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Trump Administration Proposes New Asylum Rule

(Washington, DC-AP) — The Trump Administration is proposing a new restriction to crack down on migrants from Central America seeking asylum in the U.S.

The restriction would deny anyone who crosses the southern border from seeking asylum in the U.S. if they came through another country and did not seek asylum in that country. Meaning that a migrant from Honduras who did not seek asylum in Guatemala or Mexico would not be eligible for asylum in the United States.

Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan said the rule will help reduce a major “pull factor” and lead to fewer individuals “transiting through Mexico on a dangerous journey.” Attorney General William Barr called the rule a “lawful exercise of authority provided by Congress to restrict eligibility for asylum.”

Two Females Found Tied Together In Hudson River Are Sisters

(New York City, NY) – The mystery of who two females found duct-tape tied together in the Hudson River is unfolding. Authorities say they two girls have been identified as Saudi Arabian sisters, one 16 and the other 22.

Even though authorities have identified the sisters as Tala and Rotana Farea, they still haven’t determined how they died. The girls’ mother reported had reported 16-year old Tala as missing but terminated the search after she found out the teen was living with her sister in Fairfax, Virginia.  Both were asylum seekers and reportedly went missing often.

As police continue to look for clues of suicide or homicide, their mother says the day before they died she received a call from official at the Saudi Arabian Embassy, ordering the family to leave the U.S. because her daughters had applied for political asylum.

Saudi Arabia’s Consulate General in New York said in a statement that it had “appointed an attorney to follow the case closely.”

More Migrants At Border, Ready For Asylum Push

(San Diego, CA) – Hundreds of Central American migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. are getting ready to turn themselves in to Customs agents. A caravan of men, women and children are in Tijuana, Mexico.

They are expected to hit the border crossing at the U.S. late this afternoon hoping to make it into the United States under the asylum law. Lawyers from the U.S. have been setting up shop at shelters where the group has been staying, letting them know what they are in for when they meet Border Agents.

President Trump has told the Department of Homeland Security not to let the people into the country.