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Ken’neka Jenkins’ Relatives To Appear On Dr. Oz Show Today

(SL) – Relatives of the young Chicago woman who was found dead in a hotel freezer will appear this afternoon on a national television show. The mother and sister of Kenneka Jenkins are set to discuss the case on “The Dr. Oz Show.”

The 19-year-old was discovered dead early last month after attending a party in a ninth-floor room at the Rosemont Hotel.

Her death was ruled an accident and that she died of exposure to cold, with alcohol and prescription medication as contributing factors.

Who Cut The Freezer On And Drugged Her? Ken’neka Jenkins’ Autopsy Report Is Suspicious

(SL) – The autopsy report of 19-year old Ken’neka Jenkins, the teen that was found dead in an unoccupied hotel freezer, has finally been released almost a month after it was completed.

Dated Sept. 10th at 10am, the 13-page report says Ken’neka had alcohol and Topiramate (which is used for nerve pain and epilepsy) in her system indicating that she more than likely was slipped a drug sometime during the night.


Previously reported as inconclusive, the report lists the cause of death as hypothermia but questions still abound considering the freezer she was found in was in an unused kitchen in the hotel. So why was the freezer on; and not just on but basically dipped down to freezing. Who cut the freezer/cooler on?

The report suggests that even after the freezer door had been open for two hours the temperature inside was still 34 degrees.

Video shows Ken’neka walking into the kitchen alone but no video has been released proving that she entered the freezer on her own and shut the door.

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Kenneka Jenkins Laid To Rest, Death Still A Mystery

(SL) –  In a case that’s either unsolved or closed, depending on who you ask, 19-Year Old Kenneka Jenkins’ family said goodbye to the teen after she was found dead inside a hotel freezer.  She was laid to rest Saturday at the House of Hope Church in Chicago, but her death still remains a mystery.

Earlier reports claimed the teen, under the influence, walked into an unoccupied freezer at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel and Conference Center in suburban Rosemont, Illinois implying that she froze to death.

FUNERAL100117-6-.jpgHowever, most people, including Kenneka’s mom Tereasa Martin believe that foul play was involved but the police have yet to declare her death a homicide. Citing not enough evidence, social media and friends of the young girl paint a different picture.

A video shared by Irene Roberts showed Kenneka in attendance at the party she threw at the Crowne Plaza to celebrate her birthday, but sometime during the night Kenneka left the room and that’s when things went left.

There are reports of gang members being in attendance and audio seems to confirm beliefs that someone was raped during the party.

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