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DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Sanctuary Cities

(Tallahassee, FL-AP) — Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is signing a bill that bans any sanctuary cities in his state. The new law also forces local law enforcement to work with ICE.

Organizations oppose to the measure say it will create a larger rift between law enforcement and those here illegally because of fear, but supporters of the bill say this simply is not true.

Local government agencies that do not follow the law can face judicial proceedings, and institutions within both the state university system and the Florida college system will also need to follow this law. It will go into effect in October.

Trump Says He Is Still Considering Dumping Illegal Immigrants In Sanctuary Cities, Pelosi Responds

(Washington, DC-AP) — President Trump says he is still considering dumping illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. In a tweet today, Trump accused Democrats of being unwilling to change “very dangerous immigration laws.” The idea was previously floated and rejected by administration officials. It was seen as a retaliatory move against Dems, who support sanctuary cities. Meantime, Trump accused the “Radical Left” of favoring open borders.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she hasn’t seen a report about President Trump and sanctuary cities but she’s calling it unworthy of the presidency. At the end of the House Democrats’ annual retreat in Northern Virginia, Pelosi said the U.S. is a nation of immigrants. The Washington Post is reporting that the Trump administration urged U.S. immigration officials to ship illegal migrants from the southern border to sanctuary cities across the country.

The cities included San Francisco, which Pelosi represents in Congress. The request was seen as way for President Trump to retaliate against political adversaries, but it never went anywhere.