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Americans Would Lose Billions, Trump Backs Away From Threat To Shut Down Border Soon

(Washington, DC) — President Trump is backing away from his threat to shut down the southern border soon. At the White House today, Trump said he is giving Mexico a one-year warning to stem the flow of illicit drugs into the U.S.

He also threatened to impose tariffs on new motor vehicles that are being moved across the border. Trump argued that the U.S. immigration system is the most ridiculous thing he has ever seen. He blamed Democrats and made another pitch for a massive border wall.

Trump said the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs into the U.S. must be stopped. Trump plans to visit a location on the border in Southern California tomorrow.

It appears someone talked some sense in him.  Shutting the border down would cost the United States billions of dollars and cripple the economy. Everything from avocados to autos pass through the border.