pressed About Alleged Porter Abuse

(Washington, DC) — The White House is being pressed about the departure of Staff Secretary Rob Porter. Porter is facing domestic abuse allegations from his two former wives. In a briefing today, White House spokesman Raj Shah called the accusations troubling, serious and disturbing. He noted that Porter has denied the claims. He said there are things the White House could have done better but did not elaborate. Shah also defended government security background checks. He said Porter was working with “interim” security clearance.downloadShah noted that Porter offered his resignation and it was accepted by Chief of Staff John Kelly. Shah said Kelly became fully aware of the allegations against Porter yesterday. Shah said President Trump retains full confidence in Kelly and the White House counsel’s office. He noted that Trump was saddened for all involved in the Porter saga. Porter has been linked romantically with White House Communications Director Hope Hicks.Hope-Hicks-Rob-Porter-dating-fpAllegedly there are claims of domestic abuse from Porter’s two former wives, with one picture showing an ex with a black eye. Sanders read a statement from Porter, calling the accusations outrageous and part of a smear campaign against him. Sanders said Porter will stay on for awhile to ensure a smooth transition. Porter spends many days at President Trump’s side.

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