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Jury Selection Starts Today For Trial Of James Fields

(Charlottesville, VA-AP) — Jury selection is underway for the trial of the man accused of driving his car into a crowd at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year.

Twenty-one-year-old self-described neo-Nazi James Fields Junior is charged with first-degree murder and other charges for the car attack, which killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injured almost three dozen others. He faces up to life in prison.

Nooses, Hate Signs Found At Mississippi State Capitol

(Jackson, MS-AP) — An investigation is underway after two nooses, along with several hate signs, were found hanging at the Mississippi State Capitol this morning.

Police took the nooses and signs down, and are refusing to show surveillance videos while they are actively investigating. Police are reviewing the tapes to determine who is responsible for setting up the racist display.

Megyn Kelly Rolls Back Blackface Comments After Getting Dragged On Social Media, Reportedly Exiting The Network

(New York, NY-AP) – NBC News anchor Megyn Kelly is apologizing for her comments about blackface. In a segment on “Megan Kelly TODAY” this morning, Kelly asked panelists “what is racist” about white people wearing blackface during Halloween. Kelly went on to say it was considered OK when she was kid dressing up as a character. The comments drew widespread criticism on social media.

The network later released an email from Kelly who said she now realizes “that such behavior is indeed wrong” and she’s “sorry.” Kelly addressed the email to colleagues saying she had taken the time to listen to other points of view on the topic.

Meanwhile, Several reports say the NBC morning show host may be exiting the network. Today, NBC aired a repeat episode of “Megyn Kelly Today” instead of her regularly scheduled live show and said she will not be on the air tomorrow.

Police Investigating Possible Hate Crime In Georgetown

(Washington, DC-AP) – Washington, DC police are investigating an assault in Georgetown as a possible hate crime. Maxim Smith is facing assault charges after allegedly hitting a black man in the head with a bike lock while using racial slurs.

It happened after the two got into an argument recently after the victim honked at Smith for being in the middle of the road on his bike. The victim reportedly needed 18 stitches on his head.

Virginia Gov. Declares State Of Emergency

(Charlottesville, VA) – The Governor of Virginia is declaring a state of emergency ahead of several political rallies planned in Charlottesville.

This weekend is the first anniversary of the white supremacist and alt-right rally marked by the death of counter-protestor Heather Heyer. The organizers of that rally are planning similar protests near the White House on Sunday. Governor Ralph Northam says the emergency declaration helps authorities prepare for possible outbursts of violence in Charlottesville and the DC metro area, although he says he’s hoping for much more peaceful demonstrations.

Woman Calls Cops On 8-Year Old Selling Water

(San Franciso, CA)  – The woman who called police on an 8-year old for selling water says she’s regretful after a video of the incident went viral.

The backlash was swift and has also affected Allison Ettel’s cannabis for pets business.

‘It was wrong, and I wish I could take it back,’ Allison Ettel, 44, told SFGate on Saturday, hours after video of the incident in San Francisco raced across the internet. ‘Believe me, I wish I never had done that.’

Ettel says  she acted out of frustration after the girl and an adult woman had been ‘screaming’ outside her window all day, and only pretended to call 911 in a desperate attempt to get them to pipe down. But the apology is probably too little too late and has done nothing to reverse the damage to her image.

The little girl was selling water in front of the apartment building that she lives in.

Attorney Not Allowed In Office Following Racial Rant

(New York, NY) – An attorney being blasted for a racial rant caught on video in Manhattan is no longer allowed in his office. A note on the midtown building where Aaron Schlossberg works says the attorney has been evicted.

A video has gone viral of Schlossberg yelling at employees at a café for speaking Spanish and threatening to call immigration officials. The lawyer was confronted by reporters yesterday afternoon but refused to answer questions.

When an NBC News cameraman walked up to Schlossberg he ran away in a full sprint, another video which has gone viral. The internet has shown no mercy. A “GoFundMe” page is raising money to send Schlossberg a mariachi band and an online petition to disbar the attorney has thousands of signatures.

aaron-schlussberg-videosIt appears that Aaron is no stranger to racial tension. Once the video went viral, others remembered seeing Aaron raging in other situations.

Drop The Mentos: Officer Pulls Gun On Suspected Mint Thief

(Buena Park, CA) – Security camera footage shows an off-duty police officer pull a gun on a man he suspected of stealing Mentos at a California gas station. It happened in March in Buena Park when Jose Arreola stopped to get cash from an ATM and pick up the mints for his wife.

The footage shows Arreola hand the cashier a 20-dollar-bill and pocket the mints while waiting for change. The officer, standing behind him, immediately pulled a gun and demanded Arreola put the mints, worth one-dollar-and-19 cents back on the counter.

He tried to explain he had paid for the mints but the officer told him to take his change and leave. Arreola says the entire incident was traumatic and he’s suing the local police department.

Tearing Families Apart: Father Deported After 29 Years In The U.S. With A Possible 10 Year Return Ban

(Detroit, MI) – A 39-year old father of two has been sent back to Mexico after living in the United States for 29 years.

Jorge Garcia was brought over to the United States by a relative when he was 10 years old. He’s been here ever since, married and has two kids. Past work includes gardening and he has NO arrest record. 48342FAA00000578-5275911-image-a-45_1516131884198

His wife Cindy and their kids 12 and 15 had a tearful goodbye as their father was ordered to leave for no apparent reason outside of just being Mexican. Yes, technically, he’s still illegal but he and his wife have been working since 2005 to legalize his status.

He alerted himself to ICE and in 2009 he was told to expect deportation.  However, the Obama Administration was lenient and gave them several extensions to become an American citizen. In November, under Trump’s administration he was told he had to go. And to add injury to insult, he could be banned from reentering the U.S. for 10 years. 4832DE8E00000578-5275911-image-a-52_1516132243752

Jorge doesn’t qualify for DACA as the age requirement means he would’ve had to have been under age 31 in June of 2012 to request permanent status. He was 32.

Protesters joined the family at the airport with signs that said “Stop tearing families apart.” Cindy Garcia says the whole scenario has been a nightmare.

Garcia was escorted through the checkout desk by two ICE agents.  The agency hasn’t responded to inquiries about Garcia’s case.


Rough Week For Prince Harry’s Future Bride

(London, England) – In what should be a happy period for Prince Harry’s future wife, Meghan Markle, the soon to be newest member of Britain’s Royal Family has faced a few obstacles this past week.

From criticism for wearing a sheer top in their official engagement photos to a Royal family member wearing a blackamoor brooch and her beloved dog breaking two legs, it’s been rough few days for the future Duchess. prince-harry-meghan-markle-official-engagement-photos-ppAfter Buckingham Palace released the official engagement photos, Meghan was criticized for not only wearing a $75,000 thousand dollar gown but for the top of it being lace. After that, it was time for the Christmas Lunch with Queen Elizabeth. To which many noticed the Princess Michael of Kent showing up with a blackamoor brooch pinned to her coat.  princess-michael-0Why was the brooch deemed offensive? Blackamoor is a slang word that refers to dark skinned people. Some like the collection pieces or sculptures for there beauty, history and decorative appeal. But the truth of the matter is Moor was a type of black African that was captured and sold into slavery. Mostly on the European market and very heavily in Italy. They were Muslims and some were even found in Spain. They were often referred to as,”Nubian Slaves.”

Some of the pieces even depict a blackamoor holding a tray.

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