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Americans Would Lose Billions, Trump Backs Away From Threat To Shut Down Border Soon

(Washington, DC) — President Trump is backing away from his threat to shut down the southern border soon. At the White House today, Trump said he is giving Mexico a one-year warning to stem the flow of illicit drugs into the U.S.

He also threatened to impose tariffs on new motor vehicles that are being moved across the border. Trump argued that the U.S. immigration system is the most ridiculous thing he has ever seen. He blamed Democrats and made another pitch for a massive border wall.

Trump said the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs into the U.S. must be stopped. Trump plans to visit a location on the border in Southern California tomorrow.

It appears someone talked some sense in him.  Shutting the border down would cost the United States billions of dollars and cripple the economy. Everything from avocados to autos pass through the border.

Mexican Mayor Killed Hours After Taking Office

(Mexico-AP) — A southern Mexico mayor is dead after being in office for just two hours. Mayor Alejandro Aparicio Santiago, of Tlaxiaco was killed while heading to city hall by a gunman. The suspected gunman was taken into custody shortly after.

Aparicio took the oath of office at 10 a.m. on Tuesday and was then shot after speaking with citizens around 12 p.m. No motive was immediately given.

Caravan Hunger Strike At U.S. Border

(Mexico-AP) — A hunger strike is being launched at the U.S.-Mexico border by some of the Central American migrants in the caravan. The three-day hunger strike is in response to Mexican police who stopped a number of migrants from approaching the El Chaparral border crossing on Thursday.

Many of those in the caravan are waiting in harsh conditions in order to gain work permits in Mexico or apply for asylum in the U.S.. President Trump has said he might “permanently” close the border if Mexico does not actively deport those who have congregated in Tijuana.

Nearly 600-Foot Long Drug Tunnel Found In Abandoned KFC

(San Luis, AZ-AP) — Officials say they’ve discovered a drug tunnel running from Mexico to an abandoned K-F-C in Arizona. A former owner of the restaurant in San Luis was arrested last week after police found drugs in his truck.

After investigating the suspect’s house, they were led to a K-F-C where they found a nearly 600-foot long tunnel that led to San Luis Rio Colorado in Sonora, Mexico. The discovery has spurred an investigation from Homeland Security and Yuma Boarder Patrol.

Trump To Leave G-7 Summit Early

(Washington, DC) — President Trump will leave the G-7 summit early. Trump will leave the meeting in Quebec Saturday morning after a day of meetings with fellow world leaders on Friday. The two-day summit is scheduled to wrap up later Saturday.

Trump could get a cold welcome at the summit after levying steel and aluminum tariffs on allies in Europe, Canada and Mexico. Trump’s decision to bail on the meeting before it’s over came after he exchanged words on Twitter with the leaders of France and Canada.

French President Emmanuel Macron  even suggested that the six other countries in the group could sign an agreement that didn’t include the U.S.

History Of Cinco de Mayo

(Dallas, TX) – Celebrations will be held all over the nation today in honor of Cinco de Mayo, which means May 5th in Spanish. It was on this date in 1862 when the outnumbered Mexican army defeated the invading French forces of Napoleon the Third at the Battle of Puebla.

The Mexican military victory evolved over the years to become what it is today, a celebration of the rich heritage of music, dance, food and culture. As the population of Mexican-Americans has increased over the years, so has the popularity of Cinco de Mayo, especially for states near the Mexican border.

There are an estimated 21 million Americans of Mexican descent living in the U.S.

More Migrants At Border, Ready For Asylum Push

(San Diego, CA) – Hundreds of Central American migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. are getting ready to turn themselves in to Customs agents. A caravan of men, women and children are in Tijuana, Mexico.

They are expected to hit the border crossing at the U.S. late this afternoon hoping to make it into the United States under the asylum law. Lawyers from the U.S. have been setting up shop at shelters where the group has been staying, letting them know what they are in for when they meet Border Agents.

President Trump has told the Department of Homeland Security not to let the people into the country.

Mexico President Race Begins As Candidates Slam Trump

(SL) – Candidates in Mexico are tearing into President Trump as the country’s presidential campaign begins. Mexico’s leading liberal and conservative candidates both slammed Trump in campaign appearances Sunday. Leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Mexico and its people won’t be the pinata of any foreign government. Conservative Ricardo Anaya blamed the U.S. for trafficking guns into Mexico. Trump gave the candidates new reasons to not like him this weekend as he accused Mexico of doing very little or nothing to stop drugs and illegal immigration to the U.S.

Trump also again threatened to tear up the North American Free Trade Agreement. Under NAFTA, Mexico sends 80-percent of its exports to the U.S. The treaty allows free trade between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Ethan Couch, Who Use ‘Affluenza’ Defense, Out Of Jail

(Fort Worth, TX) – The 20-year-old man who invoked the “affluenza” defense after a deadly crash is now free. Ethan Couch was released from a jail near Dallas today after serving two years for a revoked probation.

Couch was 16 when he struck and killed four people in June of 2013, and is now just over a week away from his 21st birthday. A psychologist testified during his manslaughter trial that Couch’s irresponsibility was the result of his family’s wealth, calling it “affluenza.” Tonya Couch, Ethan’s mother, is awaiting trial on charges of hindering apprehension of a felon and money laundering after fleeing to Mexico with her son in 2015.

Bodies Of Family Killed In Mexico Returning To Iowa

(Creston, IA) – The bodies of an Iowa family killed while on a Mexico vacation are being brought back to the U.S. this week. Relatives of Kevin and Amy Sharp say they expect the bodies of the couple and their two children, 12-year-old Wayne and seven-year-old Adrianna, to be back in Iowa on Wednesday.

Amy Sharp’s sister says a funeral will be held at Southwestern Community College in the Sharps’ hometown of Creston, about an hour and-a-half southwest of Des Moines. The couple and their children died last week from breathing toxic gas as they slept at a condominium south of Cancun.