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Donald Trump Becomes The 3rd President To Be Impeached, Nancy Pelosi Says No One Is Above The Law

(Washington, DC) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Trump has been held accountable and insists that “no one is above the law.” Talking with reporters at the Capitol, Pelosi called this week’s impeachment of the President a solemn and necessary action. She said she has not decided who will prosecute the case in a Senate trial and when the articles of impeachment will be formally submitted to the Senate. Pelosi argued that the process guiding a Senate trial should be fair.

Pelosi dismissed questions about critical comments from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell suggested that House Dems are getting cold feet about sending impeachment articles to the Senate. Pelosi said she doesn’t care what Republicans think.

There are two articles of impeachment: Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress.


Democratic Candidate Buttiegieg Asked About Late-Term Abortion

(Claremont, NH-AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttiegieg says he trusts women on whether to have late-term abortions. During a Fox News town hall last night, the South Bend, Indiana mayor deflected a question about late-term abortions.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace asked Buttiegieg if he believes there should be any limit on a woman’s right to an abortion at any point in their pregnancy. The candidate said the debate over abortion has “gotten so caught up in where you draw the line.

I trust women to draw the line.” Buttiegieg said fewer than one-percent of abortions in the U.S. are performed during the third trimester of pregnancy

De Blasio Calls President Trump “Con Don” on ABC’s “Good Morning America”

(New York, NY-AP) — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is joining a crowded field in the Democratic race for the White House.

On ABC’s “Good Morning America” he said what sets him apart from the other candidates is that he’s proven he can improve the lives of working Americans because he’s done it in the Big Apple with universal pre-K, paid sick leave and guaranteed health care for all.

De Blasio also coined a new nickname for President Trump, calling him “Con Don.” President Trump later responded to the mayor’s 2020 announcement via Twitter calling de Blasio a “joke” and claiming “NYC hates him.”

Biden Rakes In Serious Cash After Announcing White House Bid

(AP) – Former Vice President Joe Biden is cementing his status as a top candidate for president after bringing in six-point-three million dollars in fundraising in his first 24 hours as a candidate.

That’s the biggest one-day take for any of the 20 Democratic candidates so far. Biden’s campaign claims more than 96-thousand people contributed to his campaign.

Beto O’Rourke had raised six-point-one million and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders brought in five-point-nine million in their first 24 hours after announcing.

Senator Booker Considers Presidential Run

(Washington, DC-AP) — New Jersey Senator Cory Booker says he’ll consider running for president. Booker tells NJ Advance Media there are people in the Garden State and across the country who are talking to him about running for the Oval Office.

He says he’ll look at 2020 and adds he’s already banked just over four-million-dollars for his Senate re-election campaign. A recently enacted state law says Booker could seek both the presidency and another term in the Senate at the same time.

Biden Doesn’t Rule Out Run For President

(Washington, DC) – Joe Biden is giving himself until the end of the year to decide whether to run for President in 2020. In an interview on MSNBC, the former vice president says he would decide by the end of the year whether to seek the Democratic nomination.

The Delawarean noted he has favorable polling on his potential candidacy, and is waiting to see whether Democrats will field a viable winner before making his choice. The 75-year-old Biden didn’t run in 2016 after the death of his son, Beau, from brain cancer.

He will weigh a possible run against the impact it might have on his family.

China Officially Removes Term Limits

(Beijing) – China’s parliament has officially cleared the way to make Xi Jinping  president for life. The rubber stamp body removed term limits from the Constitution Sunday. The move was signaled last month by the nation’s ruling Communist Party.

The decision has critics and the government clamped down on some articles while pushing other news praising the decision.

Scouts Honor: Trump Vows To Fire Price (During Boy Scout’s Speech) If Healthcare Bill Fails

(SL) – Trump threatened to fire his Health and Human Services secretary, Dr. Tom Price, during a speech to the Boy Scouts, which he promised wouldn’t be political and would be about finding personal success.

Trump pulled Price onstage, saying that he ‘lives the Scout oath’ by keeping ‘millions of Americans strong and healthy’ in his role, before bringing up an important Senate Obamacare repeal vote tomorrow, and suggesting it would be the cabinet member’s head that would roll if Congressional Republicans came up short.

‘By the way, are you going to get the votes?’ Trump asked Price. ‘He better get them,’ Trump told the crowd. ‘He better get them. Otherwise, I’ll say “Tom, you’re fired.”‘

France Elects Youngest President In History, First Lady Is Teacher He Had An Affair With As A Teenager

(SL) – Former President Barack Obama vouched for him and he got it right. Emmanuel Macron has beaten Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s election and taken more than 65 per cent of the vote, according to exit polls.

tdy_news_engel_france_elections_170424__306158.nbcnews-ux-1080-600Polling conducted by Ipsos, Ifop and BVA all gave Mr Macron, the pro-business candidate, a strong lead over Front National leader Marine Le Pen.

It comes after a massive hacking attack on Mr. Macron’s campaign database over the weekend which saw hundreds of thousands of private emails and official documents dumped online. Sound familiar?

Macron spoke saying, “I salute my adversary Ms Le Pen, I know why people chose to vote for an extreme party. I know the doubt, the fear they expressed.

“And it is my responsibility to take on those concerns and guarantee our unity and responsibility for our country.

“From tomorrow we will modernize politics, recognize pluralism, revitalize democracy. This will be my first mission, respecting everyone.”

macronPoised and committed, his campaign had been ruled by scandal after it surfaced that his 64-year old wife (Macron is 39) was a teacher that he had an affair with.

The Telegraph reports, the couple met in 1992, when Macron was just 15 years old, and a pupil at a private school in Amiens.

Brigitte, born into a wealthy family of chocolatiers in 1953, was his literature teacher, and a married mother of three.

Much has been made of their romance, and of the fact that Macron was just 17 when he declared his intention to marry Brigitte.

Macron’s parents, worried about the budding love affair, sent him away for his last year of high school. Brigitte eventually divorced and joined him in Paris.

The couple married in 2007.  They have no children together but Macron says his wife’s three children and seven grandchildren are his family.

Brigitte Macron often accompanies her husband on campaign stops, taking selfies and listening to people’s concerns. She also helps prepare his speeches.

A fashion lover, her style is often described as “modern” in French magazines.  She sat in the front row at recent Dior and Louis Vuitton shows.

She quit her job at a chic Parisian high school in 2015 to help her husband.  Former students at the Lycee Saint-Louis de Gonzague describe her as an enthusiastic, dynamic, joyful person keen to share her passion for French authors.

As a first lady, she has said she will continue to focus on young people. Different laws over there, I guess!