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Remy Ma Borrows Beat From Nas, ‘shETHER’ Melts Wax Off Of Self Proclaimed ‘Barbie’ Nicki Minaj

(SL)- There have been some pretty lyrical rap battles in the history of music, but none quite like this. Well, I can’t even call it a battle because whatever Nicki allegedly released with Gucci doesn’t directly reference Remy Ma.  But Remy Ma isn’t into subliminal jabs or sneak attacks. She’s aiming straight for Barbie’s head and from the first word, Nicki knows she’s coming directly for her and it isn’t pretty.

remy-ma-shether-a-620x413Nicki also tried to take shots at Remy’s albums sales with Fat Joe and the track All The Way Up. However the song was nominated for a Grammy, so why she posted numbers from a debut week, I will never know. Unless, the post was made months ago. ‘All The Way Up’ clearly blew ….all the way up!

3dacd3e000000578-4260224-image-a-88_1488061461033The track is a play on Ether, the famous 2001 diss track by Nas against  Jay Z. Remy is dropping a lot of scoop in the track and to be honest I’m not quite sure how Minaj could even try to respond.

1488055314_8d8f4dfe9942b107983759e94c5ed70eThe lyrics are too explicit to share the track outright, but here’s a link…take a listen 

Remy Ma ‘shETHER’ Private Link  

Apparently this rap beef goes all the way back before Remy did her bid. This is personal. The bones to all of Nicki’s skeleton’s are probably trying to put themselves back together again. SCANDALOUS.