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It’s Super Bowl LIII And That No Call That Cost The Saints A Trip To The Big Game Is Still Fresh On Reggie Bush’s Mind

(Atlanta, GA) – We’re four days away from Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta Georgia and people are still waiting to see what the NFL and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell are going to do about the double penalty that cost the New Orleans Saints a trip to the big game.  Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman says he will pay the fine for the helmet to helmet hit he put on Saints’ WR Tommylee lewis, but that’s hardly what Saints fans and former players want to hear.

If Robey-Coleman has been fined, then clearly a penalty should’ve been in place.  Granted the refs have admitted that they missed both calls, helmet-to-helmet and pass interference, but there’s been no reversal of the no-call and the Saints are still in New Orleans while the Rams prepare to take on the Patriots Sunday for Super Bowl 53.

Former NFL baller and NFL Network Analyst Reggie Bush says neither one of those refs deserve to be working in the NFL and that he’s anxious to see what Roger Goodell is going to do.


Woman Believed To Be Reggie Bush’s Sidepiece Reportedly Keeps Hush Money And Baby?

(SL) – Reggie Bush hasn’t been married to his Armenian wife Lilit for hat long and if the rumors are true not only has he already strayed but he’s expecting another child with his mistress, who could be 6 months pregnant.

Her name is Monique Exposito and reportedly Bush gave her a multi-million dollar payout to not only keep quiet about their affair but to have an abortion as well. Reggie Bush is married to Lilit Avagyan and has two children with his wife of 2 years but I don’t know how much real love is shared here.

Bush has allegedly been running around with Monique who is rumored to have had dealings with Alonzo Mourning as well..but what’s really scandalous is that she’s believed to be married herself to Frenchman Alexandra Bastin but the union is rumored to be one of US citizenship based so she wouldn’t get deported.

There is a twist though. Exposito is accused of having several lovers so it’s possible that Reggie isn’t the daddy, but , considering that he reportedly dipped his pen in her ink, he could be.