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Suge Knight Takes Plea Deal, Will Serve 28 Years in Prison

(Los Angeles, CA) – If there was ever a real bogey man, ask anybody in the music industry and they’d probably say Suge Knight was it.  Using a street mentality and no limit scare and enforcement tactics, the former football player was able to turn Death Row Records into one of the most profitable labels in the business. With a roster that once included Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Dr. Dre, it’s easy to see how Knight was able to build the empire that he did.

But in the faithful words of Reality star Nene Leakes,’You never win when you’re dirty.’ And that empire crumbled about as fast as it was built and life and business continued to roll downhill for knight.

His recent troubles involve manslaughter in which Suge was seen on video running over a man in his truck at a Compton burger establishment three years ago. His trial for murder, attmepted murder and hit-and-run was set to start with jury selection on Monday.  But, the former Death Row Executive was in court yesterday to enter a no contest plea to voluntary manslaughter and see a host of other charges dropped. In the deal, he’ll serve 28 years in prison.

Snoop Dogg Credits Tupac For Helping Him Keep His Marriage Together

(SL) – Snoop Dogg says he is married to his current wife because of Tupac. The rapper revealed on “The View” last week that he almost split from his wife of twenty years because his friends told him he should just be single, but Tupac told him he should stick with her because she loved him.

He and his partner, Shante Broadus, will be celebrating 21 years of marriage together this summer. They have three kids together.

Celebs And People From Many Corners Of The World Show Support For Bullied Student Keaton Jones

(SL) – Sometimes one has to wonder how some parents raise their kids. It all starts at home and some of these kids just flat-out don’t have any couth or home training.

As evidenced in the recent bullying of Tennessee middle schooler Keaton Jones whose mother shared a video, that has now gone viral, of him describing the treatment he was receiving from certain kids at school.

Keaton’s mother posted the tearful tale and as the youngster recounts how his classmates have tormented him, it breaks your heart. In the clip he explains through tears that bullies make fun of him because of his nose, call him ugly and have even poured milk on him. The video has been viewed over 20 million times and touched just about everybody including some celebs.


Everyone from LeBron James to Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, Chris Evans, Demi Lovato and Millie Bobby Brown are offering the boy some encouragement with posts on social media. Evans invited Keaton to next year’s premiere of the new “Avengers” movie while Snoop told him to direct message him because they’re now friends for life.