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Air Force Won’t Investigate McSally Rape Disclosure Without Her Cooperation

(Washington, DC-AP) – The Air Force will not investigate Senator Martha McSally’s disclosure about being raped without her cooperation. McSally has said she did not report the rape at the time it occurred and won’t participate in an investigation.

The Arizona Republican disclosed this week that she had been raped by a superior officer while she was in the Air Force. A statement from the Air Force says it is ready to investigate if McSally decides to offer more information. McSally was a colonel when she retired from the Air Force and the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat.

Harvey Weinstein Sex Assault Case Headed To trial In Manhattan

(New York, NY-AP) — The Harvey Weinstein sex assault case is headed to trial. A Manhattan judge just refused to dismiss criminal charges against the disgraced movie mogul. The 66-year-old is facing five rape and sex assault charges after one sex assault charge was dismissed earlier. Weinstein’s lawyer, Ben Brafman, argued that the entire case was tainted by botched police work, including alleged interference by Police Detective Nicholas DiGaudio with a witness and accuser.

But, Assistant District Attorney Kevin Wilson said there’s no way allegations against the detective have prejudiced the case. More than 80 women across the nation have come forward since late last year to accuse Weinstein of sexual misconduct, prompting the Me Too movement.

Sick: West Virginia Man Convicted Of Incest With Three-Year-Old Daughter

(Bluefield, WV) – A 26-year old man from West Virginia has been convicted of incest with his 3-year-old daughter.

The sickening case of Henry Vincent Bennett unfolded in a Bluefield, West Virginia courtroom but started back in February when he was first arrested for sexually assaulting his daughter.

Reportedly, back then, the 3-year-old told family members that she was being sexually abused.  Subsequently, she told state child safety workers that her father had put his ‘butt’ on her ‘butt’.  The little girl made a penis out of play-doh and said it was her father’s ‘butt’.5c11965e9984c.image A string of disturbing lies followed after the father was questioned by authorities.  He initially denied any wrongdoing but then quickly asserted that he had in fact, mistakenly, had contact with the girl.  Bennett claimed he sexually assaulted his daughter on two occasions.  One, in which he claims he used a sex toy and another incident where he said the little girl performed oral sex on him.

Even more shocking, Bennett said he mistook his 30lb daughter for his 185lb wife. With the first act, he said he ‘accidentally’ placed the sex toy inside the girls’ buttocks. And the oral sex incident supposedly happened when he was wife performing oral sex on him and got up to use the bathroom.  Bennett stated that while his wife was in the restroom, his daughter walked into the room and started performing oral sex on him before he realized it wasn’t his 24-year-old wife April who was also arrested.


Bennett would later try to say that his confession wasn’t true and that he was pressured by police to make the story up.  He said authorities told him he could go home if he confessed. But during his tearful testimony, Bennett confirmed the confession was true when the prosecutor was grilling him about how he could mistake his tiny daughter for his adult sized wife. Bennett told the courtroom, “I was laying on my back.  I thought it was April and when I rolled over the girl yelled.”

It jurors just 30 minutes to convict Bennett on two counts each of first degree sexual assault, sexual abuse by a parent and incest. His wife April copped a deal that pleading guilty to child neglect. April is free on bail awaiting sentencing scheduled for next month.

Henry Vincent Bennett is in the Southern Regional Jail in Beaver, WV.  He could face 80-270 years in prison.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Avoids Rape Charges

(Los Angeles, CA) –  A woman claimed singer Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys fame forced her into a bathroom in 2003 and forced himself on her.  But reportedly, the charge or a potential case won’t see the light of day because the statue of limitations ran out in 2013.

Carter has maintained that he was innocent saying the sex was consensual.  Quite sure he’s relieved to know he no longer has to worry about facing possible rape charges.

Ex-Stanford Swimmer Convicted Of Rape Denied New Trial

(Stanford, CA-AP) – The former Stanford University swimmer convicted of sexual assault will not get a new trial. An appeals court refused to overturn Brock Turner’s conviction, ruling that he did receive a fair trial.

He was convicted of assaulting another student while she was unconscious outside a frat party. A judge gave Turner a light, six month sentence even though prosecutors pushed for a long prison term. He ended up serving three months before being released.

Trump Talks About Rape During Immigration Comments

(White Sulphur Springs, WV) – President Trump says women trying to enter the U.S. illegally are “being raped at levels never seen before.” He did not elaborate during a speech in West Virginia today.

Trump defended his tough immigration policies and said immigration laws must be changed. He again vowed to build a massive border wall and slammed sanctuary cities. He also accused Democrats of being weak on immigration.

This week, Trump authorized deployment of National Guard troops along the southern border. Troops will be supporting the operations of the U.S. Border Patrol.

Superior Court Judge Accused Of Improper Conduct After Asking Rape Victim If She Kept Her Legs Closed

(Trenton, NJ) – A Superior Court judge in New Jersey is being accused of violating the code of judicial conduct by asking a rape victim if she kept her legs closed. Ocean County Judge John Russo Junior has been barred from the bench and faces four charges that were announced Monday.

In addition to the rape victim incident, Russo is accused of using his office to influence scheduling of a personal legal matter, failing to recuse himself from a case where he had a personal relationship and improperly communicating with someone in a paternity matter he oversaw.

Russo has been on paid administrative leave after refusing a mental health evaluation. He’s suing for workplace discrimination.

8-Year Old Cherish Perrywinkle Suffered Horribly At The Hands Of Her Rapist And Murderer, Graphic Details Leave Courtroom Shook

(Jacksonville, FL) – The rape, kidnapping and murder trial of  now 66-Year old Donald Smith continued Tuesday. And what the courtroom heard shook pretty much everyone present, some to the point of tears.

The graphic details of the rape and murder of Cherish Perrywinkle are unimaginable and what her accuser did following her death is just as awful. The medical examiner testified that Cherish had been raped to a point that her genitals were distorted.  Semen, reportedly was found in her vagina, anus and mouth.

Jacksonville.com reports, bruising, excessive tearing of tissue and broken blood vessels from hemorrhaging — were shown in photographs and explained in length to the jury Tuesday. Valerie Rao, the chief medical examiner for the 4th Judicial Circuit explained her findings from Cherish’s autopsy.308x174_JPG-SINGLE_3837231176779153305

“Bruising right here, right here, right here, a scratch here and a small bruise here,” she said pointing out just the left leg of Cherish.

Still left to show and describe to the jury were the bruises from excessive sucking on Cherish’s chest; the bruises on her buttocks; on her arms; her other leg; the ligature marks on her neck from the strangulation.

“There was tremendous force on her neck such that she could not breathe. She suffered swelling of the brain,” Rao said.

She explained how the vessels in the eyes are delicate and what happens to them when a person is being suffocated. On Monday, State Attorney Melissa Nelson said, “He gagged her, raped her, he sodomized her, then he strangled her. He gagged her with such force, her gums and nostrils bled. He strangled her with such force her eyeballs bled,” Nelson said. “Cherish did not die quickly, and she did not die easily. In fact, hers was a brutal and tortured death.”


As testimony continued, it was revealed that Smith’s jail conversations were recorded while the sex offender was awaiting trial.

Smith was asked about Cherish, “if she had some butt on her.”“She had a lot for a white girl,” Smith was recorded saying.

The audio as well as a recording of Smith saying that 12- to 13-year-old girls were his target and that he wouldn’t mind running into a particular girl at Walmart were the last pieces of the state’s evidence presented to the jurors before the state rested its case Tuesday afternoon. After a short recess, the defense rested its case too without calling any witnesses.

“I don’t want to testify,” Smith, 61, told Judge Mallory Cooper.


Telling It Like It Is: Ashleigh Banfield Calls Out Ansari Accuser For Throwing ‘Bad Date’ Into The #MeToo Movement

(SL) – Finally, someone with the courage to really acknowledge an accusation for what it is. Ladies, be clear. If you willingly participate in sexual activity with someone, it is irresponsible of you to turn around and play victim at the expense of his or her livelihood. It’s not right. Feeling guilty about or not enjoying what you chose to do sexually with someone does not constitute rape or assault.

Watch HLN’s Ashleigh Banfield tell Aziz Ansari’s 23-year old accuser what most of us were thinking:

I’ve seen blogs claiming that Ansari and other men to need to pay closer attention and realize that it’s not okay. What’s not okay? It’s not okay for a man to let a woman willing to perform oral sex on him do it? Let’s stop making the narrative one-sided. Ansari isn’t a mind reader. If your lips are saying yes, but your mind is thinking something else…how is he supposed to know that? He’s not a genie in a bottle or a psychic. Let’s be responsible for our own actions. If you are not being forced, take responsibility for what YOU chose to do in that moment.



The Story Of Recy Taylor And Why You Should Know Her

(SL) – Recy Taylor died December 28th, 2017, 3 days before her 98th birthday but her story will forever live on as a staple example of the sexual abuse, rape and overall injustice that transcends as Oprah Winfrey said, every culture, geography, race, religion, politics or workplace.

In 1944, 24-year-old Recy Taylor and two friends were walking back from a late-night church service in Abbeville, Ala., when seven young white men in a car stopped them and threatened them with a gun. Taylor was abducted, blindfolded forced to enter the car, and the men drove off with her into the woods where they raped on her . They kept her for 4-5 hours and no one knows exactly what all they did to her, but it was horrific.

They warned her that if she said anything about it they would kill her.

“Some white boys took me out there and messed with me,” said Taylor in a 2011 NPR interview with journalist Michel Martin.


The brutal crime was eventually reported to the civil rights organisation, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

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