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Macron Disputes Trump NATO Defense Claim

(Paris, France) – French President Emmanuel Macron is disputing claims made by President Trump at the NATO summit. Trump held a press conference in Brussels this morning claiming NATO countries have agreed to his defense spending demands. Trump said some allies have agreed to increase defense spending to two-percent of their GDP “at a much faster clip,” but French President Macron says that’s not entirely true. Macron held his own press conference and said allies did not agree to increase spending beyond previous targets, but confirmed their intention to meet the goal of two-percent by 2024.

Macron also said that President Trump never at any moment, either in public or private, threatened to withdraw from NATO. Trump had said at his press conference that he had the authority to pull the U.S. out of NATO, but that the commitments he received during the summit made that unnecessary.

Top Travel Destinations Released By Trip Advisor

(Needham, MA) — Trip Advisor is releasing its list of top travel destinations. The world’s number-one travel destination is Paris, but New York City still ranks as the number-one U.S. destination for travelers. maxresdefaultThat’s according to Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards for destinations. This is the eighth consecutive year that New York City has been at the top of the list. Trip Advisor says the average annual rate for a hotel is about 400-dollars per night. The least expensive month to go to the Big Apple is August, when travelers can save about four-percent.