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Iowa Powerball Winner Comes Forward

(Clive, IA-AP) — Iowa’s winner in the multi-million dollar Powerball lottery is claiming her win. Fifty-one-year-old Redfield resident Lerynne West is taking home just over 198-million dollars in a lump sum after matching all the numbers from her ticket that she bought from a Casey’s in Redfield last month.5798412-0-image-m-19_1541445498575

The ticket was one of two winning tickets, with the other one sold in New York. This is the largest lottery ever won by an Iowan.

One Person Wins $759 Million Dollar Powerball Jackpot

(SL) – The winning ticket was sold in Chicopee Mass. The numbers — 6, 7, 16, 23 and 26, with a Powerball of 4.

Almost 10 million more players won prizes totaling more than $135 million, it said. More than 30 of those being million dollar tickets.

The payout, which can be taken in a lump sum or in 29 yearly payments, is estimated to be around $443 Million depending on state taxes.  The owner of the store that sold the winning ticket will receive $50,000.

Six tickets — sold in Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and the Virgin Islands — won $2 million each.