Fit For A Queen: LHHATL’s Karen King Releases Ideal Fashion Couture Line

(SL) – Karen King has long been praised for her fashion sense and the reality star is finally sharing her vision with the world through a collection that is sure to stun even the most credentialed stylist or fashion critic.

Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star Karen King hit the runway this past weekend with partner, fashion designer Linda Bezuidenhout to deliver an eye-popping collection that featured fabrics and prints from different parts of the world like Europe and the Far East.

Bezuidenhout picked each fabric according to the couture piece that she had in mind and it resulted in a gorgeous set of 60 pieces that would give any designer a run for their fashion in any given season.  It was gorgeous. The duo premiered 40 pieces on the runway and the other 20 were exclusively released through their popup shop.

Some of Bezuidenhout’s favorite pieces included the sheer with 3D ensembles. The evening also included a performance by Karen King’s son, rapper Sas and guests were served delicious cuisine prepared by  Chef Trey who specializes in Italian, French and Australian dishes.

Bonus Pic: Linda Bezuidenhout’s 12-year old daughter designs couture dresses for dolls. The pre-teen gets her gift from her mom as some of her work is shown below.DSC_5262

Interested buyers can contact me at

Photographer: Christopher Calon – Copyright Sytonnia INC./Sytonnia LIVE

2 thoughts on “Fit For A Queen: LHHATL’s Karen King Releases Ideal Fashion Couture Line”

  1. This is the most beautiful, brilliant, eye opening, spirit awakening fashion designer I’ve seen in a while. It completely opened my soul!! Her fashion is from her inner core and she brings it to life through the colors and fabrics. Her heart to make the body look stellar, is AMAZING! Other designers seem to try and catch up with the next guy or girl, however, I can see where others are going to have to catch up to her, because her heart-stylish eye will keep you soaring! That’s what she does, she captures the heart of your soul, and styles it!! She will last longer than she can foresee!!!!

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