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Almost $1 Billion Dollars Donated For Restructure of Paris Cathedral, Paris Mayor Says Crown Of Thorns, Other Relics Were Saved From Notre Dame Fire

(Paris, AP) – More than 700-million dollars in donations are pouring in today to help restore the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Donors from around the world and some of France’s richest families pledged to help a day after fire devastated the 12th century landmark.

notre-dame-fire-22In a televised speech, French President Emmanuel Macron called for unity and set a five-year goal to rebuild the iconic cathedral. Much of the roof collapsed, but the stone foundation survived along with the cathedral’s famous twin bell towers. American offers of help include Apple CEO Tim Cook pledging that his company will donate to rebuilding efforts.

The mayor of Paris says several relics from Notre Dame Cathedral are safe as a fire destroyed much of the iconic landmark. Mayor Anne Hidalgo said firefighters and police saved part of the crown of thorns said to be worn by Jesus during his crucifixion, as well as the tunic of Saint Louis and other major pieces.

SEC_62636682The 850-year-old cathedral went up in flames yesterday, destroying the iconic spire and causing the roof to collapse. Officials hope to have the historical holy site rebuilt within five years.

Macron Disputes Trump NATO Defense Claim

(Paris, France) – French President Emmanuel Macron is disputing claims made by President Trump at the NATO summit. Trump held a press conference in Brussels this morning claiming NATO countries have agreed to his defense spending demands. Trump said some allies have agreed to increase defense spending to two-percent of their GDP “at a much faster clip,” but French President Macron says that’s not entirely true. Macron held his own press conference and said allies did not agree to increase spending beyond previous targets, but confirmed their intention to meet the goal of two-percent by 2024.

Macron also said that President Trump never at any moment, either in public or private, threatened to withdraw from NATO. Trump had said at his press conference that he had the authority to pull the U.S. out of NATO, but that the commitments he received during the summit made that unnecessary.

Trump To Leave G-7 Summit Early

(Washington, DC) — President Trump will leave the G-7 summit early. Trump will leave the meeting in Quebec Saturday morning after a day of meetings with fellow world leaders on Friday. The two-day summit is scheduled to wrap up later Saturday.

Trump could get a cold welcome at the summit after levying steel and aluminum tariffs on allies in Europe, Canada and Mexico. Trump’s decision to bail on the meeting before it’s over came after he exchanged words on Twitter with the leaders of France and Canada.

French President Emmanuel Macron  even suggested that the six other countries in the group could sign an agreement that didn’t include the U.S.

France Elects Youngest President In History, First Lady Is Teacher He Had An Affair With As A Teenager

(SL) – Former President Barack Obama vouched for him and he got it right. Emmanuel Macron has beaten Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s election and taken more than 65 per cent of the vote, according to exit polls.

tdy_news_engel_france_elections_170424__306158.nbcnews-ux-1080-600Polling conducted by Ipsos, Ifop and BVA all gave Mr Macron, the pro-business candidate, a strong lead over Front National leader Marine Le Pen.

It comes after a massive hacking attack on Mr. Macron’s campaign database over the weekend which saw hundreds of thousands of private emails and official documents dumped online. Sound familiar?

Macron spoke saying, “I salute my adversary Ms Le Pen, I know why people chose to vote for an extreme party. I know the doubt, the fear they expressed.

“And it is my responsibility to take on those concerns and guarantee our unity and responsibility for our country.

“From tomorrow we will modernize politics, recognize pluralism, revitalize democracy. This will be my first mission, respecting everyone.”

macronPoised and committed, his campaign had been ruled by scandal after it surfaced that his 64-year old wife (Macron is 39) was a teacher that he had an affair with.

The Telegraph reports, the couple met in 1992, when Macron was just 15 years old, and a pupil at a private school in Amiens.

Brigitte, born into a wealthy family of chocolatiers in 1953, was his literature teacher, and a married mother of three.

Much has been made of their romance, and of the fact that Macron was just 17 when he declared his intention to marry Brigitte.

Macron’s parents, worried about the budding love affair, sent him away for his last year of high school. Brigitte eventually divorced and joined him in Paris.

The couple married in 2007.  They have no children together but Macron says his wife’s three children and seven grandchildren are his family.

Brigitte Macron often accompanies her husband on campaign stops, taking selfies and listening to people’s concerns. She also helps prepare his speeches.

A fashion lover, her style is often described as “modern” in French magazines.  She sat in the front row at recent Dior and Louis Vuitton shows.

She quit her job at a chic Parisian high school in 2015 to help her husband.  Former students at the Lycee Saint-Louis de Gonzague describe her as an enthusiastic, dynamic, joyful person keen to share her passion for French authors.

As a first lady, she has said she will continue to focus on young people. Different laws over there, I guess!