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Nicki Minaj Accused Of Ripping Off Lil Kim For Vogue Cover

(AP) – Nicki Minaj is accused of ripping off rapper Lil’ Kim for her new cover of Vogue Japan. After the Chun Li rapper shared a photo of the cover on Instagram, people wrote that they thought she had copied Kim, especially with the fake mole she was donning.

Screen-Shot-2018-12-20-at-10.45.59-774x1024Kim’s personal stylist even chimed in, saying she thought she stole her look. People also thought Minaj looked like Hennessy Carolina, the sister of Cardi B, who she was feuding with earlier this year. Minaj has yet to respond to the criticism.


Inside The Meek Mill Sentence That’s Sparked National Debate

(SL) – This article by Ed Pilkington for The Guardian highlights all of the details you need to know about Meek Mills recent sentence and the judge being accused of having a particular interest in him:

The entry in the Pennsylvania database is stark and direct. Inmate number: ND8400. Name: Robert Rihmeek Williams. Age: 30. Height: 6ft 2in. Location: State Correctional Institution Chester.

Behind those blunt words lies a story that has exposed a running sore within the US criminal justice system. The incarceration of Williams for minor probation violations related to a crime he committed as a teenager more than a decade ago has brought some of the biggest names in music and sport rallying to his cause, spawned a new hashtag and drawn hundreds of people to the steps of Philadelphia’s City Hall to protest.

ba2ae77bd1584668bf5aff0ecb651f69From Jay-Z to Colin Kaepernick, influential supporters have spoken out against the perceived mistreatment of Williams and what it tells us about the experiences of a generation of African Americans. The outpouring has lifted the lid on a largely overlooked iniquity, in much the same way as the unmasking of Harvey Weinstein has laid bare the sexual misconduct of powerful men.

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Remy Ma Borrows Beat From Nas, ‘shETHER’ Melts Wax Off Of Self Proclaimed ‘Barbie’ Nicki Minaj

(SL)- There have been some pretty lyrical rap battles in the history of music, but none quite like this. Well, I can’t even call it a battle because whatever Nicki allegedly released with Gucci doesn’t directly reference Remy Ma.  But Remy Ma isn’t into subliminal jabs or sneak attacks. She’s aiming straight for Barbie’s head and from the first word, Nicki knows she’s coming directly for her and it isn’t pretty.

remy-ma-shether-a-620x413Nicki also tried to take shots at Remy’s albums sales with Fat Joe and the track All The Way Up. However the song was nominated for a Grammy, so why she posted numbers from a debut week, I will never know. Unless, the post was made months ago. ‘All The Way Up’ clearly blew ….all the way up!

3dacd3e000000578-4260224-image-a-88_1488061461033The track is a play on Ether, the famous 2001 diss track by Nas against  Jay Z. Remy is dropping a lot of scoop in the track and to be honest I’m not quite sure how Minaj could even try to respond.

1488055314_8d8f4dfe9942b107983759e94c5ed70eThe lyrics are too explicit to share the track outright, but here’s a link…take a listen 

Remy Ma ‘shETHER’ Private Link  

Apparently this rap beef goes all the way back before Remy did her bid. This is personal. The bones to all of Nicki’s skeleton’s are probably trying to put themselves back together again. SCANDALOUS.

Fatuous and Uncouth: Nicki Minaj Is The Embodiment Of Ignorance

(SL) – Lil kim knockoff Nicki Minaj flexed her idiocy once again, over the weekend, as she made fun of a disabled woman in a wheelchair.  Of course, after falling under heavy scrutiny, she lashed out spewing drivel claiming the person is her friend and riding a scooter.No one believes that I’m sure.  Even if it is, her behavior is still imbecilic. And her fellow ninnies laughing along with her are just as vacuous as she is.  As most people do when they realize they are out of line, she defended her actions and then deleted the video.

However,  we were able to get the video before she removed it. She’s also a hypocrite.  Before she posted her video, Minaj had expressed displeasure with an image posted of the ill-created Bill Cosby Halloween costume and stated that her generation was desensitized.

I guess making fun of handicapped people is compassionate.

If only she could find her identity

Kanye West Admits To ‘High Life’ Before Declaring 2020 Presidential Bid

Kanye West accepts the Video Vanguard Award

SL) MTV’s VMAs program was colorful and apparently very smokey for Kanye West who admitted to ‘smoking a little something’ before he came to the show. Just a small piece, however, of a 10-minute speech or rant (depending on who you ask) that included an apology to Taylor Swift, a continued push for artists’ rights and a call-out on MTV for exploiting (his reunion with Taylor Swift for ratings.

Kanye was Kanye down to letting the applause of the crowd roar on until his fans got tired. Yeezus was in the building, outspoken and polite all at the same time and humble enough to know that when 60,000 people boo you in one setting, maybe just maybe..it’s not them. However, sometimes it’s best to just keep it short.

Kanye Admits To Smoking Weed, Criticizes MTV

I will say he is the only person I know that can disrespect someone in their own house on their own stage as he is receiving the prestigious and coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and stay for the after party. He was sure to say thank you during his exit.  A relatively calm Kanye spoke from what we’ve come to accept as his heart; and the future presidential kanye-660hpeful kept it honest revealing that he did in fact inhale.

He spoke of the aftermath of interrupting Swift many years ago and criticized the very network that was paying tribute to him. “You know how many times MTV ran that footage again, ’cause it got them more ratings?” He said “bro” a lot.

He ended his speech by announcing, “And yes, as you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided, in 2020, to run for president.” Thus – the 10-minute speech? A a very pregnant Kim Kardashian looked on with pride.

Taylor Swift Shines

Further proving the friendship between the two, Swift later got up on stage to present West with the much-coveted Video Vanguard Award. Of course, the 2009 incident was mentioned, but it was all in good fun, as Swift said that West has had “one of the greatest careers of all time!”

CNN Reports Taylor Swift gave a nod to the now-infamous VMAs incident from 2009, when Kanye West rushed the stage after Swift beat out Beyonce, proclaiming that “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.” On Sunday night, Swift was there to present West with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

But, Taylor kept is classy even pledging that West’s “College Dropout” album was the first she purchased on iTunes when she was 12. And she called the rapper her friend.

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VMAs Ready For Star Studded Night

(SL) – MTV is gearing up for what’s being dubbed one of the most star studded VMA’s in history.  Show producers are promising a night of unforgettable music and moments. Should be an evening full of foolishness with Miley Cyrus set to take on hosting duties. The girl is not afraid to let loose. I expect to see a lot of twerking and crotch grabbing and if she really wants to make it complete…bring the foam finger!

@MileyCyrus Gettin readyyyyyy for tomorrrrrrrrowwwwww!!! #VMAS @MTV

Nicki Minaj will open the show and performances are scheduled from Justin Bieber, The Weekend, Twenty One Pilots, Demi Lovato, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Pharrell Williams, Tori Kelly and A$AP Rocky.

Nominee Taylor Swift will premiere her video for “Wildest Dreams” and Kanye West will be presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, the day after what would have been the pop icon’s 57th birthday.

Let’s see who interrupts him for kicks! Show starts at 9/8c on MTV. Some of the top nominees include Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran.