Here’s Why Mathew Knowles So Confidently Challenged Kelly Rowland To Put Her Girl Group Up Against BLUSHHH Music

(SL) – Mathew Knowles is the master when it comes to creating girl groups.  After all, he is the brain behind the international phenomenon that is Beyonce’. Now, Knowles is back with a new trio called BLUSHHH Music and at first glance you recognize the recipe and at first listen you recognize the sound…the sound of greatness and what could be the next female group to top the charts and possibly the world.

The comparisons will naturally come, but you’ll find out during my sit down with BLUSHHH that it’s not something that they’re worried about..they embrace the Destiny’s Child references and say Beyonce and the crew have been very supportive of what they’re trying to do. BLUSHHH Music is currently on their first  promo tour and we had the exclusive opportunity to follow them around for their first official performance.

From Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash Weekend, to Lennox Mall and getting no love from Sephora, we’re catching the humble beginnings of what could be the world’s next big girl group….So join us as we take you through the Rise of BLUSHHH Music!



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