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Detroit Radio Station Bans Kanye West’s Music

(Detroit, MI) – A Detroit radio station is no longer playing Kanye West’s music because of his comments about slavery. The hosts of 105.1 The Bounce announced yesterday his songs were banned from the airwaves because they think his speech too far by saying slavery was a choice. West made that comment during an appearance on “TMZ Live” earlier this week.

He said he believed it must have been since it existed for so long, then later wrote on Twitter that he only meant that people were mentally enslaved. His comments followed his series of tweets last week expressing his support for President Trump, who he said is his brother. The hosts of The Bounce say they no longer want to talk about the rapper, and refuse to continue giving him a platform.

Meanwhile, footwear company Adidas announced yesterday it is continuing its partnership with West, despite his controversial remarks. A petition was started online asking Adidas to drop the rapper over his slavery beliefs. The company’s CEO said West’s comment was just an idea, and that he is an important part of Adidas’ strategy.

Roy Moore Says America Was Great During Slavery

(SL) – Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore says America was great during the days of slavery. Moore made the comment earlier this year, and it resurfaced in a viral tweet Thursday.

The comment comes from a report in the “Los Angeles Times” published last September. Moore was asked when America was last great, and he acknowledged that the U.S. had a history of racial tensions.

He then said, “I think it was great at the time when families were united–even though we had slavery, they cared for one another.” Moore has been under fire for multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

In related new, One of Roy Moore’s accusers is denying reports that she forged the Alabama Senate candidate’s signature in her high school yearbook. The attorney for Beverly Young Nelson said they’ve confirmed the writing belongs to Moore. Gloria Allred told a press conference today that Nelson admits to adding the date to the end of the message as a way to remember when the yearbook was signed.