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Teen Vaping On The Rise

(AP) – Alcohol and opioid use among teens is down, but vaping is up. An annual survey titled Monitoring the Future found that the use of electronic cigarettes, hookah or similar devices, is the second-most common form of substance abuse, behind drinking alcohol.

Nearly one in three high school sophomores and more than one in three seniors say they’ve vaped in the past year. The Food and Drug Administration is trying to curb underage vaping by restricting the sale of sweet-flavored electronic cigarette liquids.

Autistic Teen Basketball Player Defies Odds, Headed To Kent State

(Little Rock, AR) – At 18-years old standing at 6 feet 10 inches, it’s no surprise that Kalin Bennett has signed a national letter of intent to play D1 basketball at Kent State.  What’s amazing about this story is that Kalin has autism.
A serious developmental disorder that impairs one’s ability to communicate and interact, Kalin didn’t walk until he was four and didn’t start talking until he was 7.  Some people with autism never talk and anything close to being sociable is a dream. Kalin himself says that he used to hate being around people.  Now, he just might be the first autistic student athlete to play  D1 college hoops.
Bennett says, “I used to be in the corner, like, I wouldn’t say nothing, I used to not like people at all,” he said. “I was always by myself, always alone.”Kalin’s mom Sonja Bennett adds, “He’s overcome being nonverbal. He’s sociable now, he focuses on you, he talks to you, he’ll hug you.”
Inspiring indeed, the teen credits basketball for helping him beat his condition; and a very supportive mother of course who reassures Kalin daily that he can do and be whatever he wants.  Kalin started playing in 3rd grade and his mother says it was the game of basketball that helped him build his self-esteem and with the brotherhood his teamwork skills excelled as well.
Kalin who will head to Ohio next fall to play for Kent State is also gifted at math and music.  He plays four instruments with percussion being his favorite.
Can’t isn’t a word.

Too Much Too Soon! The Ever-Changing Features Of Kylie Jenner

(SL) – Kylie Jenner’s latest photo shoot might be one of her most revealing yet and one can’t help but notice all of her enhancements. The weave, bronzer 2DB59F4F00000578-0-image-m-12_1445625089050fake nails, lashes, pumped up lips, hips and derriere, granted photo shop is alive and well but Kylie obviously has some explaining to do.  One main question, why? This child is barely 18. Recent images also show her endorsing the fake magic of a waist-trainer.

The teen seemingly can’t wait for mother nature to finish her work. But, if you follow in Kim, Kris, Khloe and Bruce/Caitlyn’s footsteps, it’s nothing a good doctor can’t fix.

Whereas she doesn’t have the chiseled model features like older sister Kendall, I always thought Kylie’s looks were more commercial…little lips and all. I wonder if she knows how cute she is without the enhancements.  I just hope everything is in fact….temporary. kylie-jenner-butt-injections

She spent months denying lip injections before coming clean; and as for her more curvaceous body, the baby of the group blames a 15lb weight gain. I’m no body expert but I’ve never seen a person’s whole body take on a completely different shape because of weight gain.

Take a look at the Gallery and it’s clear there’s a little bit more going on than just added pounds. Kylie, you’re beautiful just the way you are!kylie-jenner-in-2010


Miss Vogue’s Debut Cover Boy Is Brooklyn Beckham

(Daily Mail) – Having seen his parents grace the cover of the fashion magazine it was perhaps inevitable that he would eventually do so himself.

Brookl2BEF8FA200000578-3221723-image-a-199_1441318646461yn Beckham has made it a hat trick for the family by appearing on the front of October’s issue of Miss Vogue. Where he grants his first ever interview.

The 16-year-old gives an exclusive peek into family life, dating, his London and LA hang outs, future plans and famous friends.

The eldest child of David and Victoria cut a trendy figure on the cover as he posed alongside a model. He wore a monogrammed baseball jacket and snap for a black and white snap inside.

The Beckham’s are front row regulars at high fashion runway shows.

Brooklyn, who recently celebrated passing all of his GCSEs, told the magazine he wants to go on to study art and photography in America after finishing his A Levels.

Talking about his future career prospects, he said: ‘I love football, but I’m also very passionate about photography and film. I’m keeping my options open right now.’

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Houston Teen Accidentally Kills Himself Taking Selfie With Gun

(CNN) –   Instead of starting college a 19-year Houston man will be buried after accidentally killed himself Tuesday while taking selfies with a gun.

downloadCNN reports the gun blast hit Deleon Alonso Smith in the throat. The teenager had two young children and was supposed to start attending college Wednesday. Smith’s sister said, “It’s just crazy how somebody could be here one minute. And in seconds, they gone.” She also said it wasn’t a suicide attempt.

Family members were shocked.

“It’s the worst feeling in my life,” Eric Douglas, the victim’s uncle said.

“It’s a numb feeling. It’s still unbelievable,” Smith’s grandmother Alma Douglas told the station. “Yesterday was my birthday and he came to wish me happy birthday, and then to hear this kind of news.”

Smith's Sister (Left) speaks to the press.
Smith’s Sister (Left) speaks to the press.

Investigator’s told CNN affiliate KPRC that Smith’s cousin was in another room at the time the gun went off.

The cousin told police they found the gun earlier in the day. They’re investigating.

Death by selfie? It’s been happening a lot lately.Russian police release brochured after spate of fatal accidents showing how some selfies could cut your life short.

Dangerous Selfies