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Did Rapper Lil Nas X Come Out As Gay or Is He Trolling His Fans?

(AP) — Rapper Lil Nas X may be coming out as gay at the end of Pride Month. He wrote on Twitter yesterday that before the month ended, he wanted everyone to listen closely to a song on his latest EP titled C7osure [[ closure ]].

The track includes lyrics about letting go and using his time to be free, and doing something now so he doesn’t regret it when he’s old. Lil Nas X also tweeted a zoomed in photo of a rainbow featured on the cover of the EP, and said he thought he made it obvious.

Many of his fans and other celebrities have assumed he means he is a member of the LGBTQ community.

Pence And Trump No Love For The LGBTQ Community, Refuse To Fly Rainbow Flag

(AP) – Vice President Mike Pence says keeping rainbow flags off of U.S. embassy flag poles is the right decision. At least four embassies had requested to fly the rainbow flag in honor of LGBT Pride Month, but were rejected by the State Department.

Pence told NBC News Monday that he supports having the American flag as the only one flying at our embassies, despite how passionate he and President Trump are to serve every American.

Under the Obama Administration, embassies could fly rainbow flags as long as they were smaller and flown below the Stars and Stripes.