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On The Shop: Lonzo Ball Opens Up About Family Friend Betrayal And Everyone’s Shocked About Magic Johnson’s Exit

(Los Angeles, CA) – LeBron James is bringing some real barber shop talk on his HBO show’ The Shop’.  Most recently he had Lakers’ PG Lonzo Ball on.  Ball has been mostly quiet about the inner turmoil his family’s business is currently going through.
Longtime family friend and business associate Alan Foster is accused of stealing close to $2 million dollars from the Big Baller Brand and Lonzo Ball, something Lonzo says hurt him to the core. What’s even more disturbing is Lonzo’s mother Tina always managed the money but after she had a stroke, Foster stepped up to take care of the family finances.
Ball said covering up the triple Bs on his arm is part of the healing process.  He says every time he looked at it he thought of Foster.
Also on ‘The Shop’, LeBron James like most of us said he was stunned by Magic Johnson’s resignation from the Lakers last month. James made his first public comments about Johnson surprisingly stepping down as president of basketball operations and said he was given no warning or heads-up on the decision.
Other reports say Magic resigned after being mistakenly CCd on an email that discuss his performance in a negative way.

Saban: The show Will Go On Despite LeBron James Complaint

(Tuscaloosa, AL) – Alabama coach Nick Saban isn’t scrapping a program that drew a complaint from LeBron James.And James isn’t backing down, either.On Monday, a representative for James sent a letter on his behalf to Alabama, claiming the Crimson Tide’s ”Shop Talk” trailer uses”ideas, concepts and format” from a program on the digital media platform the Cavaliers’ superstar co-founded.Last year, James’ ”Uninterrupted” aired ”The Shop,” where the three-time NBA champion, Golden State forward Draymond Green and others talk in a barber shop.5ac24438f1316548008b470c-750-417Saban said he didn’t know about James’ show, and contends the concept isn’t new.”I think LeBron James is a great player,” Saban said. ‘‘There’s been at least 20 barbershop-type things I’ve seen. I didn’t even know he had one. I’m sorry anybody could be offended by something we were just trying to have fun with. I enjoyed it and we’re going to continue to do it.”Alabama released a trailer on Twitter for ”Shop Talk” showing Saban and NFL receiver Julio Jones in a barber shop setting.”Uninterrupted” sent a letter to Alabama, citing concerns over copyright infringement and intellectual property.

Following Tuesday’s win over Toronto in Cleveland, James was told about Saban’s stance.”That’s exactly what I would think he would say,” James said. ”I built ”Uninterrupted” for a reason and for us athletes to have a platform to be able to speak about whatever we want to talk about.I respect him as a coach, but I’ll be damned if I’ll allow someone to use our platform or try to do the same thing we’re doing and just think it’s OK.”The lawyers will figure it out.”