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Adding More Damage To Foreign Relationships: Trump Plans To Move Embassy And Recognize Jerusalem As The Capital Of Israel

(SL) CNN reports,  President Donald Trump’s fragile political standing among American voters may be about to cause dangerous reverberations in the Middle East.

His announcement Wednesday that he will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and begin to relocate the US embassy there from Tel Aviv is sparking debate over what the President personally, and the United States, will gain given that the decision marks a sharp foreign policy turn and comes with such high risks.

Critics doubt that the President is acting on the basis of long-held principles or a coherent national security strategy and charge he is instead determined to further personal goals at a time when he needs to show his political base that he is rapidly ticking off his campaign promises.
The question is especially acute because there are so many potential downsides. There are fears Trump’s action will trigger violence against Americans and US interests and a wider Middle East conflagration, especially in countries where leaders support the US government. The US Consulate in Jerusalem warned Americans to be wary of demonstrations after Palestinian factions called for “three days of rage” across the West Bank.
Trump’s decision will defy explicit appeals from allied leaders in the Middle East and Europe and could therefore damage American foreign policy goals and relationships. The move is likely to squander any remaining idea that the United States can be an honest broker in the stalled final status talks between Israel and the Palestinians. It is also likely to squelch son-in-law Jared Kushner’s attempt to revive the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue.

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Scouts Honor: Trump Vows To Fire Price (During Boy Scout’s Speech) If Healthcare Bill Fails

(SL) – Trump threatened to fire his Health and Human Services secretary, Dr. Tom Price, during a speech to the Boy Scouts, which he promised wouldn’t be political and would be about finding personal success.

Trump pulled Price onstage, saying that he ‘lives the Scout oath’ by keeping ‘millions of Americans strong and healthy’ in his role, before bringing up an important Senate Obamacare repeal vote tomorrow, and suggesting it would be the cabinet member’s head that would roll if Congressional Republicans came up short.

‘By the way, are you going to get the votes?’ Trump asked Price. ‘He better get them,’ Trump told the crowd. ‘He better get them. Otherwise, I’ll say “Tom, you’re fired.”‘