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Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Splitting With Justin Theroux As Friend Amy Schumer Ties The Knot

(SL) – Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are separating. TMZ says all signs point to divorce after the couple issued a statement saying they “made a mutual decision” to split at the end of 2017. It added, they “look forward to continuing our cherished friendship.”

justin-theroux-luggage.jpgAniston reportedly, showed up solo for Amy Schumer’s wedding on Tuesday and on Valentine’s Day Justin was seen moving out of an apartment the couple shared in New York City. The couple tied the knot in 2015 at a secret wedding at their Bel Air estate.amy schumer wedding hairMeanwhile, Amy Schumer married 37-year-old chef Chris Fischer in a surprise wedding in Malibu. The 36-year-old actress had just recently confirmed the relationship, posting a photo to social media of the two at Ellen DeGeneres” 60th birthday party. She posted to Instagram a wedding photo of the two and told fans that she’s not pregnant and to donate to gun safety in lieu of gifts.


Catch And Kill: Former Playboy Playmate Alleges Affair With President Trump

(Washington, DC) — A new report says President Trump and his associates covered up a past affair with a Playboy Playmate. Model Karen McDougal provided an eight-page handwritten account of her alleged affair with Trump to the “The New Yorker,” claiming to have had sex with Trump at the Beverly Hills Hotel.playboy-1518800880McDougal also told the “Wall Street Journal” that the publisher of the “National Enquirer” offered to pay her $150-thousand for her story, but then did not publish it.  The New York Times reports that she signed the agreement on Aug. 5, 2016, giving the publisher exclusive rights to her account of any relationship with any “then-married man,” with nearly half of the payment going to three men who had helped arrange the deal.

It’s believed that after Trump’s candidacy bid was gaining steam the National Enquirer whose publisher has ties to Trump, killed the story.  It’s possible that it was just a plot to gain control of the information period. The deal McDougal signed apparently prevents her from ever talking about the affair. But it was leaked anyway. mcdougal17n-1-webMcDougal says the affair began after she met Trump at a party at the Playboy Mansion in June 2006. After communicating on the phone they met at the Beverly Hills Hotel for dinner.

McDougal says, “I was so nervous! I was into his intelligence + charm. Such a polite man,” Ms. McDougal wrote in the note about the encounter. “We talked for a couple hours – then, it was ‘ON’! We got naked + had sex.”TELEMMGLPICT000154528248_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqV1Dw_eSK9L94XFGrGE0L6u9dMqktvWwJ8OdA1torpCAThe relationship allegedly continued until April 2007, when Ms. McDougal called it off, partly out of guilt and partly because of racially insensitive and disrespectful comments Mr. Trump had made.

The president’s personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, told The New York Times this week that he had used $130,000 of his own money to facilitate a payment to another woman, Stephanie Clifford, a pornographic film actress known by the stage name Stormy Daniels. In 2011, she relayed her account of an affair with Mr. Trump to a different tabloid, “In Touch,” which published excerpts from the interview in January.

The White House has denied the allegations.

Are You Real Or Faking It? Doctors Say A Love Test Could Be Available In 2028

(SL) – A neuroscientist says there will be a medical test that can detect if people are really in love by 2028. Doctor Fred Nour has written a book about love and says the test will use an MRI-style machine to look for certain chemicals in the brain.

Those chemicals, called nonapeptides, show up in large numbers when someone is in love. That’s the theory, anyway. Nour suggests that one day partners might opt in for pre-marital scans before saying “I Do.”

Kylie Jenner Shares First Glimpse Of Baby Girl After Giving Birth On Feb. 1st

(SL) – Add one more the Jenner/Kardashian clique. After months of speculation, the youngest of the bunch 20-year old Kylie finally confirmed her pregnancy after she gave birth to an 8lb 9oz healthy baby girl.

Kylie has been MIA since rumors started that she was expecting her first child with rapper Travis Scott. She took to social media to explain to her fans why she was so private about her pregnancy.


She may have kept her pregnancy away from the public, but she documented the whole journey. Kylie released a video dedicated to her daughter on youtube and it shows the reality star in different phases of her pregnancy with boyfriend Travis Scott by her side.

Kylie and Travis seem to have gotten pregnant almost immediately after they started dating in April. No word yet on when Kylie will share a full snap of her new bundle of joy! They have not announced the baby’s name yet either. The child was born at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.

I Do: Pope Francis Marries Couple On Flight

(Santiago) – Two Chilean flight attendants are married, after Pope Francis traveled on their flight from Santiago to Iquique. Carlos Ciuffardi and Paola Podest were married in a civil service in 2010, but told the Pontiff they were unable to have a church ceremony because of a major earthquake that hit Chile that year.WireAP_478db9ee6a134f2980c992a818f4e43f_12x5_992Reports say the Pope offered to marry the couple on the spot, with the head of the airline serving as witness to the marriage. Pope Francis gave a white rosary to the bride and a black rosary to the groom.

The couple told members of the media assembled on the plane that they hope the historic ceremony will motivate other couples to marry.

Woman Tells Story Of Getting Pregnant By Wealthy Man To Live Easily Off Of Him

(SL) – She says 18 years of child support is easy money. Another says, she deliberately got pregnant by a wealthy man because …..yes..he is wealthy. She says after struggling for years, he now takes care of her because of the kid. We’ve all heard about so and so and this person who claimed to have been on birth control but one got away.

It happens, but the difference with these stories being shared on the confession app Whisper is that they were planned. Now granted, it takes two. A man should protect himself at all times, if he doesn’t want the probability to ring in her favor. BUT realistically, most men don’t. Untitled-design-87-3The number of women who confessed that they lied about being on birth control to get pregnant was astounding. But there was this one woman that had a clear cut plan. She says she knew the guy was rich and wanted a easy piece of the pie. She claims that she gained his trust while lying about being on birth control and is now expecting a child with the man. She says he now rents her an apartment, pays for everything and that she doesn’t regret it not one bit. No wonder she has remained anonymous.

Another says she simply gained a rich man’s trust by keeping him in her sights for years upon years and even though they weren’t 100 percent exclusive, she got pregnant. Playing the baby card to her favor, she recently moved in with the man after manipulating her way out of her previous living arrangement.

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Dear Kevin, Just Stop Cheating Or Don’t Be Anyone’s Husband!

(SL) – Kevin Hart is a funny guy. I enjoy his work and contribution to the arts but when it comes to relationships, he’s horrible.

The man has a penchant for cheating. It happened with his first wife and now, barely a year after being married to Eniko he was busted cheating on her; and while she was pregnant.


To Kevin, we don’t want to hear you apologize and talk about how bad of a husband you are. Change your actions or your motives. It’s okay, if you’re not married. It’s okay, if you want to live like a bachelor but when you have a significant other and children involved….well you’re a grown man….You know the rest.

Kevin revealed his family Christmas card on his IG page, but just how merry of a Christmas will it be?

A sex tape emerged  over the summer of him with a Las Vegas woman named Montia Sabbag.


This week in an interview with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club the comedian admitted he was guilty of the ‘irresponsible’ and ‘dumb’ move.

In another interview with Extra, Hart discussed what a turbulent year it has been for him.

When asked what he would want for Christmas, hey said, “Have I been naughty or nice? That’s definitely a tough question for Kevin Hart right now, it was a tough year for me. I had some bumps in the road. But the good thing is you take great steps backwards to take great steps forward. So now, I’ve recovered from some not nice times and now what I basically want is for Santa to know that I’m doing good and I’m doing better. Just to know I’m good guy.”

Being a good guy isn’t spoiling your woman with a big house, jewelry and designer tags. Being a good guy is being a responsible guy, a respectful guy, an honest guy, a faithful guy. You’re the same person behind closed doors..kind of guy. Hopefully, Kevin will make some heavy New Year’s resolutions and stick to them!

Giants WR Sterling Shepard Proposes To Model Chanel Iman

(SL) –  MSN reports, Sterling Shepard’s New York Giants have suffered a lot of losses this season, but the wide receiver scored a major win this weekend.
Shepard posted a photo on his Instagram account of him proposing to his girlfriend, SI Swimsuit model Chanel Iman, who said yes. In his caption, Shepard used an appropriate metaphor, calling Iman “The catch of my dreams.”
BBG4AhmIman posted the same photo on Instagram and captioned it, “A night full of tears of happiness.

I’m beyond excited to spend the rest of my life with you @sterl_shep3 you are my soulmate, my best friend, my everything! Can’t wait to be your Mrs.”

According to E!, Shepard proposed to Iman on her birthday Friday night, then surprised her by taking her to a spot where her friends and family were gathered.

Shepard, 24, was a second-round pick by the Giants out of Oklahoma last year. He has 1,185 yards and nine touchdowns in his career. The two have been dating since at least late last year.

Florida Deputy Shoots Ex-Girlfriend And Then Turns The Gun On Himself

(SL) –  Yuly Solano is lucky to be alive after the 41 year old was stalked by her boyfriend and shot. The woman says she had been dating Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael DeMarco (55) for seven months but had been broken up for a few weeks ago.

4665308E00000578-0-image-a-9_1511359525266Solano says DeMarco was a racist and possessive, two good reasons that probably led to the breakup. Unfortunately, the two live in the same condominium complex so her safety was compromised already.

Solan claims that she had sought protection and begged the Inlet Harbor Condominium Association to put DeMarco on notice, believing him to be mentally unstable, knowing him to be armed and fearing for her own and her 18-year old daughter’s safety.

But representatives of the association neither acted nor reported her fears to the police as legally required.

“Her daughter says, “We were both getting ready to leave the house. I was at home. She was walking the dog so she normally doesn’t take too long, but she was taking longer than usual. When I heard the shots I didn’t really think it could be my mom, but then I heard the sirens and she still wasn’t coming back and I was calling her phone and she wasn’t picking up. That’s when I knew. There was no reason she’d be out so long. And then I went running out.”

The teen saw both her mother and DeMarco on the ground. DeMarco was on duty at the time an was driving an unmarked car. Yuly was shot once in the arm and twice in the chest by the officer. She told authorities that right before shooting her, the officer said, “You treat me worse than a dog.” He then killed himself.

Solano ended up in a coma but is recovering from her injuries. Her attorney says she now has plans to sue her complex. Allegedly she made two reports that she was being ‘terrorized’ by Demarco who vandalized her property and threatened her with violence and nothing was done.



Fletcher Cox Being Sued For Allegedly Seducing Man’s Wife

(SL) – Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox is being sued for allegedly encroaching on another man’s marriage.
According to the Charlotte Observer, Cox has been accused of seducing a North Carolina man’s wife and ruining their marriage, leading to substantial emotional distress. In the state of North Carolina, a person can sue for “alienation of affection” in civil court.
North Carolina is one of 7 states that allow this type of suit. The plaintiff, Joshua Jeffords, says that his formerly-happy marriage began to fall apart once he learned that the 26-year-old Cox was communicating with his wife via text messages and Snapchat.
Jeffords claims that Cox and his wife (Catherine Cuesta) had sexually-charged conversations — including at least two text messages from Cox allegedly saying he wanted to get the woman pregnant.
Jeffords also claims that the 6-foot-4, 310-pound defensive tackle sent at least one photo of his penis to the married woman.Jeffords’ wife sent messages to Cox calling him “boo” and saying she was “loving everything you have to say” and “I really like you …,” “We’d make some damn beautiful babies” and “I want to get to know you babe.
I know we are compatible sexually …” according to the lawsuit….He says Cox met and seduced his wife when she was on a work trip to Pennsylvania in April. After confronting his wife about the affair, Jeffords says in the lawsuit that his wife visited Pennsylvania multiple times and moved there on Oct. 28 after putting her belongings in a storage unit.
Jeffords reportedly checked himself into a mental health facility to be treated for “substantial emotional distress” after discovering the extramarital activity involving Cox.
He’s seeking at least $50,000 in damages. Cox has yet to respond to the lawsuit.