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He’s Bold, Man Rushes Stage At Beyonce And Jay Z Concert Atlanta

(Atlanta, GA) – Jay Z and Beyonce always display some elaborate visuals during their concerts.  But one sight fans weren’t expecting was a drunk man running on stage.  He was stopped by the backup dancers, but you have to ask….how’d he get up there anyway?

The OTR II tour features a pretty involved set that allows them to interact with their fans in pretty much every area, especially on the floor.  A long runway is featured as well as steps that appear to lead down to the crowd which seems to be the route the stage buster took to get to the billionaire couple.

Reports claim he actually touched Jay Z before he was apprehended by backup dancers and security guards. The 26-year old is now being charged with battery and disorderly conduct. Jay Z and Beyonce were unharmed.

Did Rachel Roy Out Herself As Jay Z’s Mistress

(SL) – Where is Solange? 😉 If you ever wondered why Beyonce stood back calm and collected while Solange unleashed a barrage of kicks and punches at Jay Z in that notorious elevator scene after the Met Gala, some of the megastar’s new album “Lemonade” might give some insight.

solange-600After the HBO special, Beyonce released the album on Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal Saturday night and there is a strong theme of adultery and numerous references to an unfaithful partner.

Even though the album sounds intensely personal, there was no proof that she was talking about her marriage to Jay z directly until Rachel Roy decided to be bold and reference the lyrics, “He better call Becky with the good hair.”337BA71C00000578-3556292-image-m-4_1461511353661Sorry, the 4th track on Lemonade hits back at a guy for his lame attempt at an apology after he cheated on his lady.  “Middle fingers up, put them hands high,” Beyonce sings. “Wave it in his face, tell him, boy, bye. Tell him, boy, bye, middle fingers up. I ain’t thinking ‘bout you.” So good. The song ends by calling out the girl he cheated with: “He better call Becky with the good hair.”

Hours after the special aired Roy took to her Instagram page and made the below post.

Now of course one could argue that Rachel’s post had nothing to do with Beyonce’s lyrics but she’s never mentioned ‘good hair’ ever before in or during her online existence. EVER. You also have to remember that when it was first reported that the fight in the elevator was about Rachel’s indiscretions with Sean Carter, she messily quoted lyrics from one of Jay Z’s songs on her twitter page.  And most tellingly, why delete the comment and make your IG page private after Beyonce’s fans gave you the response you were looking for?  I know she didn’t think that people were too busy sipping lemonade to notice.

Some of Beyonce’s lyrics on the Lemonade album:

Needless to say the ‘Beyhive’ wasted no time in dragging Rachel to possible extinction.  I don’t know what she was thinking, but  alluding to a possible affair with the world’s most beloved female singer’s husband is not a smart chess move. Not only was Rachel’s Wikipedia profile hacked, she received so much negative backlash that she made her IG private.  If she could still keep verification on twitter privately, she probably would’ve closed that page off to the public as well.

The Beyhive Attacks Rachel Roy For Taunting Beyonce:

Not sure what her point was/is but she should probably tape her twitter fingers together and call it a wrap. Seeming to find the error of her ways, Rachel then tried to post a message on twitter about respecting marriage, love, families and strength and closed the tweet by saying bullying shouldn’t be tolerated. Huh? Time for Rachel Roy to have several seats and hope that she still has a job tomorrow morning and that her clothing line doesn’t fold from the subsequent scrutiny of not only her ignorance but the glorification of potentially being someone’s sidepiece.