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Author Disputes Jackson Abuse Claims

(SM-AP) – A man who wrote a biography about Michael Jackson is disputing some of the child sex abuse allegations against the late superstar. British author Mike Smallcombe told an Australian news program recently that there’s an issue with some of the claims made in the recent documentary Leaving Neverland.

In that film, it’s alleged Jackson molested boys in a train station at his Neverland ranch between 1988 and 1992. Smallcombe said he looked up planning documents and found the station wasn’t built until 1993.VuLWYM19RJ8lyvuE3rN5Following the release of the proof that the train wasn’t built at the time one of his accusers claimed, the director of the documentary tried to cover and say the abuser was confused about the date.

I think it’s safe to say that no evidence or proof was sought in the making of this documentary.  All credibility is shot at this point. Reportedly, Oprah Winfrey even deleted some tweets promoting her special with the accusers.

It’s also being reported that Michael Jackson’s family has released their own special on YouTube debunking the claims.

Paris Jackson Denies Report Saying She Was Hospitalized Following Suicide Attempt

(Los Angeles, CA-AP) – Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson is rejecting a report saying she was hospitalized following a suicide attempt. TMZ reported that authorities responded to the 20-year-old’s Los Angeles home over the weekend.

The TMZ article cited sources as saying Jackson slit her wrists, but was in stable condition. It also said the incident was largely due to fallout from the controversial documentary “Leaving Neverland.” Shortly after TMZ published their article, Jackson replied to it on Twitter using profanities and calling the report a lie.

Michael Jackson’s Kids Considering Suing ‘Leaving Neverland’ Accusers

(AP) – Michael Jackson’s children are reportedly considering suing the two men featured in the Leaving Neverland documentary.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck claimed in the film that aired on HBO last month that the late King of Pop sexually abused them when they were young boys. Page Six says Prince, Paris and “Blanket” Jackson’s potential suit against the men would be for slander, fraud, emotional distress and misrepresentation.

They reportedly would not ask for money, but instead want Robson and Safechuck to accept responsibility and apologize.

Corey Feldman Flips: Can No Longer Defend Michael Jackson After “Horrendous” Allegations

(AP) – Former child actor Corey Feldman says he can no longer defend the late Michael Jackson against sexual assault allegations in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland. In an interview on CNN’s Headline News on Wednesday, Feldman said it’s impossible for him not to at least consider what he called the horrendous allegations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck.

The men said in the documentary that Jackson began molesting them at Neverland Ranch when Robson was seven and Safechuck was ten. Earlier this week Feldman called the documentary one-sided and said Jackson never approached him or any other children sexually at the King of Pop’s Neverland Ranch.

Corey Feldman Defends Michael Jackson, Calls HBO Documentary “One-Sided”

(AP) – Former child actor Corey Feldman is defending Michael Jackson against an HBO documentary that accuses the late King of Pop of molesting two young boys.

Feldman says he spent time at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch around the same time covered in the documentary Leaving Neverland. In a series of tweets Monday, he said he was there with many other boys and girls and that Jackson never approached any of them in a sexual way.

Feldman calls the documentary one-sided. The program focuses on Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck. The now 36-year-old Robson and 40-year-old Safechuck say Jackson began molesting them when they were seven and ten years old.

Jackson’s estate is suing HBO for airing the program, which aired Sunday and Monday. At least one of the accuses testified on Jackson’s behalf years ago saying that nothing ever happened.

Price Plummets For Jackson’s Neverland

(Santa Barbara, CA-AP) — Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is on sale. The asking price for the late pop star’s Southern California estate has been reduced by 70-percent, from 100-million dollars in 2015 down to 31-million dollars.

The agent selling the property says the price was reduced because of mudslides and wildfires affecting the region near Santa Barbara. In a few days, HBO is scheduled to air the documentary “Leaving Neverland,” about two men who claim they were molested by Jackson as children.

Reports: Joe Jackson Hospitalized With Terminal Cancer

(SL) – Michael Jackson’s father is reportedly in the hospital with terminal cancer. TMZ says Joe Jackson has been suffering for some time, but the cancer is in its final stages.

The website adds that his wife, Katherine, is at his bedside, and his children and grandchildren are also visiting. It is unclear which hospital he is at.

The 89-year-old is known as the man behind the Jackson 5, which launched the King of Pop’s musical career.

Paris Jackson Scrubs Different Michael Jackson Star

(Hollywood, CA) – Michael Jackson’s daughter is cleaning up everything that bears his name. It turns out that reports about her wiping away graffiti from her late father’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star are not entirely true.

She did clean up a Michael Jackson star, but it was that of British radio host Michael Jackson. Paris Jackson defended her actions on social media, saying that she knows there’s a difference between the radio and record emblems on stars, but a name is a name.

People were emotional over the act yesterday, thinking that she cleaned up the King of Pop’s star ahead of the ninth anniversary of his death on June 25th.

Jones Apologizes For Interviews

(Los Angeles, CA) – Quincy Jones is apologizing for the numerous bombshells he dropped in recent interviews. The famed record producer said that after the interviews his six daughters took him aside for a family intervention to talk to him about the impact of his comments.

Jones made a lot of claims in an interview with “Vulture,” including that he dated Ivanka Trump over a decade ago and that Michael Jackson stole a lot of the music he performed. He also said he knows who killed Kennedy, and that he can’t get billionaire Elon Musk to stop trying to get him to go to Burning Man, among other things.

The 84-year-old now calls the interview “word vomit,” and says he’s sorry to anyone he offended

Joe Jackson Sets Quincy Jones Straight

(SL) – Michael Jackson’s family is not happy with comments made by music producer Quincy Jones during a recent interview. In an interview with Vulture.com, Jones claimed Jackson “stole a lot of songs,” including “Billie Jean” and Donna Summer’s “State of Independence,” adding that Michael was Machiavellian and greedy.michael-jacksonPage Six reports Michael’s father, Joe Jackson, said Jones was jealous of Michael because he’s “never worked with someone with all of that talent.” He said if anyone was responsible for stealing it would be Jones, who was the producer for both songs.

Other relatives said they believe Jones has been carrying a vendetta against Michael for years. They say it began when the two disagreed on whether Jones deserved a shot at a Grammy for having produced the 1982 smash-hit album “Thriller.”